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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#421
Polimario posted...

*Continues typing up the confrontation between Gaul and Poli*

Thank you.

*Starts to think on what to type about*

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#422
{-Poli Draxis & Gaul-}
[The 3rd Realm]

Onwards, Gaul's Command Ship flew.
Onwards, Gaul got in the DDCZ-36.
Onwards, he reminds himself of his mission.

Gaul ----- "We honest humans are weak, filthy, imperfect. Only through external means can we rise above cheapness. The LotSS does so by experimenting and using the power of the Legendary Pokémon...they use power that is not their own.

My machines, my contraptions...they are all made by human hands. No power from the Legends used. I personally, despite my imperfectness, have built a stable, self-sustaining armada. I, despite my mortality, have learned how to counter-act magical, divine forces through pure brainpower.

I am the figure that shall bring the divine down."

As the airship passes over Castelia, Gaul, in DDCZ-36, spots a winged figure shoot down from the sky. The dark angel.

Gaul ------ "Commence Operation Down-To-Earth."

The Command Ship's AES systems start up, as the ship becomes veiled in a purple field, and chases after Poli Draxis.

Gaul, in DDCZ-36, heads towards the Pixelator. The device began pixelating the man and machine, as he entered the vast sea of data.


Poli Draxis wasn't happy. Soon after he returned to the planet, a large aircraft began pursuing him.

Draxis ----- "Is that LotSS?"

He looks behind, but the craft has no sense of warmth, only the presence of cold metal.

He swivels and fires a Light beam at the craft. The purple shielding absorbed it. A Dark blast. The craft remained unphazed.

Draxis ------ "I can't damage it!"
Gaul ----- "Exactly!"

As they leave Castelia, Poli didn't notice the large mech materialize out of a screen beneath him, and, when he looks, he is greeted with a Rocket Punch.

Draxis ----- "You're not going to play friendly, aren't you?"
Gaul ----- "I hold no respect for divine filth like yourself!"

Divine Filth?

Poli draws his bow, as the claw arm opens. The hybrid dodges the incoming lazer fire, and strikes with a melee attack. The sharp metal of the bow benignly bounced off the mech. Gaul retaliates with a Rocket Punch to the gut, sending Poli flying into a nearby tree.

A compartment on the mech opened, and shot a small dart at the dazed Poli. Gaul got out of the machine, and pressed something on a device on his arm.

Poli hoisted himself out, and, seeing his attacker exposed, fired a Dark Beam. Except...none came.

Draxis ----- "What did you do?"
Gaul ----- "A special serum injected into you of my creation that disables all of your stupid 'magical, divine' powers."
Draxis ----- "The-"

The overhead airship pixelates Poli, Gaul, and DDCZ-36 aboard, and departed for Orre.
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#423
Axiom: here we are
Zenith: well this is odd
Temperance: how so?
Xerox: the sign says that the gym leader is in there *points at the gym* but--
Isthmus: he's in there
Axiom: then he must know where the closest boat is
Xerox: so can we just go and ask him
Temperance: nope *flies away*
Zenith: well we'll see him soon
Isthmus: wait up
Xerox: *sigh* come on *grabs Isthmus*
Isthmus: see ya
Axiom: well i guess it's just you and me
Zenith: nooooo i go away now *teleports away*
Axiom: what am i supposed to do?

but, the other members of the gang were already gone and Axiom was alone like always...
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#424
[To put this out there, I do not want the RP's entire Universe to be controlled by Universal Code.]
*Stares at that Adventure time episode*

Legendary, And Mechanical Means..
Through Both, two sides advance.
Through Both, two sides search.
Through Both, two sides Defy.

And through both,
will the two sides forget..
what makes us Human?

[---Land of the Setting Sun---]
(Case 7 --- Something Honest)

---LotSS Gate---
(At odd ends)

The forces of Perfect Technology, and the Forces of Legendary incorporation were at both ends of the stick. So, within the indecision on what to do, the insult that looked directly before them, the mystery surrounding Kyurem, and the unthinkable thought of the deep fear from back within the Island coming back, the woman with the Iron Grip on the land takes action!

Furez----''Alright, state your business.''
MB-------''We are here to deliver this Kyurem under orders of Gual.''
Furez----''Well, give that Gual my Regards then, we'll be taking care of the Kyurem for now..''

The Medical Bots stop securing the Sedated Kyurem. And after a few preparations, checks, and note taking, they readied to leave within the Containment Craft.

---Another Street---
(The search)

The street was filled with Many suspects, and while the Aggron, along with a Guard Member searched, they knew that they only had a finite amount of time before Petite comes in. And with only a photo of the Grafitti, with only the Children, the Moms, the Dads, the Pokemon, and the hybrids to ask, they began the questioning.

''Hey you guys, and gals!'' -Innocently says the Female Guard Member to the children playing a kick ball game within the Dark Blue Concrete street, where the power lines have been taken down due to them being just too darn old.

