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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#381
~*~*~*~*~*~BOSS BATTLE #22: The Shadow of Atlas!!!~*~*~*~*~*~
[Musik: ]


"Let the darkness consume you, insignificant mortals!!" Atlas screamed, clouds of darkness forming around him as he grimaced. "HHHRRRRRRRRAAAAARRRGH!!!"

"Oh, come on. Half of us aren't even mortals," Mephistopheles replied, observing the panicked citizens fleeing, formulating a plan.

Meanwhile, Atlas held out both of his swords, and began rapidly whirling, a tornado of darkness forming around him. All the while, bits of debris merge with the funnel of darkness.

Sadie then shifted into Lugia form, flapping her huge wings in an attempt to disrupt the flow of darkness. Her tactic worked to an extent, the tornado dispersing slightly. But it became just weak enough for Belial to wade through the foul whirlwind and slam Atlas into the black roads.

Atlas emerged from the crater, this time dodging Belial's attack and tossing both of his swords at the massive demon. They both hit, sending Belial reeling and roaring.

"Father!" Tyler and Mephistopheles shouted at the same time.

"I'll be fine," Belial growled. "I just need to regenerate. But remember, he's immune to Dark magic. So both of you may need to resort to less conventional means."

The two brothers nodded, just before dodging another spinning sword attack from Atlas.

But by now, Atlas was rather dizzy from all the spinning. His attacks began to come out slower and less steady.

Mephistopheles observed his surroundings once more as Atlas took a blast of Light-energy from Poli. By then, Poli, Angelica, and Angelo were all whaling on the possessed warrior with a flurry of Light-based attacks. Meanwhile, Pryce was imbuing Erika's arrow shots with lightning enhanced by Katherine's strange powders.

Mephistopheles noticed the numerous corpses of unfortunate civilians caught up in the battling.

"Sorry about this," Mephistopheles apologized to the corpses. He then sneered. "But, well, you don't really have much more use for these bodies, do you?"

Atlas finally broke out of the pile-up the angels and Seraphim Hybrid started by emitting a blast of Dark-energy. Angelica and Angelo's skin began to corrode.

"H-help!!" they both screamed, clutching their dissolving skin. Mephistopheles turned away from the corpses, at the sound of the angels' voices.

"I-I'm coming!" Mephistopheles shouted, rushing toward the siblings. "Keep him away from us!"

Pryce nodded, tossing his Keyblade at Atlas and reeling him in.

Meanwhile, Mephistopheles was drawing out the Dark-energy from the two angels. They began to regenerate once more as the dark mist flew from their wounds into the demon's mouth.

"Thanks," Angelica said, smiling.

"No... Problem..." Mephistopheles wheezed from the overdose of Dark-energy. "I'll be fine," he continued, helping Angelica up and also smiling. "Now get back out there!"

"Right!" the angel responded, drawing her sword once again. "Angelo, why didn't you say thank you? I thought you were the polite one."

"Th-thank you!" Angelo spoke quickly, also returning to the fight.

Mephistopheles hastily made his way back to the corpses. He gestured his hands in a circular motion in the air, and a glowing red pentagram surrounded the lifeless bodies. They began to twitch, showing signs of life... Or unlife.


Someone else can finish the fight. Until then, nighty-night! ^_^

Also, I hope the battle was satisfactory. :)
Team Miror Scientist with Shadow Mismagius :) Official Beheeyem of all boards!
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User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#382
"You'll help me?" 0ne asked. "Good. Hurry up already, I haven't got all day."

"Just wait a little," Arceus said. "And you will have to give up a lot if you want to go back. Allow me to show you."


Miki walked through the halls of the SS Anne, passing by Zade. Zade dropped a pokeball, and they both leaned over to pick it up.

"The ship leaves in 3 days," Miki whispered to him. But I know how to get Lancar on board."

"What is it?" Zade asked.

"The way the SS Anne keeps its cover as a normal ship is by keeping all the SoUL members below decks and having a small number of tourists come onboard. One day before we leave, all SoUL members must hide, and the tourists will embark."

"So we just have Lancar disguise himself and buy a ticket?"

"That's right," Miki said. She handed Zade his pokeball and walked off. Zade looked around carefully to see that on one was watching, then he transformed into a Staraptor and flew off to where Lancar was waiting.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#383
[A Fight for Freedom! Pt. 2]

The corspes twitched, spazzed, then arose.

