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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#61
(There's no sense in not posting a part I finished, and keep you guys waiting... So, here;)

[---Pyrite Town---]
(Case 7 --- The Honest Way)

Within Duel Square, in the sight of the many whom were defending a secure area.
Within the sight of the Space League Assault Trainers that were now having a somewhat fair fight.
Within the middle, where numerous trainers, and Pokemon that were now being sucked into the dark abyss.
Seeing them rise as a new husks, as new shadow beings with Emblems, ready to corrupt the many, or to die and release some pink energy..

The Representative in cream,
stabbed with multiple blades,
whose puncture wounds bled,
the third character set to die,

took action.

Orre Rep----''Wow, never had this much-''

He coughs once, splattering blood around the figures still stabbing.

Orre Rep----''Since, Evali-''
V-6------------Shut up, and die!

The sixth clone began to use Dark Magic, starting a chain reaction of Pain within the man's body.
While the Fifth readied its Axe to decapitate the head of the normal man.
Along with the Fourth doing some whirley trick with the staff that has two blades, turning it into a fan of death.
With the Third clone waiting to pierce the man with the six floating lances.
In the gaze of the Second clone that pondered about using its fan weapons.
And as the First clone used his Twin Arm Blades to produce many cuts onto the human, fleshy, week skin of the man.

The Representative of Orre saw the impending insult, and formed a fist through the pain. But, knowing that he's only a normal man, whose training wasn't as up to snuff as Evalia's, he did what he could honestly do, and forced himself, using the human power of momentum, to push away the closest Clone.

V-1----------''You think that will save you?!''
Orre Rep--*Cough*

With his now emotionless eyes, the Orre Representative could only take one last look at the Clefairy that watched from behind the other trainers that ordered the Aggron, the Solrock, and the others to push on from the location.

Well, at least..

He couldn't finish the thought, it was just too much to think about, knowing that any moment he could just collapse out of the lack of blood.

So with one finale stance, he readied himself to fight the foe again, only to collapse in mid run, lying helpless on the ground, bleeding out. Only to see the sight of the white flames streaming out of the engines of the white lady.

All the while, a number floated above his head.


User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#62
When Tableflip dived into the water with Emile on his back,nothing came up.

"Did they drown?"

Yes,they totally drowned.They then haunted a Legend of Zelda game.

A suicune popped out of the water with Emile riding his back.He doggy paddled through the lake.

Emile:The water looks beautiful.

Tablecune:*pant* *pant*

Emile:I can see you're busy swimming.

Emile:I love you.

She hugs the swimming suicune.After the swim,the two get back on land.Tablecune sits down in front of Emile,who is standing up.She bends down and nuzzles him.Behind them were a pack of angry cryogenal.

I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#63
I'm back ^_^

Official Team Miror Infinity Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#64
[---Pyrite Town Airspace---]
(-Uka-6, the Timer, and the Figure-)

Over the blackened town of Pyrites, where the skies were thankfully not the red red of redness.

Norah----''Alright, we're over the area..''

She tries to look down from behind the cockpit windows.

Norah----''Can't see nothin', but.. what am I seeing over there?''
Crew 3--''Wait, it's.. a cloak!''

Yes, it is indeed a cloak, the same cloak dressed within a blackish gray, only for the color to turn bright light blue at the bottom of cloak. All the while, it looked like it was being occupied by a person, and yet, it was only a cloak with hands and a hood, with no man inside.

It was a Phantom!


Norah----''Screw it, hold this position while I go out and face that overpriced piece of laundry!''
Crew 2--''Sure, your call.''
Norah----''And keep a good distance from ground, we can easily accidentally glass that city under us!!''

Norah took to the skies with the female Hydreigon, seeing the cloak entity notice the Five Feet Seven Pilot, Piloting an unusual 6 ft 11 Hydreigon. And as it turned from its gaze of the Pyrite town below, it readied itself, forming a large red orb beneath its waist of the cloak.

Alright, I got a parachute, and some Laser thingy, I'm good for now..

She stared at the faceless, body-less, and.. something-less cloak figure that now posed with its arms wide, and then around the view, trying to pay no attention to the ground below her, and thinking of one thing.

Where in the Horrible, Ugly, disgusting heaven are those Sauplanes?!

The Hydreigon below Norah's Hug, and grasp, pointed its right head hand towards the cloak she was flying around, and with as she culminated her terrible dark thoughts into her right head, she fired a dark aurora, hitting the creature.

