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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#431
I knew all that. I was just being silly... Sorry if I was implying anything wrong :(
Team Miror Scientist with Shadow Mismagius :) Official Beheeyem of all boards!
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#432
Gubbey posted...
I knew all that. I was just being silly... Sorry if I was implying anything wrong :(

No, I was probably just assuming the wrong thing. I do that a lot.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#433
TO 450!!!
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#434
TableFlip posted...
TO 450!!!

I actually want to finish building up the play before the next thread..
Along with finding a way to redeem any of my characters..

Then again, If I actually stopped getting distracted by everyone in real life that wants my attention, I'd probably be posting stories by the hour and a half again..


Meh, I'll see if I can redeem Arckson during that Isaac part within the [Paris] Region..

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#435
The group was walking back to Josh's house.Markus saw a purple tail wrap around him.Markus was about to call for help,but the tail covered his mouth by then.He was dragged into an unseen part of the city.

"Marky,are you okay? I just dragged you a few meters,so I'm just asking."

Markus opened his eyes.Susan was on top of him.



Markus:What are you doing here?

Susan:Well,I just got bored,so I decided to follow you!

Markus:Why are you on top of me?

Susan:That's just me,sweetie.

She gets up,along with Markus.

Susan:So...what do you wanna do? I got a few minutes on my claws.

Markus:Want to go to the movies?

Susan:Something fun,honey,not that snoozefest.How about we play around?

Markus:What do you mean?


She pounces on Markus.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#436
What is this darkness I feel inside me?
It's tearing at me like madness.
Wearing me out every step.
I'm feeling like evil is controlling me.

-Jace, as of right now... (I'm hinting at something... but what?)


[Castelia City]

Jace: "My....!"

There are Hybrids everywhere Jace and his group turn.

Ycre: "My....! What madness!"
Devon: "Poor people."
Jace: "I feel bad for these people. I want to find a cure."
Ycre: "Didn't you train as a...?"

(Another hint... but to what again?)
Team Miror B Admin. Official Porygon Z of the Pokemon X/Y Boards.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#437

Why, why can't we just stop?
And not care?
~Cap's mind, while his team continues to walk the tram tracks.

(Case 7 --- Something Honest)

A few hours after the Technological marvels left the area that will soon be insulted even further.
A few hours after the Monicle secretly arrived within the Outpost that All have successfully ignored for years.
A few hours after the speech Marknam' gave to the Students, in hopes of them learning to become inspired for the honest play.

And a few hours after the Monster that once was looked up by a Maractus, that through thick and thin, always sought the legend of ice. For despite its cold aurora causing the Maractus to lose color, despite the Maractus knowing that the same legend looks down upon the impure kind, and despite feeling the painful icy pain from touching, and holding on to the Kyurem..

That same Maractus still sought its safety, still sought its kindness, and would still seek to finally be able to kindly be in the presence of that same monster of ice, that both nurtured and accompanied something that will never see a true death.

The Menace was deciding on something, ever knowing that the beast was secured, ontop of the Helipad that overlooked the top of the large, thick, and pitch black wall that all who have gone ignored its presence,

That all who have came, ignored the distance,
That all who have came, ignored the honesty within walking,
And that all who have came, have no respect to the host.

She feels depressed, and looks down towards the enclosed area in front of her. Seeing the mighty Pokemon pleasantly play with the minuscule playful children, that unlike men, women, forever ungrateful gods, and villains, the children will bask within their innocence, for they will enjoy within the lack of information of the hard life.

Lanthorice of Catastroph speaks deeply to the sleeping monster, that has already had some one else run its course on it, robbing the menace of actually killing, murdering, and insulting something important to that bloody Dracid. For he has become as bad as the metroids that will never receive the punishment for killing thousands!

That will never receive punishment for Mangling the dreams of the white lady!

And that have already received the greatest gift of evil, knowing that they have gotten away with such an act, and will forever be remembered by those that are descendants.

"You know? I labored away through the dirty streets as a member that did the humbling acts of the Cleaning crew, that diligently cleaned away the stains, that even used nothing but the cold, hard, and honest prehistoric brooms, picks, and my blistering hands.."

"But even being one of the many, being one of the sea of familiar faces, being one of that like many of those within the grand story of this planet, broke off from the crowd, to seek difference..."


"I will never be able to once again, be part of the nameless that work, the many that keep society healthy.."

In a sick twist of events, the Menace under philosophy status, kindly places her hand on the noticeably operated head of the icy dragon of legend..

"Being a member of the public.. The same public that doesn't need a name, nor reason, nor a chance to shine..."

"They are the many, the true ones that are, and will forever be, above glory... While I.. remain within traveling the path to glory.."

With the sun setting, the menace signaled the other Guard Members to respectfully detain that Person that is the legend of ice, and bring it to a special area, one that will force it to walk the walk of shame, and finally be judged by the members of the public.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#438
Markus:What are you doing to me!?

Susan:I'm cuddling with you,silly!

Markus:Really? You want to...cuddle?

Susan:Sure! Lets just do this somewhere...safer.

They sneak into Josh's house,seen by nobody.They both hop into their bed,and cuddle with each other.


137 C.E

The gauntlet rests in its icy prison,inside Seafom Islands.Articuno is sitting in front of it,watching for any intruders.

Articuno:What does that gadget do anyway? It made that dude go SICK!

He starts to slip his wing into the gauntlet.Kyurem then enters,and immediately tackles articuno.


Articuno:I'm sorry,man.The gauntlet just tempted me to wear it.It's not my fault man!

Kyurem:I know it isn't.Let me do this.

He freezes the gauntlet in an ice cube.

Kyurem:That gauntlet is something evil.Don't let it take you over.

Articuno:Yes sir,Kyoreo!

Kyurem:It's kyurem.

Articuno:Whatever man!
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#439
After reading TableFlip's stories about the past.

It's safe to say that the answer to the question is Yes, indeed.

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#440
Changlini posted...
After reading TableFlip's stories about the past.

It's safe to say that the answer to the question is Yes, indeed.

Can you guess at what I'm hinting at?
Team Miror B Admin. Official Porygon Z of the Pokemon X/Y Boards.
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