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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#131
A few hours after waiting,the group was invited back in Jessica's room.Jessica had bandages on the places where she was shot,and she was holding two babies.One of them was a human boy,and one of them was a female Reshiram.

Cuna:What are we going to name them?

Jessica:The boy's Antonio,and the girl's Rose.

Emile:Those are great names.

Tableflip:Can I hold one of the babies?

Jessica:Sure you can.

Tableflip walked over to Jessica's bed,and he picked up Rose in his arms.He sat in a chair.The doctor came in with some food for the babies.

Tableflip:Can I feed her?


Tableflip:You know,Rose reminds me of Dawn.

Everyone was quiet for a few seconds.A tear went down Tableflip's eye.

Emile:What's wrong?

Tableflip:I just miss Dawn,that's all.

Emile:Oh,I understand.

Cuna was holding Antonio in his arms.

Cuna:You know,you might be just like your man some day!

Lace:He looks so cute!

Markus:Not as cute as Rose.

Jessica:They're both cute!

The group had a laugh.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#132
I am thankful that the birth was not described in detail. @_@
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#133
A strand of hair was all it took to pardon a demon.
A strand of hair was all that was required to undo a sin.
A strand of hair was expended for a Goddess of Love.

Chocolate had Ascended to Goddess status once more, after bribing the Judge with a strand of Pepper's hair. Her tail and bat wings disappeared. Excited, she flies out of the Netherworld through a portal to Mirage Island.

"Yay! I'm back! Time for HARDCORE SHENANIGANS!" -Chocolate, flying away.

(Yes. I'm driving that repetition thing into the ground.)
Haven't you heard?
A picture's worth a thousand words!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#134
(The Worldly View.)

The view from space, stars were about, shining away darkness that ever is present.
A darkness that always blacks the light from shining within our view.
Such darkness that without it, we would be blinded by a never ending day.

The planet was within view, the clouds that were burning as a spectacle were done whipping at the dark forces that ever so once entangled the planet, and the Fabulous Furret with the Musician's baton stood within a feeling of great joy in front of Celeste, Octy, and Rhapsody.

Seeing the skies of the planet within a colorful glow of such light from the beacons set by the Dark Angel(Or Light Demon), Celeste questions the Fabulous Furret, while Rhapsody operates the magical energy ship that they're in, keeping them invisible from the eyes of the onlooking space stations, and shuttles around the planet.

Celeste----''So.. Marini?''

As Fabulous as ever, it responds to Celeste.

Martini------''My, what is it? Have you've enjoyed being part of this grand scene?!''
Celeste-----''Um.. I want to ask.. what now?''
Martini------''Darling, what now what?''
Celeste-----''With those dark things mostly gone, where are we going to go?''

The Fabulous Martini looks back towards the planet, seeing a dark city that one of the Beacons shines brightly within the city.

Martini------''Oh boy! Do I have a place in mind!''

It Fabulously looks at the young Magic Girl.

Martini--------''Rhapsody, would you kindly, and take us to black city?''
Rhapsody---''As you suggest, Martini.''
Octy-----------''Hold on for a moment.''

Octy puts his hand through the Mechanical Magic filled pink orb device thing that was powering Martini's powers throughout the space journey, and turns a switch slightly to the left.

Octy-----------''Alright, your power levels have gone back to normal.''
Rhapsody---''Hold on to your places!''

With few words, and some arm motion, Rhapsody blasts off with the group back down to the planet. Their destination; black city.

(Did I do well, Event?)

I am thankful that the birth was not described in detail. @_@

Oh boy, do I ever want to fully describe in detail a birth scene now..

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#135
(Alright, Gonna try and stop distracting myself with anything but music.)
( ------ What I'm currently Listening to, btw)

[---Lagoon Area---]
(case 7 --- Something Honest)

Oh, what it means to fight...
Fist upon fist, kick to kick...
Pure muscle, bone, and skin impacting another.
Such a spectacle..

Within the Hotel on a peace of swampy, sandy, and tropical land near Poke'topia, Pepper Ringles wakes up, seeing the leafy roof of the hotel that he stayed with Chocolate on a vacation that they've spent such a good time in. But something was wrong, for it clearly remembered falling asleep on the beach with the lady that so ever charmed him.

Pepper----''Chocolate did you drag me here?''

No response, so he looks around for clues, stepping off the bed.

...She probably went out..
But.. what about the sand on my clothes?

He looks down, and sees nothing, everything's fine and dandy with his clothing.

