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Rank the types favorite to least favorite

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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#11
nro87 posted...
People really have favorite types? Why? Favorite Pokémon, favorite move, heck, even favorite NPC are all understandable. But favorite type? Wow.

Let's see, just on my standard OU team, I have Grass, Fighting, Psychic, Bug, Fire, Steel, Ground, Flying, and Dragon. However, my top 3 favorite Pokémon are Volcarona, Swampert, and Swellow, so I should add Water and Normal to the list. I guess that means I hate Dark, Ghost, Ice, Poison, Electric, and Rock.

Personally, I have favorite types based on different factors like the fact that my favorite RPG element is fire, that I think Dark-type Pokemon are completely badass, and what I think about the concept of the attacks (why I don't like Fighting type).

Also Volcarona doesn't count as a Fire-type. I have disowned it from that family.
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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#12
Fun fact: The median amount of rankings you would need to have one that is identical to yours is about 249,732,592,000,000 assuming that all types are favored equally.


I know you all were wondering. I accept your thanks in advance.
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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#13
1. Water - Very varied designs and have thousands more possibilities, great in battle.
2. Bug - As Water, though best paired with Steel in battle.
3. Poison
4. Ghost
5. Grass
6. Rock - Has thankfully moved away from generic lumps (Geodude) to colourful enigmas (Lileep, Archen...). Great offensively.
7. Steel
8. Ground
9. Electric - Too many Pikaclones and cat-dogs for my liking, but the Gen V Electrics are great. I still use TW on fast leads.
10. Ice - Ice-type moves are great fun to use, but the type has suffered from being too slow to use them for STAB.
11. Psychic
12. Fighting
13. Fire - Basically the Mary-Sue type when I was growing up in Gen I. Too many "let's-make-animals-red" designs.
14. Dragon - Being a plot point in every game since Emerald has made me tired of them.
15. Dark
16. Flying - Awful lot of generic-looking Pokémon, and had more or less of a monopoly on Fly until recently.
17. Normal - Has turned from the type of interesting, outside-the-box Pokémon to early route rodents and birds.
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