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New Mewtwo appreciation thread!

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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#21
Kovalchuk_ posted...
it's like his ass is stitched to his face!

Mewtwo is a he right?

That's exactly what it looks like.
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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User Info: SirPierce

4 years ago#22
So, obviously most of you don't know what an Appreciation Topic is. All you who attack Buutwo, just leave this topic. You being here makes no sense.

Anyway, I have always loved Mewtwo and I like this new form (assuming its real). Mewtwo looks like Freiza, Buutwo looks like Kid Buu.
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User Info: Kovalchuk_

4 years ago#23

User Info: Jrx1

4 years ago#24
I love the fact that it has been confirmed true :D
It looks pretty nice too!

I rather have this than a Smash dedicated to Gen VI's standard Pokemon Rodent.
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