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Pokemon United: Prologue

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User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#1
This is something me and some others made in our spare time... Please do not post until all 6 prologues are posted. I and the others that have worked on this hope you all like it. Now to get started...
I am Jakiah. I'm a fairly average teen, nothing that special. I've always dreampt of being the best in the world. Now If I'm going to be the best, I have to have somewhere I've started. This is my childhood...

When I was 2, I was very shy. She naturally found some way to make me feel better and become more open. So, one day, she brought home a Happiny as a Christmas present. She went by Eggnog because she always wanted an egg in her pouch.

When I was 8, I was more open and decided to go exploring in the woods nearby. There were virtually no neighbors anyway. After about an hour, I came across a creek with Eggnog. Near the creek I fould a peculiar stone. It looked like pumice, but it didn't float. When Eggnog saw it she pushed me down and grabbed it (seeing how strong they are). She then threw her egg in the creek and placed the stone in her pouch. She wanted it so I figured I might as well let her keep it. We went home, and when my parents saw the stone, the were ecstatic. They explained to me it was an Oval Stone, what it does, and how rare it is. Eggnog would evolve soon.

When I got the license for Pokemon, Eggnog was a Chansey. I started going around town with some errands everyday. One day, when I was 11, something terrible happened...

My parents were gone. They left without a trace. They don't do that. I waited. And waited. The next morning they still weren't there. So I went to the front porch and wept. After who knows how long of crying, a Ralts came up to me. It looked sad too. It tried to cheer me up. It then went inside with me, and found a loose ball. It knocked the ball over. It was caught.

When I was 13, after Ralts evolved into Kirila, we went into the attic along with the newly evolved Eggnog. She had become a Blissey a year before. After some searching, I found a nice looking stone. Kirila recognized it and tried to speak to me, but couln't use telepathy well yet. So I just gave it. Kirila then evolved into a Gallade. It was a male the whole time!

Now I'm 16. Me and my Pokemon live together peacefully. Eggnog does cleaning, Gallade does cooking(which he's really good at, despite his lack of thumbs. It's good he has telekinesis), and I make money. I'm going to the Trainer school so I can be come the best and hope to find out what happened to my parents...
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User Info: endergamer537

4 years ago#2
Prologue: My Pokémon
I was always the odd one out in my neighborhood. I never had a Pokémon, and because of that I could never participate in anything the other kids my age did. I could never battle, never trade, never share any experiences I had with Pokémon. Sure, I could talk about the mechanics of battling and type advantages and things like that, but who has time for that when there’s so much battling and exploring to be had? All I could ever do was study Pokémon in the hopes that when I do receive my first Pokémon, I would be fully prepared to become a true master.

Of course, even when I did catch my first Pokémon, I was not very enthusiastic.

Ever since I was 5, I carried a Poke Ball around with me so that I could catch the Pokémon who would be my partner. However, whenever I met a wild Pokémon, nothing seemed to click. Nothing in me screamed, “This is who my Pokémon partner should be!” But when I turned 8, a miracle occurred…

I was with two other people: Calvin (a generally nice guy with a Bronzor) and Alex (the neighborhood bully with a Shelmet). I was hanging out with Calvin when Alex came up and started harassing me again because I still didn’t have a Pokémon. However, as I was getting angry and Calvin was ready to step in, a turquoise and lime green Karrablast ran out of a shrub nearby. “Karra! Karrablast!”

Looking at this Karrablast, I felt some connection to it. It didn’t just have to do with the fact that it was a Shiny Karrablast, but I felt as if a Karrablast as my partner would be perfect. Of course, Alex immediately grinned and said, “A Karrablast, eh? A shiny one no less! I’ll capture you and get someone to trade for my Shelmet so I can have an Accelgor and a Shiny Escavalier!”

As soon as he said this, I knew I was doomed. I quickly pulled the Poke Ball out of my pocket and threw the ball. Alex yelled, “What are you doing, freak? You’ll never catch a Pokémon like that!”

…And as soon as he said that, the Poke Ball shook three times and clicked. In disbelief and joy, I slowly walked up to the Poke Ball and picked it up. Then a grin formed from ear to ear. I had caught my first Pokémon.

Then Alex ran up to me, his face red with rage. “I was going to catch that Karrablast!”

Me: “Too bad. Fair’s fair.”