HKid 1----''What is it Misses?''
GM 2------''Well, I was taking a walk around the streets, and I saw a great Painting on the wall of a house..''

She shows the picture to the white Hybrid, and tanned Normal Children.

Kid 1-----''Gosh, that sure is somethin'!''
HKid 1---''Man, if only I could draw somethin' like dat!''
GM 2-----''heh.. we all do. Anyways, do you by any chance know the person who did this? I sure as sherbet would love to get an autograph by that person!''

While she questioned the playful, colorful, and shining children, whose parents were concerned about the questioning, the Aggron, the gray silver bond on its left arm painted blue, and carrying a a yellow explorers sac, questioned the nearby Pokemon playing within the grass.

He speaks to a Nearby Altaria that was taking care of her Swablu.

Altaria -----''Oh dear, what is it?''

The near Seven feet tall Aggron, weighing about 793 pounds, showed the picture of the Graffiti, that was being strapped to a few elastic strings, so that the Aggron wouldn't need to try and hold the picture with its thumbless steel claw hands.

Altaria-----''..Sorry honey, I don't think I-''

One of the playful Swablu comes in with an interruption.

Swablu 1---''Mom! Don't you remember me telling you?! When I was learning to fly, I passed by the house of that nice Impure Human! And saw a couple of Togepi hybrids painting with wind!''
Altaria-------''Oh.. I thought you were talking about the kids flying a kite in that patch of grass we were on..''
Aggron------''Any who, thank you for telling me about this, here's a thank you.''

He jabs his claws into an oran berry within his sac, and gives it to the helpful swablu.

Swablu 1---''Thanks mister!''
Aggron------''It's you who I should be thanking for! Keep up the good Work!''

He leaves back to the Guard member back in the Another Street.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#425
{-Poli Draxis & Gaul-}
[The 3rd Realm]

Back in his underground complex, Gaul escorted Poli towards a special room made for his experimentation with portals.

Why do I use machines, things of perfection?

It is not jealousy, but rather to remind myself of my own imperfections, my own weak self. For humanity is inherently weak, and, should I forget that, my goal to give it a chance against the overpowered will be lost.

Draxis ----- "Alright, you caught me. Where are you taking me?"
Gaul ----- "I am not one to hold secrets. Have you heard of the Third Realm?"
Draxis ------ "Uh...a little, why?"
Gaul ------ "I have discovered how to open a portal to that elusive realm of gray, yet I needed a battery. That's where you come in."

They entered a large room. A metal ring stood parallel to the back wall, hooked in through various wires and gadgets and contraptions. Gaul pointed toward a transparent chamber to the ring's left.

Gaul --- "You shall enter there and power the portal."
Draxis ---- "And if I refuse?"

Gaul glanced at Magnezone, whom was sparking.

Gaul ------- "You will taste countless volts flowing through your body."
Draxis ------ "Rather violent, aren't you?"
Gaul ------ "I believe in action to get results, not merely hacking open Giratina for study."
Draxis ------ "Something about you smells of LotSS."
Gaul ------ "I was raised there, before leaving and creating my masterpiece that we reside in as we speak. Now, enter the chamber."

Poli was pushed inside, as the clear hatch sealed shut. Poli looked out of it, pounding at the hatch, as Gaul headed up to the control room, whose windows overlooked the portal ring. He gestured towards robots at the controls.

Gaul ------ "Begin the procedure."

A robot pulled down a lever, another adjusted guages, and the portal ring began to rotate, faster and faster, until it generated a loud hum. Magnezone gibbered excitedly.

Two small crane arms came down from the ceiling, and coated the spinning ring with a mix of Light and Dark essence.

Sparks flew, and a grey portal began to form in the ring's center. It expanded and contracted, clearly unstable. Poli's eyes widened.

Gaul ----- "Start the charge."

Various wires connecting the chamber Poli was in to the portal ring. As they began to glow white or fade to black, Poli began screaming, as the energy was extracted from his body.

Magnezone ----- "380441853?"
Gaul ------- "The divine filth will be fine. "

As Poli's energy was forcibly extracted and sent to the spinning ring, the portal grew until it was just slightly smaller than the ring. The contractions and expansions halted, and the portal stabilized.

Gaul ----- "Great Lass...we've done it!"
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#426
(Case 7 --- Something Honest)

---Another Street---

With the white Tax notes clearly on the doors of the colorful, concrete houses that lined the streets, with the sun slowly starting to set within the rainbowy sky, and with the streets still populated with children, the investigation started to gain grounds!

The Female Guard Member continued to wait for the answer, ever trying to zap everyone with her enthusiastic, and innocent smile. After enough waiting, seeing the interest of the kids start to lose focus, she tilts her head, and smiles.

''So..? Do you know anyone-''

The human Parents of one of the still human children came into scene, and as the Father was about to become protective of his child, the mother comes in with such a protective glare.

Mother----''Is there a problem?''

Countering a stare if a voice of reason, the working woman asks, showing the picture to the mother.

