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Which pokemon game is hardest for you to replay?

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User Info: bestssbbfan

4 years ago#11
Arne83 posted...
R/B/Y... those games have aged horribly.
Created 6/12/2011
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User Info: _KGC_

4 years ago#12
I remember replaying Crystal like years ago. I couldn't do it. lol
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User Info: Decon082

4 years ago#13
Diamond and Pearl (but not Platinum) because it just moves so slowly. Seriously, they couldn't have made the battles go any slower.

Gen 1 games are actually the most fun for me to go back and play, because they're simple, and they're what I started out with, so I have strong connection to them.
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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#14
R/S/E. Those are the only Pokemon games that feel like a chore to play.
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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#15
It's pokemon selection is horrible and the level curve always makes it a pain.

User Info: confessabear

4 years ago#16
As much as I like Gen IV, I'm going to have to say Diamond and Pearl.

Slow-as-molasses gameplay
Shallow Sinnoh Dex
Even worse type distribution (far too few fire, electric and ice types, way too many water types)
Gym Leaders deviating from their type specialty.
Anti-climatic plot
Barry being a weak rival
"Saving a lot of data"

Thankfully, Platinum fixed the majority of the dumb issues that plagued D/P and got the ball rolling for Gen IV.
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User Info: Bountyan

4 years ago#17
Diamond and Pearl because of how slow they are. Pt/HG/SS are still playable.
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