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Charizard vs. Blaziken

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User Info: Pidgeot93

4 years ago#41
Estheimaster posted...
Using a Damage Calculator...

Please ignore the quote. I forgot DD raised regular Atk, not Sp. Atk. Charizard seems screwed.

-Sp. Atk Nature
Air Slash
1 Dragon Dance Boost

+Sp. Def Nature

With this setup, Charizard will deal 72.5%-85.7% damage. But that's assuming that Blaziken is Sp. Def oriented, which is never seen and that Charizard is intentionally diminishing his Sp. Attack.

With Blaziken at a more accurate Adamant nature and Charizard keeping the worse Sp. Attack, the attack will deal 79.1%-94% damage. Good, but not enough.

Now let's make Charizard have a neutral nature (Blaziken Adamant), like Hardy. He'll hit Blaziken for 87.9%-104.4% damage, so it has a chance (33%).

So with a Modest Charizard, he'll deal 97.3%-114.3%, with an 81.2% chance of OHKO.

So I guess, with DD, Charizard would need to be a Sp. Atk + nature, have Air Slash, and need to rely on that 81% chance at a OHKO. Without the DD boost, he falls short.

However, none of Blaziken's Rock moves have 100% accuracy, so that could completely screw the battle.

Wait, if Charizard was a Physically natured Pokémon with Fly, and Blaziken did not have a Defensive boost, technically he could use DD on the first turn to negate the Speed Boost, then could use Fly on Turn 2, dodge Blaziken's next 2 attacks, then smash it for a OHKO 87.5% of the time. That could work.

Don't forget that Fly is a telegraphed move that Blaziken could easily avoid with Protect or Substitute.

User Info: 3PiesAndAFork

4 years ago#42
Blaziken used protect
Chairzard used fly
Blaziken used stone edge - misses
Chairzard hits fly
Blazzy dead

If sash then blaziken lives, uses stone edge! Chairzard Holds on to sash, uses air slash for the ko.
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User Info: IceDragon77

4 years ago#43
Charizard has 20 base speed more than Blaziken.
Blaziken would get knocked out by Air Slash.

Even if Blaziken was using Speed Boost, it's pretty obvious to predict it's turn 1 protect, and get Charizard to use fly.

User Info: IceDragon77

4 years ago#44
From: Xavier_On_High | #009
Blaziken used Protect
Charizard used Air Slash
Blaziken's Speed rose.
Blaziken used Stone Edge/Rock Slide
Charizard fainted.

Every time barring misses.

Lol, cause nobody is going to predict Protect on Speed Boost Blaziken.


Blaziken used Protect
Charizard used Fly
Blaziken's speed rose.
Blaziken used Protect but it failed
Charizard used Fly
Blaziken fainted
(message deleted)
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