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Is water the best type in Pokemon?

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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#21
They certainly seem the best to me because:

1) Only two weaknesses.

2) Only three types resist their attacks (one of them being Water itself). Heck even the defensive Steel type doesn't even resist them.

3) Some of their best moves (Surf and Waterfall) are HMs so literally every Water Pokemon has at least one of those attacks in its movepool, easily. Any special attacking Water can have the powerful and accurate Surf, any physical attacking Water can use the bit-less-powerful and accurate Waterfall that can cause flinching if you're faster than the opponent.
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User Info: wahaha911

4 years ago#22
Asianwide is on yo side!!!

User Info: WizardofHoth

4 years ago#23
Yes water pokemon are the best to use in game. But the most annoying thing about every new Pokemon game is that your rival alwas has to choose a freakin grass pokemon to ruin it

User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#24
Pendragon71037 posted...
Not to mention that, along with everything else in the topic stated already, they have the most pokemon, srsly, water is the most common type out there (makes a bit of sense, but Normal as most common would make more)

I don't really see how normal makes the most sense. 75% of the world's surface is ocean. 80% of all vertebrates are aquatic. I mean, there is a lot of real world representation for water to take advantage of.
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User Info: patsfan2312

4 years ago#25
I like water and psychic personally

User Info: EpsteinBarr

4 years ago#26
Gamefreaks is biased towards water types.
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