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Fixing Stealth Rock in Gen 6

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User Info: LenneValkirye

4 years ago#1
How would you balance Stealth Rock in Gen 6? - Results (129 votes)
Introducing a Rapid Spin move of another type (possibly one that nothing is immune to)
10.08% (13 votes)
Introducing another entry hazard that is mutually exclusive with Stealth Rock (i.e. "Stealth Grass")
3.1% (4 votes)
Having Stealth Rock deal fixed damage like Spikes
20.93% (27 votes)
Halving Stealth Rock's damage (capping at 25% on pokemon that are 4x weak to rock)
18.6% (24 votes)
Making Stealth Rock disappear from the field after a set number of turns/switches
14.73% (19 votes)
Improving Defog so that it removes entry hazards from both sides
3.88% (5 votes)
Increase the number of spinners with a Rapid Spin move tutor/TM
3.88% (5 votes)
Stealth Rock is fine as it is
19.38% (25 votes)
5.43% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
While SR is important to keep things like Volcarona and Focus Sash abusers in check, I think we all agree the problem with the move isn't that it's too good, it's that it is completely arbitrary in its power.
If it was "Stealth Ice" today's metagame would look completely different, which is just unfair.

SR needs to be balanced so that pokemon weak to it get a chance to shine in pretty much every tier.

User Info: Lexifox

4 years ago#2
There are a lot of Pokemon weak to SR that shine in all tiers, even in OU and ubers.
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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#3
It should deal fixed damage. There's no reason to punish Fire-, Flying-, Bug- and Ice-type Pokémon, considering that they're not particularly good defensive types to begin with.
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User Info: DBF__

4 years ago#4
Make rapid spin an effect move instead of a weak attack and make it a TM. Lower damage cap to 12.5% for all.
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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

4 years ago#5
make it leave the field after a set few turns or after a pokemon steps on it it becomes stuck on that pokemon (everytime that pokemon switch in and out the damage it takes increases from 4 percent up to 50%)

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#6
Reducing damage AND giving it a maximum number of turns.
Weather moves only last five turns, why does Stealth Rock last forever?
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4 years ago#7
CakeOfLies posted...
why does Stealth Rock last forever?

i don't know -my girlfriend <3 -I love her so much ^_^

User Info: Runeboggle

4 years ago#8
Either "Other" or "Stealth Rock is fine as it is"

If a change were to be made, I'd prefer only capping the damage at 6.25% and 25% for (2x and 4x) resistance and weakness.
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User Info: Dinozore

4 years ago#9
Make Rapid Spin a support move (there's no point in an attack with 20 BP), and make it a TM or tutor so more stuff can get it. Also, make Stealth Rock do fixed damage, make it take several turns of setup to get the full effect, or make it wear off after two or three switches.

Or the comedy option: "Stealth Ice" and "Stealth Fire". Eat it, Dragons and Steels!
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User Info: taex

4 years ago#10
Please listen to us Gamefreaks! We genuinely care about the metagame.
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