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Why can't people just accept new pokemon

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User Info: faruway

4 years ago#21
I remember the first time when Reshiram and Zekrom first revealed as the Gen 5 mascot legendaries to the world, people start saying "Oh gawd, they look like Digimon! They really look like Digimon!!!"

Yeah, I went through every Pokemon fansite forum and EVERYONE say that upon their first reaction of seeing Reshiram and Zekrom!
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User Info: Mewtwo_soul

4 years ago#22
iKhanic posted...
Mewtwo_soul posted...
iKhanic posted...
LightningAce11 posted...
The newer pokemon get so much hate, I don't understand why. I myself like new over old.

Hold on there. While I agree that a lot of Gen 1 pokemon get a lot of praise, a lot of them get a lot of unnecessary hate like Muk and Voltorb.

People just don't get that Game Freak has changed their approach to pokemon since the days of Gen 1, partly because they had to. They can't make 10 different pokemon based on something simple, so they mixed designs. That doesn't make newer pokemon worse by any means. I personally prefer a lot more of the gen 1 and 2 designs than I do the newer ones, but there are also some new pokes I love like Absol, Oshawott, Excadrill, and Zoroark.

I disagree. They didn't overcomplicate most designs. Some designs getting more complex is just natural progression of the series. On Muk and Voltorb most people just use them as examples and don't exactly hate them. For instance, I always use Voltorb as a posterboy for bad designs, but I actually like Voltorb, same as Muk. (Grimer Line in general)


On topic: People are egotistical idiots. Are you really that surprised?

That's what I was trying to say. Designs got more complex as they needed a wider pool of concepts to draw from. In my opinion a lot of them became too complex, but that's my opinion.

I don't think Voltorb is a bad design. The entire point of the Pokemon was to look like and be mistaken for a pokeball, and the games address it. In fact I kind of like that concept better than Foongus, because Voltorb actually looks like a pokeball from all dimensions. Foongus only looks like a pokeball from above, and the trainer would technically see it from the side.

Yes, what I'm saying is not many designs go that far complex. Lilipup line and more are very basic. However every gen has more complex designs. (Mewtwo in comparison to Dig/trio line.)

It's a pun design in general. It was never meant to be serious, which is what I would classify as an intended bad design. At least Foongus line is based on mushrooms not just a ball with identity crisis.
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