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Favorite Pokemon of each type.

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User Info: Noble-Heart

4 years ago#51
Normal - Ditto
Fire - Arcanine
Water - Milotic
Grass - Lilligant
Electric - Pikachu
Ice - Glaceon
Fighting - Lucario
Poison - Bulbasaur
Ground - Larvitar
Flying - Pidgeot
Psychic - Gardevoir
Bug - Ninjask
Rock - Tyranitar
Ghost - Sableye
Dragon - Kingdra
Dark - Zoroark
Steel - Scizor
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User Info: Hero_Of_Rhyme

4 years ago#52
Normal - Chansey
Fire - Magmar
Water - Lanturn
Grass - Paras
Electric - Ampharos
Ice - Jynx
Fighting - Primeape
Poison - Croagunk
Ground - Mamoswine
Flying - Drifblim
Psychic - Girafarig
Bug - Pinsir
Rock - Corsola
Ghost - Haunter
Dragon - Dragonite
Dark - Umbreon
Steel - Mawile

I might be a closeted genwunner...
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User Info: gabe415160

4 years ago#53
Normal -Stoutland
Fire -Volcarona
Water -Swampert
Grass -Breloom
Electric -Lanturn
Ice -Cloyster
Fighting -Lucario
Poison -Drapion/Crobat (can't decide)
Ground -Donphan
Flying -Swellow
Psychic -Alakazam
Bug -Heracross
Rock -Aerodactyl
Ghost -Drifbloom
Dragon -Dragonair
Dark -Umbreon
Steel -Skarmory

User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#54
I feel as though I change this every time so, for right now.

Normal - Cincinno
Fire - Infernape/Volcarona
Water - Feraligatr
Grass - Leafeon
Electric - Magneton/Eelektross
Ice - Cloyster
Fighting - Hitmontop
Poison - Venusaur
Ground - Rhydon
Flying - Crobat/Braviary
Psychic - Slowbro/Reuniclus
Bug - Ariados
Rock - Crustle
Ghost - Chandelure
Dragon - Haxorus
Dark - Honchkrow
Steel - Klingklang
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User Info: MrMaho

4 years ago#55
Normal - Porygon-Z
Fire - Ninetales
Water - Milotic
Grass - Sceptile
Electric - Manectric
Ice - Articuno
Fighting - Blaziken
Poison - Drapion
Ground - Swampert
Flying - Staraptor
Psychic - Gardevoir
Bug - Venomoth
Rock - Aggron
Ghost - Dusclops
Dragon - Garchomp
Dark - Absol
Steel - Mawile
Official Miror Admin with Shadow Gardevoir and Shadow Dusclops

User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#56
Normal - Persian/Eevee/Porygon-Z
Fire - Ninetales/Arcanine
Water - Vaporeon
Grass - Leafeon
Electric - Jolteon (Luxray is second)
Ice - Glaceon
Fighting - Lucario
Poison - Nidoking/Crobat
Ground - Flygon
Flying - Pidgeot
Psychic - Mew (my favorite pokemon of all but not my favorite type)
Bug - Yanmega
Rock - Aerodactyl
Ghost - Gengar
Dragon - Dragonite
Dark - Umbreon/Houndoom
Steel - Skarmory/Steelix
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