Mephy ----- "You know what to do!"

The obedient corpses began lumbering for Atlas, ordered by Mephy. When they got close, they began to swarm Atlas. He was sunk in a sea of the undead...for a bit. Atla shouted, and, in a mini burst of dark energy, sent the swarm of undead scattering.

In this moment of confusion, Poli split his bow into twin blades, and ran and slashed at Atlas. The warrior took notice, and swung his broadsword at Poli, only for the two to be deadlocked.

Each swung, the other blocked. Each swang, the other evaded. Each swing, the other deflected.

Atlas ----- "You are wasting your time with me."
Draxis ----- "That's the plan. Au Revoir!"

Atlas looked up, only for his face to get connected with Pryce's Keyblade. The dark warrior was sent flying.

Atlas ----- "A...A...


The City became engulfed in blinding darkness.

Nightmare ---- "I can't see!"
Atlas ----- "Now die!"

Poli could hear the sound of Atlas striking Nightmare's cloak, which did nothing.

He heard the warrior move about, Sonya firing Shineshot, Light bursts temporarily pushing away the dark.

A swing. A clang. Gloria's scream.

The baby!

Infuriated, Poli honed in on energy signatures. The entire field was dark, but Poli could make out his allies, and headed for Gloria. A darker figure was besides her, attacking. She was holding him off with her lances...

Poli leapt at Atlas, surprising him, and sank his blades into his chest. Atlas coughed up blood, as Poli began whaling on him with Light attacks.

Atlas ----- "Ack....didn't see that...farewell...for now..."

The darkness faded, along with Atlas. Poli rushed over to Gloria.

Draxis ---- "Are you OK? Is the-"
Gloria ----- "We're fine."

Poli kneeled and looked at Gloria's stomach. No injuries. Their future child was safe. Poli got up and hugged Gloria.

Draxis ---- "That's good."
Gloria ------ "We're gonna be fine, Poli, no need to worry."
Draxis ----- "You're going to make a fine mother, my Tiger Lily."

Pryce stepped forward, a little astounded.

Pryce ---- "M-mother?"
Draxis ----- "She's pregnant, Pryce. We're going to have a family!"

He glances at Sol.

Draxis ---- "And yes, we're both around the same age. Relax."
Sonya ----- "The beacon?"
Draxis ------ "Oh, yes."

Draxis put away the bow, and flew up to the roof of Black Tower. He created the beacon, and Unova was freed. He smiled as the entire Unova region was bathed in light, driving out the Heartless.

He flew back down.

Draxis ---- "What next?"
I am the Rain Maker.
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#384

You eventually wake up. You're not in the jungle anymore. You seem to be in Lethal Lava Land.

A) Do a triple front flip into the volcano and land in a split.
B) Push some evil black ball things into the lava.
C) Level up!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#385

(Currently Working Btw)

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#386
Quickly, Serah ren up to the scene!

Serah: Oh hey guys! :D Huh? Did you guys already beat him without me? Oh well.... I probably could've helped a bit....

Selena: I'm sure you would have.

Serah: Yeah... none of you guys thought to get me up this morning? *sigh* (I guess this is what happens in huge groups.... you get forgotten... but it's still better than being alone and spinning your wheels.) Oh well. Where are we going next?

She says all this with a nice smile on her face.

Serah: Who wants to hug?

She holds open her arms.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#387
*Is still indexing Cursive writing*

Wonder who's going to hug Serah..
Oh, and sorry guys, but I'm going to be working till around two hours from now..

Good luck on continuing your works!

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#388
[Hunt for the Divine]

Gaul paces about, looking at the notes he took of the memories of Kyurem, and his portal experiments.

Gaul ----- "It's clear that the dark angel is somehow connected to all of this...that void, the goddess, this 'storm'...

But how does it all connect?"

He walks into the aircraft hangars. He spots the medical bots hoisting Kyurem into it, sedated.

Gaul ---- "Take that revolting thing to the LotRS, stat! Octillery will be pleased."

He leaves, resuming his pacing.

A storm...something we cannot stop...Poli Draxis is the creator, the conductor, of this storm...cannot let others get to him first...

But...where is he?

A monitor flicks on.

Monitor ---- "This is VGBNN, and we bring you this important update! The almighty Vortex Empire has now lost Unova, meaning all of the League Regions are free. Reports confirm the Dark Angel, with a group of others, defeated a servant and freed Unova. Will post more as this story develops."