GM 2------''Yeah, have you seen whoever done the graffiti at the house of.. Sonya?''
Mother----''You mean that astronaut I see on the news?''
GM 2------''Yes.''

The mother spits at the woman questioning.

Mother-----''What you get for being a hybrid!''

The Guard Member Chuckles, while wiping of the spit from her face. And with her anger rising, she asks a question.

GM 2-------''Yeah... did you see who did the graffiti?''
Mother-----''And why the hell should I tell you?! Whoever stood up to those FREAKS dissevers a medal!''
GM 2-------''Woman-''

The father, about to step in to protect his wife, readies a fist.

GM 2-------''Just give me a name..''
Mother-----''And what?! Arrest that one person that had the Pokeballs to stand up!?''
GM 2-------''There are a lot more-''

She is slapped, and she would have none of it. The Guard Member starts to effortlessly pin down the woman in front of the children, whose Hybrid Parents were cheering, while the humans were scolding.

''Hey, get off my wife!''
--Says the Husband as he readies to throw an illegal punch at the back of the skull of the woman arresting the Wife.

''(*&% *&%(*&..''

The husband feels a heavy, armored, and thick hand touch his shoulder.

Father---''Who the f-''

He stops the slur, seeing the sky blue eyes of Aggron's silver metal face look down at the 5.5 ft man. And with the woman cuffed for her actions, the Guard Member speaks to the Aggron.

GM 2-----''So.. did you have any luck?''

After taking off his left hand from the shoulder of the Husband, the Aggron speaks, while eyeing the Husband backing away.

Aggron----''Right.. a group of Togepi did it.''
GM 2------''Great, I think I know where exactly to look for them, there's a group of them that became famous from doing mischief..''
Aggron----''Let me guess the par-''
Kid 2-------''Kool!''
Kid 1-------''I want to speak to pokemon!''
HKid 3-----''I'm already part pokemon, you can speak to me!!''

Before the could reply, Petite came in with the Guard Member that split up, along side a group of Cleaning crew members, and unusually large Biberels wearing water packs.

Petite------''Heh, if you want to learn how to speak to pokemon, just go to school!.. or ask that Hybrid girl ya'll were ignoring.''

Petite then puts her attention to the team.

Petite-------''I'll be here cleanin' with my crew, ya'll should be off to finding, and arresting the group that don this..''

She glances at the father that's over the arrested wife.

Petite-------''Oh, and I'll have a few more Guard Members come here to take her away for the day... is that clear?''

With a content shout, they all left to do what they were set to do.

[Alright, I'll do one, or two more posts, then I'll take a break.]

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#427
Zade had arrived back on the ship. He silently flew over the night watch. As he passed, he overheard part of their conversation.

"So we...pass by the Land...ising Sun...get off the ship...attack?" one guard said.

"...right. Then...keeps going...takes the tourists as normal...comes back after we win." another said.

I'm not going to let them attack anyone else.

Zade returned to being human and carefully walked back to his room.

They'll never get away with this. Never.


Miki lay on her bed, unable to sleep.

I still don't want to believe that Zade is right about SoUL. Even if they are hiding that room, I still want to believe in them. Marle's my friend. If I was being tricked, she'd surely tell me...

I just don't know what I want or who I should help...


"So what do I have to do?" 0ne asked.

"First of all, know that you won't solve the problem of the Mio, nor will you immediately fight that jigglypuff you hate." Arceus declared.

"So how does this help me get my goals then?"

"Patience," Arceus said. "You will assist in curing the Mio, and you will also fight against a different evil. A demon that is a threat to the world."
The things I hate most in the world: sigs and hypocrites.

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#428
Number_0ne posted...
"Patience," Arceus said. "You will assist in curing the Mio, and you will also fight against a different evil. A demon that is a threat to the world."

If you make it Sadie, Necrophilia, or anyone related to (or soon to be related to) Belial other than Vortex...

*breaks out Tyrant claw*

It will not be pretty.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#429
TVirusPredator posted...
Number_0ne posted...
"Patience," Arceus said. "You will assist in curing the Mio, and you will also fight against a different evil. A demon that is a threat to the world."

If you make it Sadie, Necrophilia, or anyone related to (or soon to be related to) Belial other than Vortex...

*breaks out Tyrant claw*

It will not be pretty.

Pryce has the Satsui no Hado. :P
Team Miror Scientist with Shadow Mismagius :) Official Beheeyem of all boards!
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#430
Gubbey posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
Number_0ne posted...
"Patience," Arceus said. "You will assist in curing the Mio, and you will also fight against a different evil. A demon that is a threat to the world."

If you make it Sadie, Necrophilia, or anyone related to (or soon to be related to) Belial other than Vortex...

*breaks out Tyrant claw*

It will not be pretty.

Pryce has the Satsui no Hado. :P

And has controlled it for five years. If it was gonna rule over him, it would have by now.

Besides, Pryce is still a human, he just has the ability to turn into a demon with his shrine power.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu
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