Alex then grinned evilly. “Then I challenge you to a Pokémon battle.”
This is the first part of my prologue.
Official Miror Infinity Leader with his Escavalier

User Info: endergamer537

4 years ago#3
---Andrew (Part 2)---
Prologue (Part 2): My Pokémon

My joy immediately dissipated when Alex challenged me. How could my newly-caught Karrablast compare with his trained Shelmet? Yet I couldn’t deny his request either. He had me stuck between a rock and a hard place, and he knew it. I was dreading this battle.

“Come on out, Karrablast!” I threw the Poke Ball and Karrablast popped out. “Listen, Karrablast. This is gonna be our first battle!” I tried to sound energetic and upbeat for my Karrablast’s benefit.

“Karrablast!” Karrablast hopped around, looking ready to start battling.

“Humph.” Alex snorted. “You have no chance of winning against my amazing Shelmet. Come on out!”

The two bugs stared at each other, each trying to glare the other down.

Me: “Karrablast! Use Fury Attack!” Alex’s Shelmet jumped out of the way quickly.

Alex: “Use Acid, Shelmet!” The Shelmet sprayed acid all over my Karrablast. Karrablast fell and twitched in the grass, weakly crying out, “Karra… Karrablast…” Karrablast stood back up.

Alex: “Ha! Your Pokémon is so weak! That Karrablast isn’t worth anything!” Shelmet laughed as well. While both were jeering at Karrablast, I yelled, “Karrablast, use X-Scissor!” Karrablast lunged at the Shelmet before it had a chance to react. Just then, Calvin’s Bronzor started vibrating with excitement.

Calvin: “Bronzor?...” And then Bronzor used Charge Beam and hit Karrablast just as its pincers slashed at Shelmet. There was a blinding white flash for a second… and when our eyes readjusted, we found Karrablast encased in armor and Shelmet wrapped in thin bandages.

Me: “They… evolved.”

Alex: “Well, now I just have an even more boss Pokémon! And yours looks so stupid! I mean, its lances and crest are pink! Hahaha!”

Enraged, my Escavalier slashed at the Accelgor. Accelgor crumpled to the ground.
Alex: “I… lost? Impossible! You just caught that Pokémon!”

Me: “Come here, Escavalier! This was an awesome first battle! I think I’ll name you… Excalibur. You helped me realize my quest… to become a true Pokémon master!”

***Seven years later…***
I was resting in my home when someone knocked on the door. I opened it and was shocked to find Alex. “What are you doing here?”

Alex: “I’m moving away. But the thing is… they don’t allow Pokémon in the apartment complex we’re moving into. So I’d like you to take care of my Accelgor, Quiksilver.” He handed me the Poke Ball. “Goodbye, Andrew. Thanks for making Pokémon battles fun for me.” He walked away without another word.

Since the little spat we had seven years ago, Alex and I developed respect for each other and battled each other weekly. I had become the best battler (along with Excalibur) in the neighborhood. Pleased, my parents had enrolled me for Pokémon School. But I had never expected Alex to go. And now…

I looked down at Quiksilver’s Poke Ball. I clenched it.

I was going to the Trainer school not only to become a Pokémon Master, but to meet new friends and rivals, see the world… and hopefully ease the guilt of what happened two years ago…

My prologue ends here.
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User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#4
This is for RainbowSage_63...
Dell leaned against me and purred like a spoiled house cat. She was halfway there, anyway. With a content sigh, I pet her purple fur, a sign of a healthy Delcatty. At the age of ten, I had always wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, but Dell didn't have eyes for such a goal. Even then, I didn't have the nerve to approach the professor for a starter Pokemon.

A few days later, I heard a knock at the noisy door. My mom opened it to find a basket with a Pokemon egg on the doormat. Curiously, Mom brought the basket in and shut the door. Reading the note and smiling, she placed the basket on my bed. The egg began to shine and hatched while I was asleep.

When I woke up, I found Dell examining a Shinx that had found its way between us. He took advantage of Dell's soft fur as he let out steady breaths. When the odd Shinx woke up, it mewed at Dell like a baby kitten. I saw the bond between them form like a mother and her newborn child. It was almost as sweet as a plate of freshly baked cookies.

Six years later, I heard a knock at the door in the afternoon. Getting up, I went to answer it, Dell and Luxray following me. At the door was Professor Juniper herself, and an ambitious gleam was in her eye.
"Winter, how would you like to become a Pokemon trainer?"
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User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#5
This is for Chandler014...

