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Rendezvous Pokemon Trivia Game

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User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#1
So my friends and I came up with a fun game to play while you're bored and sitting around, or perhaps a drinking game (apply drinking rules to it if you want, it would probably get really funny, especially if you're all yelling out answers and lauhging at them).

It's pretty simple. Use something like wyncorp or just choose on your own. Pick a random Pokemon.

Now, one person goes onto a website like serebii or bulbapedia or Pokedex 3D Pro or their completed Pokedex in their game or something and looks up that Pokemon's "classification" in the Pokedex.

Like how Squirtle is the "Tinyturtle Pokemon."

The person who looked it up doesn't tell anyone what it is, and the other three have to guess. Like, you say "OK, what classification is Squirtle?" and the others have to guess Tinyturtle Pokemon.

Whoever gets it right gets a point. If no one gets it right, the person reading gets a point. Switch readers every turn or every 5 turns (because unless you guys are ridiculous Pokemaniacs, you're going to be getting a LOT wrong).

It's pretty fun, because you get to laugh at how weird the classification names are.

We named it the Rendezvous Pokemon Trivia Game because of Luvdisc, the "Rendezvous Pokemon" lol.

Sometimes they even use made-up words!
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