It seemed to do no damage, but the orb changed to blue.
She fired again, and the orb changed to yellow.
Angrier, she fired again turning the orb to white.

At this point, the Hydreigon just had about enough of this, and with a slight glance back to Norah, she flew towards the Cloak thing, and rammed it with such menace, that the orb disappeared, with the creature staggering from the blow.

And White..

She looks again at the creature, while the Hydreigon was trying to keep in mind of the ground below her.

Screw this, using the laser tracker.

Norah-----''Uh.. Ms.Nogierd! Just keep it steady!''

The Hydreigon just nodded with her main head, and dived down towards the ground, only to come back up, readying her three heads into a position that formed a triangle. While Norah held on for dear life, trying to get the laser into position for more than three seconds, only for the main head to block her view.

Great, She's going for a tri-attack, might as well order-

Too late, the hydreigon fired it, and it forced the orb to rapidly change back into the white coloring, waiting for another attack, just as the creature was prevented from launching a homing flame.

Oh, so it did go off by Fire, Ice, and Electricity!

Norah----------''Alright, just ram it one more time, and I'll have Uka-6 fire a containment device!''
Ms.Nogierd--''With much pleasure!''

On the ride, the hydreigon managed to pull it off, while the laser got enough time to paint the cloak. And with one final Tri-attack, Uka-6 followed up with a the launch of the Sigilyph group, where they then used some kind of combined psychic force to contain the target, and put it out of commission.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#65
[Sky Pillar]

Atop the tower that stands tall, amidst the clouds, the calling place of Rayquaza, Poli set up another Light Beacon.

Draxis ------ "Let's see Vortex try and stop us now."
Nightmare --- "If he sleeps, I have the perfect nightmare for him!"
Sonya ----- "Come on, we need to get to Rustboro to set up the last Beacon!"

They flew off towards Rustboro.


A sickly green mist coated the city of Rustboro. People and dark creatures alive spasmed from the toxic air. Draxis saw the conditions.

Draxis ----- "What happened..."
Sonya ---- "Doesn't look good!"
Draxis ----- "Hold on. I'll go on ahead. If this mist affects you, well...let's not think about that."
Nightmare ---- "And where do you suppose we wait?"
Draxis ------ "The dock by Petalburg. If any friendlies show up, wave 'em over."
Gloria ----- "But...wouldn't the mist sicken you as well?"
Draxis ------ "My sweet Tiger Lily, I'm not going to let a little bug hamper my day."

With that, he flew down for Rustboro, leaving the other three to make way for the dock.

When he landed, everything living was paralyzed. Poli drew his bow, getting an ominous feeling.

While looking around, he smited the immobile Heartless. If he found the cause for the mist, and halted it, he didn't want them to attack the civilians.

As he approached Devon HQ, the mist thickened. Poli switched to his Energy Sight.

Dark forces...demonic forces...everywhere!

He bumped into a ring, a ring of demon magic, of which various Japanese symbols floated in.

He spun around, splitting the bow into blades. In front of him, a floating suit of samurai armor stood. Numerous swords were thrust in the back, and in the entity's 'hand' was a katana with a blue aura.

??? ----- "Goldnail...after countless generations of rises up with me to taste blood again. And in front of me...our first feast."
Draxis ----- "You are?"
Blight ---- "None other than Blight, former servant of Yami, now a General of Akuro. He wishes to rough you up a bit and Goldnail...does not object!"

The mist around the arena cleared, and Poli Draxis was ready to combat Blight.
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#66
Vortex saw Phantom be Defeated.
Vortex: Alright. You guys have had your fun, Now It's my turn!
Vortex opened a Black Portal. Several more Heartless came swarming out. Vortex went to approach the Leader of the group, With his Masamune ready.
Vortex: I am Overlord Vortex. You fools have denied your place in my realm....
Vortex pointed his sword to the fighters.
Vortex: And now....
The Blade charged up power.
Vortex: You DIE!
The blade became Infused with Darkness, and Vortex ran towards the Fighters.
(Vortex's Theme: Starts playing)
Vortex: Fall into Darkness fools! Heartless Army, V-Clones, CHARGE!!!

(I'm logging out. Changlini, you take it from there. Good night.)
Official Co-Leader and Supreme General of Team Miror Infinity.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#67
Oh snhnap, I'm kinda looking for direction in what I should do here..
I'll get to thinking..

Goodnight to Tvirus, and Chandler either way!

