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As your pokemon was in the dream world

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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#1 search and search everyone for something that it believe that you wanted. After awakening your pokemon, you are informed by it that there is something special waiting for you. You went to the Entralink and zipped to the entree forest and received...(Go to and Generate a number between 0 and 20 to find out what your pokemon has given you)


0-Multiscale Dragonite

1-Can of Tuna lower a desired IV to 0

2-999 Max Revives

3-An unauthorized TM contain the move Spore

4-TM 16 Payday

5-Weakness Inverter- make super effective only to 1/4 the damage to your pokemon if used on it

6-Satan's wife, Tansa was told that you were a good trainer who love pokemon and know how to be competive but not happy that God has decited on the will of hi for all of the pokemon that you hatch not to be shiny at all. She is willing to make all of the pokemon in their egg shiny. If you give your soul to her she will give to the power to make any pokemon shiny along with the hidden power and IVs you want but this this time is has to be your soul but she is willing to give it back to you if you wanted her to do for she is not in the mood to keep your soul this moment

7-A sissy boy maid who must do everything you want him to do

8-Azure Flute

9-A Pikachu with Raichu's base stats, sur, it DW ability, all Ivs 31, and a Lightball

10-Contrary Snivy

11-A large Stuffed Crust Pizza-Levels up your team to Level 100

12-A young girl who can teach any of your pokemon Outrage or Draco Meteor

13-Blissey Egg-Fully Restore your teams HP, PP, and cure them for all status problems...even fainting

14-A sick girl who give your pokemon Pokerus

15-Invisable cape-Havle the accuratcy of physical move used by the opposing pokemon

16-A young boy who can give you any pokemon you want along with the moves, Ivs, Evs, Hidden Power, type and gender

17-Prankster Whimsicott with Spore

18-A young boy who can teach you pokemon V-create

19-Unburden Treeko

20-Prayer Herb-a held Item that revive the holder when it's HP reaches zero

21-Golden Deoxys
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#2
Blissey Egg-Fully Restore your teams HP, PP, and cure them for all status problems...even fainting.
It's a deal.
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