Gaul ----- "There. We. Go."

He hurries to get changed into his jumpsuit. He then walked back to the hangar.

Gaul ---- "Maitenence AI, how many ships have been equipped with the AES?"
MAI ------ "Only one so far. The Command Ship. DDCZ-36 has also been transported on the Command Ship."
Gaul ----- "Excellent. See to it all of my airships are equipped with that."

He leaves to board the Command Ship, as the robot crew gets to work activating the systems. The ship hovers over to the Lift Bay. The Containment Craft was there, awaiting the confirmation for surfacing.

Gaul ---- "Commence lift."

With a loud horn, the Lift Bay rockets upward. When it surfaces, the two ships lift into the sky, the Containment Craft departs for the LotRS to deposit Kyurem, and Gaul, after activating the Anti-Energy shielding, sends the Command Airship towards Unova.

Gaul ---- "Soon, Poli Draxis, we shall see if you can open the way to the gray realm...and see if you are better than the rest of the repulsive 'divine.'"
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#389
|Case 8
|For God and Country.

[---Distortion World---]

Free Will..
Isn't it grand?~Brigand

The Darkness around the Purple Giratina was kept at bay by the Unown twirling around within formation. And while the three Medical Division Members stood on top of the strangely bronze head plate of the 22+ foot long Shadow Pokemon, the sight of the two Sauplanes circling around the outside of the Unown field was of uncertainty! For while the beast was still being held, none of the three had proof that the Unown would keep up with their consistency!

The Menace is within her mind, placing down her large, armored, and black Medical Division Case ontop of the thick, hard, and purple skin of the shadow Pokemon.

Alright, we're within the head area just behind the Zubatwing head plates...

She opens the large MD Case, revealing a neatly jumbled assortment of Bone Cutters, Orbitoclasts, Forceps, needless syringes, and many other things. And after taking out a few necessary, non-electrical, heavy duty equipment, she takes a glance at the other two grunts that were starting to do the same.

Heh, this Shiny is in for it..

Octillery------''Alright, I'll find where to start cutting, but be sure to quickly null its senses.. I don't want it to die this early, and get me that detailed map of a Giratina's brain!''
MDG 1--------''As you say Menace!''

She ignores the insult, and readies to start the procedure, seeing the sparkles glittering around the beast.

So, with the limited space of operation.. I will start...

She painfully begins the operation with the two other grunts, seeing the Unown continuing to whirl around the Shadow Pokemon that they're on.

---2 hours later----

The darkness of the sight before the menace was a little overwhelming at first, but despite the fumes, the black goo, the countless problematic signs of the procedure going wrong, and the ever looming possibility of a screw up, she continued on.

Octillery----''Alright, just drain that.. goo..''

The MD Grunts next to her started to use a small drain like device that quickly dried up the sight of the strangely colored brain. Which then came to all of their surprise when some of the patterns, and textures didn't match the maps they've had for the Normal Giratina!

MDG 1-----''Great, Lass.''
MDG 2-----''Do we have-has there even been a-''

Octillery----"It worked on the Sigilyph.. It will work on.. this!"

With that, she carefully looked at the reference sheet that mapped out a normal Giratina's brain, and quickly began carefully poking bits of it.

---30 minutes later---

Minutes felt like hours, and the calm procedure became a chaotic match to prevent anything from suffocating the brain of the Shadow Pokemon.

''Octillery!'' -Says one of the grunts that say a large bubble of black goo form.

''I know!'' -Octillery says that while slowly placing the drain on it, sucking it away from the area.

---20 Minutes later---

Things calmed down, and the operation of the open brain was now at its closure.

Octillery----''Alright, give me the readings..''
MDG 1------''But, how do we-''
Octillery----''Just. Give. Me. Them.''

The readings were given to Octillery, and with a gleam of delight, she uttered a few words.

Octillery----''Now, this Giratina is going, to an extent, mindlessly patrol the Distortion world.''

After closing the open skull up, the three signaled to the Sauplanes, and left after the Unown went back to their own Dimension. But, the image of the grey shirt remained with the three on their way out of the repairing Distortion world.

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#390
Team Miror Scientist with Shadow Mismagius :) Official Beheeyem of all boards!
Honesty is the key to any lasting relationship. Fake that, and you're all set.
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