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#68
Going to bed. Night.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#69
Serah was flying across the lanscape at incredible speeds... Faster than the eye can follow, Hair whipping in the wind.

Serah: Grrr... can't believe they skipped out on me like that....

Suddenly, a huge lugia showed up on the horizon.

Serah: There they are! Gonna fire a nice little warning shot, let em know that I was angry with them and leave... to find.... myself? Oh well... doesn't Matter! ready... aim..... Fire! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH

She let's out a huge powerful beam from her cannons, so powerful that after they passed Sadie, she was sucked into the void left by it!

Serah: Whoops....

Quickly, Sadie righted herself.

Sadie: Hey! What was that for!

Serah: Hmph! You left me there! I waited for hours! Besides.... I didn't hit you did I?

Pryce: Sigh.... but that was still extremely dangerous what you did. What if you'd hit us?

Serah: Well.... um..... I dunno.... I didn't even really expect that blast to be so huge....

Suddenly, Will's family rides on in!

Will: Woah! Here we are! Hey! Hey you! The one that saved us! I forgot to thank you.... also I forgot to ask for your name!

Serah: Hmph.... my name is Serah... I'm glad I could help you, but now I need to go help the world and find myself.

Will: Really? We're doing the same thing! Would you like to come with us!?

Serah: Sounds good by me....

Pryce: Just... try not to aim those cannons this direction.

Will: Oh well... so... Pryce, where are we going?
Official Team Miror (subdiv. of miror infinity) Leader
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#70
(I fear that I won't be able to get some happy bits in for tonight..)
*Reads chandler's post again*
(Oh holy shellmet! Just thought of something!)

[---Pyrite Town---]

As Norah triumphantly soared back into the white lady, the Sauplanes finally came in. And with a few drops of the veteran Guard Members, Trained Pokemon, and after containing the Phantom into an area for the sleeper cell MD Orre to come in and take it back to the Risen sun, the Sauplanes continued to patrol the skies.

Then Vortex and his army of darkness came in for a grand assault to take back the falling Orre Region! Vortex clearly was able to make his clones make clear work out of the men, women, and Pokemon that were trying so hard to fight in the name if protecting the future of their families, friends, and land!

With most of the heartless being fought by the other background trainers, and the tide finally turning against Vortex with the introduction of the Guard units, Vortex laid his sight towards the very competent people, and Pokemon fiercely protecting a few injured friendlies.

But back within the middle, as the normal, and honest man in cream began to lose consciousness from the loss of his blood, and the shock of all his wounds, the make Clefairy that he rescued stood alongside him, ever so scared of everything happening around him.

The Orre Rep, with all his strength, mustered up one finale action.
He petted the pink Pokemon a kind two times, and blacked out. And with the man who used to work under Evalia as her Public Relations person, unconscious, bleeding, and looking like heaven, the Clefairy clamped his tiny hands together with the large palm of the man before him.

And then amidst the chaos,
He wished a wish.

[---Fed-Up Operating building---]

Within the island, ontop of the ghostly peak of the white scar, a few people were on the monitors, assessing the situation.

Operator 1---"Alright, Orre beam is reflected, that area is now day."
Operator 2---"Getting a satellite into position with the other Fed-Up beacons..."

He has a thought.

operator 2----''Are you sure we can trust those other beams?"
Researcher--"From our current situation, why not?"

The woman then responds.

Operator 1---"Such a corrupting question. Ask that to anyway, and they'ed be instinctively compelled to say yes!"

She looks back to the screen, seeing the Fed-Uo satellites near the other beams unknowingly set up by Draxil, seeing them get into position, and shine down such light, that any shadow creature would have been disintegrated by the light!

Operator 1---"Honestly though, I'm kinda expecting these things to accidentally release a great evil or-"
Operator 2---"It's Fed-Up! It's the one thing that was built in response to the carelessness of the hostile legendary! Shnap, that Killer of Glory was built in response to Throwback!"

He looks at the screen, and then back to the female operator.

Operator 1---"The only thing that, that could happen, if.. Well, it happens."
Operator 2---"Alright, you go-"
Researcher--"Hey, what's with the sky? Seems like from the monitors, it's starting to turn back to normal! But.."

They all looked at the screen, and saw the sky to start form red and blue, and seen as though the clouds were burning!

Operator 1---"Alright, call in Furez."

And so, they did, knowing that the process wouldn't be relevant until the wars blow over, and calm comes back.

Goodnight everybody!
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