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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#71
"Crow... You will regret your foolish actions..." the last Dusclops said as it faded into nothingness.

The Quilfish panted, out of breath.

"...You alright?" Hyacinthe asked, concerned for the Pokémon that saved him. "Here, I'll casts Miniheal on you." A blue glow appeared in the Magius's hand, then it engulfed Crow. His wounds immediately began to close up.

"Th... Thanks," Crow spoke. "But I still don't trust you. What are you planning to do to Yggdrasil?"

"My father, Aster, ordered me to re-establish the connection between Heaven and the World Tree," Hyacinthe answered. "He's an angel, you see."

"So that means... You're an angel?" Nifdrin the fez-wearing Wynaut questioned.

"No, no, no, of course not," Hyacinthe answered. "Dad just found me one day and decided to raise me. He's super cool and kind!"

"Then how does a mere human possess the kind of power you do?" Daloyrew the monocle-wearing Wynaut asked. "Might it have something to do with the Gravekeepers?"

Hyacinthe's tone darkened at this. "My dad... He signed my soul to the Gravekeepers so that I could have this power. But it's fine! Really! I can easily fight them off."

"Hyacinthe... You really are naive, aren't you?" Crow said, approaching the Magius. "I'm sorry to say, your dad isn't nearly as benevolent as you think."

"H-how can you say that?" Hyacinthe replied, clenching his fist. "He's the best dad in the w--"

"No he isn't. He's using you, Hyacinthe. The 'connection' you're establishing with Yggdrasil... It's sapping its power, slowly wilting it, and with it the world. You're just a tool to him."

"I-I... I can't..." Hyacinthe stammered, slowly breaking down.

"I know it's rough. But you need to face the truth eventually, or you'll cause more destruction than you'll ever realize."

The Wynaut gathered around the quietly weeping Magius.

"If it's any consolation, child, we forgive you," Nifdrin said.

"Indeed," Daloyrew agreed. "You did not know what you were doing. And, perhaps over time, you may even redeem yourself."

The Quilfish came even closer to Hyacinthe.

"Join me, Hyacinthe. I can protect you."

The Magius looked up, and saw Crow smiling at him. "...Thanks... I'll... Refrain from hugging you."

"I think that's for the best," the Quilfish chuckled.

"By the way... What am I joining you in?" Hyacinthe asked, wiping his eyes.

"You said Heaven and Hell are at war, right? The wilting Yggdrasil here is proof that it affects us mortals too."

"You mean..."

"That's right," Crow smiled. "We're gonna end the the war that has raged on since the beginning of time."
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#72
[Boss: Blight & Goldnail]

Blight hovered around the arena, not making a move. Poli slashed at it, only for it to do nothing to Blight.

Blight reached for his sword, an in a lightning fast movement, slashed at Poli. Silver blood splattered on the ground, the wound healed, and Blight was behind Poli.

Blight ----- "You cannot strike what does not matter.
You cannot harm what is not there."
Draxis ------ "..."

Very it invulnerable? Can't be...unless...

Poli swiveled to see Blight prepping the same attack again. The gem shone a navy blue, and Poli called forth the time slowing powers of Dialga.

Blight, now rendered visible, slowly charged at Poli, his quickness reduced. The hybrid sidestepped Blight and, with a mighty swing, knocked Goldnail away.

The entity stopped moving, as if entranced. Goldnail was...moving?

That's it!

Poli ran for Goldnail, and got a few hits on before the blade returned to Blight's side.

Blight rose up, and repeated his quick strikes, getting them in before Poli could slow down time again.

The demon entity stopped, and numerous katana began encircling Blight, Goldnail among them. They were launched at Poli. By spinning the bow-blades, he deflected most of them, but Goldnail sunk in.

Draxis ------ "Rrrrrak!"
Blight ------ "Goldnail....likes your blood. It wants....more."

Pulling the blade out of him, Poli threw the accursed Goldnail at Blight, and it returned to it.

Blight summoned the blades again. As they flew for Poli, he had an idea. Gem glowing pearl pink, he slashed at the air, and some kind of spatial slash sent the blades scattering, including Goldnail.

The Seraphim Hybrid, eager, lunged for the demon blade, repeatedly striking it. It glowed green, and sent a shockwave that sent Poli flying towards the arena edge, hitting the ring walls.

