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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#121
(In hoenn, I do think most of the gym leaders are either MIA or KIA)
(Shnap, I kinda shut down the League challenge in one of my League of Regions post..)
(Will fix that..)

[---Situation Room---]
(The straitening, before the undoing)

The Mister was on screen, the view of the other lesser known region representatives behind him, all the while, the situation room was dark.

Mister----''Alright! That Vortex guy is somewhere off within that region.. what about that starsign village thing?''

Furez----''Uh.. why such interest?''
Mister---''Ugh, just send me the status of it later... anything to report?''

''GSMOATB coordinates have been placed in, and we will see if the camera reaches it.''
''The Destabilization of Orre has been dealt with, for the most part.''
''All effected(I'm not buying world domination just being about controlling the named regions) regions have been liberated by.. beings of another realm.''

Mister----''Whoa whoa, Zombies? Seriously? I thought they can't exist for being just... impossible?''
Furez-----''No no, Sam reported Magic being used.''
Mister----''Well, okay.. what about the Kyurem you have?''

''It's going to go on a standard Pokemon|Human trial within the day.''
''Along with the new tax law being dealt with.''
Furez-----''Alright, Despite a few Unown Jets coming in, and trying to attack us, we have assurance that possibly nothing can go wrong today..''

''And what about the Anti-Teleportation Array being online?''
Furez------''It will prevent any teleportation affects within the land, even if it can't I'm sure whoever does a teleport thing will be shnapped up horribly from the affects.''

''Alright fine, the Mountain is being set to ready a launch of.. well, that thingy..''
''But, what about the League Challenge in the other regions? Wasn't it put on hold by you guys?''

The mister moves out of the way, and the head of the League of Regions comes up.

Head of League----''Sinnoh, Hoenn, Kanto, and Jhoto representatives have come to an agreement to turn the challenge back in play... but only if they find replacements to the Gym Leaders that have kicked the bucket.''
Furez-------------------''Well, then advertise the lass out of that!''
HoL---------------------''...don't you watch the news?''
Furez-------------------''Channel Vortex?! Honestly, if someone important takes that thing down, I'm going to-''

The Communication ends, and the group gets back to observing the Space League Trainers finishing up their operations around the world. Along with a few live videos of the main cast... doing stuff.


While within the madness that was being spoken within the Private Room of Marknam', were a student that realized something horrible, spoke about life, purpose, Existence, where things that drive people mad from trying to fathom were sounded out from the student's mouth, where Marknam' battled the realization with her own understanding, and where Cassandra was inches away from biting the student with her large, purple fangs dipped within a drug substance, a white veil entity was within the scene.

..I ..should help..

With that, he spread his seemingly invisible veil like body around the student, calming him. Which then gave Marknam' a good chance to fight back!

Marknam'----''Alright, the thing about existence.. Well, you could pay attention to the future, and drive yourself mad with trying to understand the concept of actually living for an eternity, or you could instead, worry about today, and all the things happening around you.. I mean, things aren't exactly pointless, even if they get erased completely.. You should find enjoyment with activity, and not spend your days alone..''

The student, with the calm from Prindle, finally understood what was his problem.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#122
Emile was in Tableflip's house.She saw Jessica and rushed to her.

Emile:Are you okay?

Jessica:I don't care about the baby okay?

Emile:I think so.No bullets hit your abdomen area.

Jessica:That's good...because I think IT'S COMING!!!


Markus:The baby is already here?

Cuna:Finally,I can be a father.

Lace woke up,just as Tableflip thawed.The group picked up Jessica and carried her to the hospital.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#123
(Tell me if i need to change this)

Tyler and the group reached Castelia City.
Mephy: So, What do we do now?
Tyler: Need to find Vortex and end his Reign, once and for all.
Belial: But where could that Brat be?
Erika: Yeah, Where?
Tyler: Me and Mephy used our Dark Powers to search the Regions. He's nowhere to be found....
Mephy: It's like he simply disappeared.
Xalier: He's not in Unova, Sinnoh, Kanto, Hoenn, or Johto?
Tyler/Mephy: Nope.
Xalier: What about Orre?
Tyler: Checked there. He ain't there either.
Mephy: Plus the place is covered in Darkness still from Vortex's Dark Credillylad Spell. Speaking of which, How did that happen?
Belial: Credillylad uses the Aura in one's heart. For you two and Myself, It casts Light because there's more Light then Dark, Even though you're both Demons. Vortex's Demonic Heart was contaminated though by Darkness at too much of a level, and It uses the Dark Energy, rather then Light, hence the Reason Orre is Uninhabitable Currently.
Tyler: We'll have to go purify the Region after Vortex is defeated.
Belial: That's not all though. Credillylad was created as the "Dark Purging Spell". It casts a powerful light that can Kill the Demon User instantly if used at full power.
Tyler: We know. I died because of it, Remember? when i fought against Valkyrion.
Belial: yes, But Vortex's Spell casts a "Light Purging Spell". Casting a Powerful Darkness.
Angelo: I see where You're Going, Demon King.
Mephy/Tyler: What?
Angelica: Oh My god. You two are so dense.
Belial: Demon's Are resistant against Darkness, weak against light. Angel's are Weak against Darkness, Resistant against light.
Erika: That's why Tyler died when he casted it's full power.
Xalier: And Why it drains you're power instantly when used at half power.
Mephy/Tyler: We're still lost.
Angelo: Vortex casts Darkness. His heart is Darkness, while ours is light.
Mephy: Wait, What you're saying is-
Tyler: That Vortex can use Full Power Credillylad and live through it without a scratch, while the Angels would die instantly?
Belial: Yes. Erika and Xalier would die as well, and We would suffer severe injuries as well. He can also Draw in Darkness around the World to Gain more power.
Angelica: We must prevent him from using the spell, or else he can blast us to Oblivion.
Mephy: How?
Belial: Credillylad uses a large amount of time to fully use. We must attack him urgently when he's charging, or else-
Erika: We're dead.
Tyler: Grr.... Vortex has to be stopped.... Where could he be though?
Xalier: Ransei maybe?
Tyler had forgotten about the Ransei Region.
Tyler: Of course. I'll check.
Tyler scanned the area. He sensed a large amount of darkness there.
Mephy: He's there!
Tyler: Xalier, You're a genius!
Xalier: I try.
Mephy: Man, I could kiss you right now! If you weren't you, That is.
Xalier: Thanks. Also...
Xalier sliced Mephy in half.
Tyler: Heh. That's my job!
Tyler sliced Mephy in half again.
Mephy: Come on!
Mephy then sliced Tyler in half.
Tyler: Really?!
Erika: Hehehehe.
Belial: Alright you two. Let's find a boat to go to Ransei.
Tyler: Yes Father.
Tyler and Mephy, both still Regenerating, left to the port. The others followed.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#124
The group registered Jessica a room where she could have the baby.

