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Why does everyone complain about R/S/E?

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User Info: scraadin

4 years ago#11
It's probably mostly negative nostalgia.

We'd been expecting a lot of features to carry over from GSC, and then were unpleasantly surprised when they didn't. We went from having a vibrant 24/7 world to not.

But the biggest problem was the lack of backwards compatibility. Unless you were willing to invest in a cheat device, almost half of the Pokemon that existed at the time couldn't be caught for a couple years, and that included most of the Kanto and Johto Pokemon the fans had fallen in love with.

And when they did start showing up, they only showed up in dribbles. About fifty of the missing 184 showed up in Colosseum.

It wasn't until after FRLG and Emerald that you could catch everything on a handheld again.
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User Info: patsfan2312

4 years ago#13
gagoko0087 posted...
Infernus93 posted...
Are we looking at the same board? Gen III is heavily favoured here.


It all started with a lot of love for gen III. Then, I think some people started to get annoyed with it and started a backlash. Now, here we are.

User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#14
I didn't get my games till about '05. Emerald is nearly perfect, and LG is great.
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User Info: KosacV

4 years ago#15
endergamer537 posted...
KosacV posted...
2.)Destroyed their childhood
3.)Hype backlash

Everything complained about on this board can fall into at least 1 of those.

Isn't this obvious...?

It should be should be.
This one knows what he's doing...
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