He leaped up, and slowed time before Blight executed another lightning-fast attack. Stunning the being by knocking away Goldnail, Poli's gem glowed silver, and he struck the blade with Light-infused attacks, causing great damage.

Goldnail glowed green again, and Poli deflected the blast with his blades. The energy struck Goldnail, and the blue aura faded.

The misty body of Blight disappeared.

Blight ----- " appears...I have...lost. Akuro, I have...shamed you."

The arena vanished, the green, sickly mist around Rustboro faded away, sucked into the motionless samurai armor, and that disintegrated. Poli picked up Goldnail.

Draxis ----- "Goldnail eh? Could be-"

Goldnail disintegrated as well.

Draxis ------ "...Never mind!"

He flew up the Devon Building, and set up a Beacon there. Overlooking the horizon, he smiled as daylight returned.

Draxis ------ "...All that's left is Sinnoh and Unova."

He flew down to the ground. Rustboro citizens were getting up, confused, but happy.

Hoenn was liberated.

The people, deducting that the dark angel was the one who saved them, began cheering.

Old man ---- "An angel! a miracle!"
Toddler ----- "Thanks mister!"
Woman ------ "Lugia saving angel saving us from sickness and the dark...oh, these are bright times!"

Poli waved to the gathering crowd, and walked away for the docks.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#73
Chandler, I'd like to know if you want Vortex to win or not.

As I wait for a response, I guess I'll do some Background Build Up.

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#74
Above Rustboro

Hoenn was finally liberated of the heartless...

Zenon: Finally, i got that done.

Zenon saw Poli walking away for the docks.

Zenon: Poli...

Mewtwo: You did most of the work destroying all the heartless in Hoenn you know.

Zenon: Yes.

Mewtwo: Well, we fused and liberated Hoenn of the heartless along with Poli.

Zenon: Yes, i know.

Destroy the heartless.

Zenon decided to follow Poli's group.
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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#75
Chandler014 posted...
Bump. Should I do the Post where Azure comes to Tyler and Mephy's Group?


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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#76
[Mr. Briney's Dock]

When they split up, Sonya, Gloria, and Nightmare headed directly for the dock. The beach was calm, untouched by the forces of evil. Nightmare took watch for friendlies, and Sonya dozed off while laying on the sand.

[Sonya's Dream]

Stars glittered, nebulas expanded. Suns became supernovas, exuding a brilliant display of wonder and heat before fading into white dwarfs.

Comets sped along above, an asteroid field was below.planets dotted the horizon.

Those three...are they even alive? They told me to go...even bid me farewell...

But should I have stayed? Should I have given them some security in the vast silence?

No doubt anyone connected to them would be worried right now. But, what could I say? I don't know what happened to them. They could be alive, they could be floating through the void, eyes bulging from their sockets...dead...something could have happened at that KoG, they could have been blown to bits...or just fine in that ever maddening silence.

If...if only I defied them...if only I remained...maybe I could know. Maybe I could put worries to rest...if only...



Sonya bolted awake, soaked. Looking up, she saw Nightmare grinning, bucket in hand. Angrily, she brought out Shineshot and shot him multiple times. The bullets bounced harmlessly off his cloak.

Nightmare ---- "Hey hey, just waking you up, no need to get angry."
Sonya ------ "You're lucky this suit of mine is waterproof. I had to save up a lot of money to make it."
Draxis ------- "Sis, calm down. If I reacted like that when Pryce chopped me in quarter pieces, well...there would be no more Pryce."
Sonya ----- "Ok, Ok, I'll relax. Just caught me by surprise, that's all."

As she was wringing the water out of her hair, she just now realized Draxis was back. She looked over towards Rustboro, and saw a Light Beacon casting light amongst Hoenn. Around her, she realized light returned.

Sonya ---- "I presume you were successful?"
Nightmare ---- "Are we being mauled by Heartless sweet pea?"
Sonya ------ "Shush. What about the mist?"
Draxis ------ "Took care of it. Was originating from a demon called Blight. Akuro...he's stepping up his offensive."
Gloria ---- "What about that Prophecy you kept on babbling about?"

Poli Draxis turned away.

Draxis ------ "I don't know. It's clear I was the one perscribed to lead the offensive against Akuro, but... due to the Frost part, I assumed that was because of Kyurem."
Nightmare --- "Chill pal, frosty dragon or no frosty dragon, you're going to give Akuro a run for his money. Especially since you have that SLEURP SCHLEERRP SHULORRP black hole thingy."
Draxis ----- "...Don't mention that."
Nightmare --- "Just trying to lighten the mood."