Emile:I'm sorry the baby couldn't be born in Fiorre.

Cuna:Don't worry.It's not your fault.

Markus:How does this work?



He looked at Jessica,which was now in her human form,resting on the hospital bed.Her stomach was now huge.Jessica had multiple places where bullets hit her.There was 2 bullets in her right arm,and there was one bullet in her thigh.

Jessica:Guys.Call the doctor.It's time!

Cuna contacted the doctor,who went in the room.

Doctor:So,who will stay?

Jessica:Cuna.He's the dad after all.

Doctor:Alright.Everyone,get out!

The group exited the room.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#125
If I recall correctly, both Willingmess, and Polimario placed a Society, and Underground Lab within the Region. So.. Orre isn't fully uninhabitable... but, I can tell you that it's reality has become significantly unstable, along with the Distortion world taking a liking to tampering with the region..

Also, I'm half expecting like triplets to come out of one of the pregnant women within PF in the future. I mean, so much birthing has been described in this Saga already...

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#126
@Chandler, nice part, but I was hoping Mephy could say bye to Pryce and co. before they leave. Don't delete the part or anything, though. Maybe I can write something up and say it happened before this, or something.
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#127
A second passes, the Goddess of Love dreams.
A minute passes, the Succubus snores.
An hour passes, the girl wakes up.

Chocolate woke up and carried Pepper to the hotel room. She left a note next to him on the bed. A heart was drawn on it along with evidence of an attempt to color the heart.

Chocolate flew through the sky, in search of a portal to the Underworld/Netherrealm/Hell.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#128
Sets me up perfectly for the Finale of Case 7.
Which is amazing unto itself, how you managed to do that, without possibly knowing I want Pepper Ringles to be in the finale of Case 7.

Btw, I'm currently being distracted with a near hour long video of people talking about games..

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#129
"Alright, we're ready to go," Lancar said to Zade. "Did you find Miki?"

"No. I've been looking everyday, but I still haven't found her." Zade said. "I don't know what she's doing."

"We'll have to make our move now. We're near the Land of the Rising Sun, and if I do use the bomb, the passengers and Miki will be able to swim to shore. We can't wait around any longer." Lancar said.

Zade hesitated, then nodded. "Fine. But don't use the bomb unless you need to."


Miki walked around the ship, looking for a way to get through the sealed door.

How many days has it been? I've been up all night, trying to get in here. And for what? I don't know anymore...

She walked past the door once again, but it was still guarded.

I haven't been getting anywhere...Maybe I should just smash my way in...Wow, I must be really tired...I seem to be seeing things now...

She saw Lancar and Zade walking down the hall towards her.

"Miki! There you are! We were wondering where you've been. We're going to make our attack now, so prepare a means of escape soon." Zade said.

Before Miki could say anything, she heard a voice from behind. "Miki! I've been worried about you! You've been missing all day, and then I hear you haven't slept at night! What are you..." The voice trailed off.

Miki turned to see Marle, who was staring at Lancar with shock.


"Alright, I'll hurry up." Arceus said. "Moving on to the next condition, it is that you will not remember anything from your previous life."

"What?" 0ne yelled. "That completely defeats the point of-"

"Shut up. This is for my benefit. I'm not having you just leave and ignore my orders. You are sent there to defeat a demon. It just happens to coincide with your interests."

"So I lose both my appearance and my memory. What makes that me? At that point, I'm something else entirely." 0ne said.

"Not quite. It will keep your personality, and it remembers 2 things. One is the task I've set it, which helps achieve your goal. The other is your name." Arceus said.

"Brilliant. You know just how much I love my name."
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#130
Thanks, Changlini! :D
The girl pleaded to the Judge.
The Succubus begged the Judge.
Chocolate bribed the Judge.

It only took a strand of hair to convince the Judge to un-Descend Chocolate. Unfortunately, her work was not done, for she was now essentially a normal human. She offered another strand of hair to reclaim godhood but the Judge wanted more.
Haven't you heard?
A picture's worth a thousand words!
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