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Do you still go into the Dream World?

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User Info: BottledPoe

4 years ago#1
Do you still go into the Dream World? - Results (49 votes)
22.45% (11 votes)
77.55% (38 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I dunno about anybody else, but I went into the Dream World for maybe 3 months after the release of B/W, and then completely stopped after that. I know there were new areas released since then, but I just don't care anymore. I might have continued if the Dream World was actually in the game, and not on a computer.
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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#2
Actually I haven't played the game in almost a month.

Probably just going to wait until X/Y releases, let my Pokemon yearning build up.
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User Info: UltimaZangetsu

4 years ago#3
I've never even tried the DW, and I have no clue how to do so. So I doubt I will.
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User Info: BatmanVonDoom

4 years ago#4
B/W the DW never interested me.

In B/W2 I've not even touched the game since I got it in October, just don't have an urge to play it for some reason
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User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#5
Hoenn Confirmed
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User Info: StarWarsfan1984

4 years ago#6
I don't, mainly because the router I have now can't connect using the DS setting.
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User Info: FryDays5000

4 years ago#7
Nope. I stopped after getting all the medals for it.
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User Info: The_DOAM

4 years ago#8
Went in for a female dream world Mawile. After a month I gave up and haven't been back, still no Mawile either.
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