Poli Draxis looked towards the sea.

Draxis ---- "Did you see anyone?"
Nightmare ----- "Nada."
Draxis ---- "Then we leave for Sinnoh. Now."
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#77
"We're heading back to Hoenn as soon as everyone's gathered up." Pryce said. "I got a tip from one of my employees in Rustboro, said an angel was fighting Heartless. We think it might be Draxis."

"I see..." Will said. "And what do you plan to do with him when you find him?"

"We're gonna ask him what he thinks of his new power." Tyler said. "See if he can be trusted with it."

"Again, no Tyler." Pryce said. "If we just ask him, and he can't be trusted with that power, he'll just tell us what we wanna hear."

"So what do we do?" Tyler asked.

"You're gonna love this. I want you to fight him, but during the fight, keep talking about how he shouldn't be trusted with that power. If he says stuff like 'you think I want this!?', we'll know not to kill him, and I'll step in to let you know to stop attacking. Just be sure not to kill him prematurely."

"Sounds good." Tyler said with a smile on his face.

"Good." Pryce said. "Now, has anyone seen Belial?"
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#78
Super Bump Fighter IV: 3D Edition
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#79
[---Background Buildup---]
(Part one of Three)

(Case 7 --- Something Honest)

I'm sorry to say this.. but, Ule..


She wakes up, the streaks from her tears have now became frosty, her feelings were refreshed, and her mind was still deteriorating. But none of that could prepare herself for the sight of the long, large, Violate fangs coming out of the Seviper, and the wide eyes of the teacher standing next to the Seviper.

Graduate 2-----''Oh.. Mar..risa?''
Marknam'-------''Wrong name, Student 2.''

The Happy eyes of Marknam' turned into a horrible scold, and yet, the bald woman didn't feel afraid. So, calmly, she replied.

Graduate 2-----''I'm sorry Mar..''

The graduate was confused, not knowing what the Seviper said.
And through that confused look, Marknam' became disappointed.

Marknam'--------''Alright, you didn't lear-''
Graduate 2------''I did learn! It's just that it's been just so lo-''
Marknam'--------''Fine then, tell me the name of this Seviper, as she says it.''

The mood was calm, the gaze of the Pupils from both the Human, and the snake were at their sharpest. And as the forked tongue went out of the barely opened mouth to taste the air, the Seviper Spoke.

Seviper------------''$%^ an coll%$ Cssaanndr$%78''

I got it!

With a look of triumph, she confidently responds.

Graduate 2------''Cassandra!''

And with a glad look, Marknam' pulls the Graduate up, and taps her on the back.

Marknam'---------''Good! You didn't waist that part of your education!''
Graduate 2-------''Yeah.. Say, is there anything I can do at the school? Just for a few days?''
Marknam'---------''Well, there is this one thing I've been looking forward to, and I do think I need help with a certain child.''
Graduate 2-------''As long as it isn't a handful, I'll try my best.''
Marknam'---------''Very well, let's go back to the NGI, and I'll tell you about that play!''

They contently walked back, under the gaze of the faintly wispy, burning sky.

[After the play, I'll finally get back to the Killer of Glory]

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#80
"I've seen him," Mephistopheles spoke, smirking. "He's been with us the whole time. He was the one who smashed Kurt Zisa's head in, remember?"

"Indeed I am," Belial said, also smiling. "You'd think one would remember a huge, winged demon."

"Okay, okay," Pryce responded, gesturing them to shut up. "Belial, ready to--"

"Don't even need to ask," the large black demon interrupted. "Since Sol doesn't seem to be with us anymore, I shall carry the extra baggage."

"Really, Dad? You sure that's fine?" Mephistopheles asked his father, concerned.

"Mephistopheles, do not doubt your father. I am more than capable over it."

"Well then, thanks a lot, Belial," Pryce said. "I'm sure Sadie appreciates that. Right?"

"Thank you, mister," Sadie said, taking the hint.

So Pryce, Katherine, and Cria got on Sadie, while Tyler, Erika, Mephistopheles, Will and Xalier piled on Belial's back.


Tell me if I forgot someone so I can edit them in >_>
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