A boy was wondering around in Dragon's Den. This boy was fascinated by the creatures in the den.
Tyler: Wow! So many Pokemon!
The boy, Tyler, befriended many of the Dragons inside the Den, such as Several Seadra and Dratini.
???: Tyler! It's time for dinner! Then we have to get ready!
Tyler: *sigh* I'll be back guys. Don't worry!
Tyler and the lady, his mother, were leaving to the Safari Zone. Tyler was born and being raised in Johto, his home being Blackthorn city. He idolized the Champion of the Pokemon League, The Dragon Tamer Lance. The two arrived in the safari zone.
Tyler: I don't see any Dragon types....
Mother: Well of course. They're very rare. I took you here to see other Pokemon. What do you think? .....Tyler?
Tyler went off wandering the Zone. He heard a cry towards the zone, and saw a small Rock type Pokemon being beaten by several Raticate. The small Rock type Tyler identified as a Larvitar, his favorite Non-Dragon type.
Tyler: Whoa! Hey! Get away from him! Or her!
The raticates fled, scared of Tyler. Tyler grabbed the injured Larvitar and took him to a pokemon center.
Nurse Joy: He's all better now. Good thing you found him in time!
Mother: Yeah, But.... WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!
Tyler: W-Well....M-Mother, Look-
Mother: You could've be hurt, or worse!
Tyler: M-Mother! I'm able to fight for myself, you know.
Mother: Yeah, but still-
She was interrupted when she saw the Larvitar begin to rub it's head affectionately on Tyler's leg.
Nurse Joy: That's something they don't do. Think he wants to come with you!
Mother: No. No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!
Tyler: ....
Larvitar: .....
Mother: .....
Tyler: .....
Mother: .......Okay! Fine! Just quit looking at me like that!
Tyler: Yay!
Larvitar yelped happily, and began to do some kind of weird dance.
Nurse Joy: Oh! This Larvitar know's Dragon Dance! What other moves.... Let's see. Bite, Dragon Dance, and Leer. Here's a pokeball.
Tyler took the pokeball and threw it at Larvitar. After some motion, it stopped, showing it was caught.
Tyler: Woohoo!
Mother: *sigh* Let's go.
The two left back to Blackthorn city, with Larvitar in it's pokeball.
Tyler approached the elder in the Den, his Larvitar standing beside him.
Elder: Welcome. You are here to obtain your Dragon partner, i assume.
Tyler: Yes.
Elder: I see. Then let's begin.
the elder brought out his Dratini.
Elder: Begin the battle!
Tyler: Larvitar, Stand by for battle!
Larvitar approached the Dratini. The battle begun.
Elder: Dratini, Dragon rage.
Tyler: Larvitar, use Bite!
Larvitar bit threw the attack, sustaining little damage.
Elder: Not bad... Dragon dance.
Tyler: Use Screech!
Larvitar sent a loud noise that knocked Dratini away.
Tyler: Rock Slide!
Larvitar did as commanded, and hit the Dratini under rocks.
Elder: Fire blast.
Tyler: Screech Again!
The screech pushed the fire blast into Dratini, causing it to faint.
Tyler: I win.
Elder: Not Bad. Indeed, you win. Here's your dragon type.
The elder handed Tyler a pokeball. He launched it up, revealing an elegant Dratini.
Elder: her moves are Dragon Rage, Aqua Tail, Extremespeed, and Thunder Wave. Use her well. Good luck.
Tyler: Thank you elder. Return, Larvitar, Dratini.
Tyler recalled the two Pokemon, and left the den.
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User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#6
This is for MetaDeDeDe...

Serpetil is a woman who is nicknamed the woman of brawn for her desire toward powerful pokemon. She is an oddball in cortrast to the other lasses in the pokemon world for she wanted a tough and powerful pokemon for she knew that the tought pokemon were often the strongest. This desire for power started when was was only nine and she found an abandoned pokemon egg at doorstep. she hatched it and received a Bagon. As she rasied her Bagon she she started to crave it power and more willing to seek more power.

By her twelveth birthday it become a Salamence which destroy the cute pokemon of her peer. But the lack of challenge made her bored causing her to befriend Gym Leader and Elite four member to face off against their powerful Pokemon allowing her to grow as a Pokemon. She soon found a Timbur and raised it herself and had it evolve to a Gurdurr and then finally into a Conkeldurr.