Huh, might as well check to see if something was left around here.
Maybe a note?

He checks the wooden tables that held Coffee machines, internet cables, notes, pencils shaped like Dialga's elongated head, even a full list of TV channels they can watch(All with the name of Vortex for some reason), but nothing!

Better check the walls.

He goes for the door first, thinking that it would be the classy way for a note to be left on.
And.. after a full second of walking towards the main door, he finds nothing!

Ugh.. maybe the bed's hiding something?

He then goes back to Check the bed, and finds a note!

From the looks of it.. this drawing of a heart.. is of Chocolate's hand writing..
but.. where could she be?

He lets out a sigh, and folds the note into his pocket of his dry blue jeans, and looks out the window of the hotel. And as he sees the rope bridges, the white sands, and the greenery within the swamp all around the island, he only has one thing to think about.

Chocolate.. oh, the sky is finally beautifully blue again!

Poke'topia is seen within the distance through the ocean in the horizon.

Maybe.. she's there?

(Alright, hopefully I did okay with this one.)
(Now, back to the LOTSS!)

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#136
Changlini posted...
Did I do well, Event?

Fixed the link.
Haven't you heard?
A picture's worth a thousand words!

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#137
(Antonio will get Articuno as a spirit,but not for a while.)

Tableflip,Emile,Markus,and Lace said their goodbyes for now,and they set off to Starshine Fields.

Tableflip:How do we stand a chance against that guy?

Emile:I don't know,but we have to get stronger.

Lace:I'm already strong!

Markus:You could collect some orbs,while I get DNA.

"Or I could help."
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#138
Waiting on Gubbey.... Wait, didn't Pryce's Group separate from Tyler and Mephy's before my Post?
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
Also Count of "the Organization."

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#139
Chandler, don't forget that Zenon and Azure are still in your group.

Also, i'm going to let Chandler take over the Astral Plane arc.

Is that fine by you Chandler?
Official Jirachi of the Pokemon X/Y boards.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#140
[Going to walk the dog, so.. Recent Events for my group]

RE for LotSS----
(Doing this from memory, is shnapling amazing!)

--Kyurem is delivered by Gaul's Robotic Marvels!
-->Octillery Arrives on scene!
---Octillery becomes depressed, and Talks Deeply with the Sleeping Kyurem!
--->In the Statue field within the Farmland, Octillery strikes up a conversation with Kyurem!
----Kyurem, temporarily relieved, Deeply answers a question about Legendary Pokemon Living forever!

-The Average Guard members see Sonya's house stained with Graffiti!
->They split up, two of them search for clues, while the third one looks for Petite!
--An Aggron Finds evidence of the Togepi Gang doing the Graffiti!
-->Petite arrives on scene, seeing a mother get arrested!
---The two guard members, and Aggron leave to confront the Togepi Gang!
--->Petite spends the night cleaning Sonya's house!
----The two Guard members, and Aggron fight team Togepi!
---->They Succeed in battle, with the help of a Swablu family led by an Altaria!

-Team Plasma sends a jet to attack LotSS!
->It Fails the attack!
--They plan to do another attack soon!

-Marknam', Ule, Cassandra, and Prindle accompany the zipper child of Furez|Sam to the NGI!
->Within the NGI, Marknam' gives a speech within an assembly!
--Ule continues to Prepare the Child for the Play within the night!
-->Marknam' is busy doing Psychiatric stuff with some student under Philosophy status!
---Prindle wonders around as the white veil!
--->The school continues to prepare for the Play!
----Just when things get heated, Prindle enters the private room of Marknam' conferting the troubled student!

-The situation room speaks with the League of Regions!
->kyurem is being prepared to go through a court like trial for its actions!
--The League of Regions sends down the reps to their respected regions, to increase give public opinion stuff!
-->The Space League Trainers finish up doing their things around the lesser affected areas!
---Someone asked for a status report of the Genesect Poli!
--->The League of Regions gives a green light to reopen the League challenge, but Hoenn has to find replacements for their gyms, and Gym Leaders that were killed!
----The situation room further examines live video footage of the main group(s)!

-Jace becomes possessed by Darkrai!
->He then at first wanted to kill Poli Draxil!
--But then decided to put his sights on Isaac for some reason!
-->Ycre and Devon get back to the Toy Painted helicopter(Didn't post this, but might as well put it here(If it's okay with Proto))!

-Where's Draxl the Magmortar?!
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