Unlike Joey she never call her Salamence top percentage despite her Salamence and Conkeldurr being very dominant. Her collection of Pokemon consisted of tough looking pokemon such as Hydreigon, Machamp, Electivire, etc. Her reason for this was becase when her father tied her to a pole and punched her repeatedly. Seeing the abuse, her Salamence saved her by threatening to use Fire Blast on her father and freed her from the roe that trapped her.

Sadliy she suffers from horrid vision of her father coming back to abuse her when she sleeps with out her Salamence and refuses to date men in fear that they will abuse her like her father. She was caught at one time kissing her Gallade and courting with it for she know that her Gallade would never leave nor attempt to over power her.

Despite these flaw she is an avid trainer who is not willing to back down fro ma challenge or Pokemon battles and is willing to risk her live to save young girl from the abuse of men just like that wild Salamence.
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User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#7
This is for Pinxed...
I’m flying. I’m soaring! Latios beneath me, as high in the air as the mountains. Latias is to my right, and we’re weaving in and out of each other’s pathes. And she’s on her back, smiling. The sun directly behind her; everything is perfect. But then something changes. The sky brightens up. It turns too bright for me to see and I hear a screech. The light fades and I see Latias panicking. My best friend, she’s falling! I dive down with Latios faster and faster but not fast enough. We keep going, but she just becomes smaller, smaller, smaller-

Then I wake up. I’m sweating. “Ah…” I say out loud. “That’s a new one.” I must’ve awoken Latios, as his head is now nuzzled up against me. “How are you buddy? Did I wake you up?” Latios smiles and begins to fly out of the window. He clips Latias in the head with his wing on the way out and she wakes up as well. I laugh to myself. It’s only 5 a.m. and already they’re awake. It’s as good as any time to start training.

As I step outside I’m deciding where to begin today, but I see the twins have already decided where to go. We’re heading to the caves when a Swadloon pops out. I remember when these were difficult to battle, but now we just ignore it as it runs back in the grass. As we get to the entrance of the mountain we hear a roar come from the inside. “This sounds like a perfect chance to test out your new moves,” I say, and then we all run inside.

The cry comes and goes, getting louder and louder with every time. I turn the corner and then the Pokemon behind the cry appears. It’s a Fraxure. Perfect. It’s not a difficult battle as a Dragon Pulse from Latias and a Luster Purge from Latios ends it quickly. Latias is pumped up from the battle while her brother just shakes it off. The battle takes me back to when I first caught Latios.

It was eight years ago and I was walking around the forest. My family lived in a quiet village, and the woods around it housed no aggressive Pokemon. I often hiked around in them, enjoying the time to myself until an Ursaring popped out. I was only eight, so I didn’t have a Pokemon to defend myself. The Ursaring was advancing and my legs were frozen. Just then Latios flew down, attacked it, and made it retreat back into the grass. I started to run back to the village when the Eon Pokemon flicked me up onto his back and flew me back.

When we landed I was greeted by my best friend… whose name I can’t remember. She was my age though, that much I remember, and that she is the reason I own the Latias as well. The twin to my newfound Pokemon swooped down and, after (what I assumed to be) conversing with her brother, submitted herself to my friend.

Three years later and with some training my friend and I were getting stronger and stronger. But one day, she went missing. The Eon twins searched frantically for her but was found nowhere. I gave up looking in the village and stepped out into the woods again, Latios at my side, and did not plan on coming back until I found her. When I finally came out on the other side, Latias was there, waiting, and I knew she was coming with us.

From the five years of separation, I can’t remember her name, but I still know what she looks like, but I hope she remembers my name. That’s how I will know it’s her.

After I’m done training, it’s midday so I begin to shop in the city for potions and status healers. When I have what I need, I battle some wandering trainers, earning some more Poke dollars, and head out again. I won't be seeing the house again, as I live the life of a traveler, trying to find her.
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User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#8
And that's all for this part. If you like it or have any criticisms at all. Say it below in a nice manner. The true adventure starts soon, if we're lucky by the end of the week.

Other helpers(don't let the name fool you; they are just as important as we are):

*end credits*
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(message deleted)

User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#10
More people need to read this. WE WORKED HARD ON THIS!
Wants to be an Official Pokemon of the X board, but don't know how.
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