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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#181
"Residents of Black City! I know you may think this is just an exceptionally Fabulous squirrel-thing shouting at you with a megaphone, but I shall be here to inform you that now is the time to resist! A few hours, minutes, a day maybe, I don't know... The point is, recently, a demon person arrived and conquered your homes! That's no good! Don't let demons take over your homes! Luckily, a demon-angel-thing arrived to save your sorry behinds! That was a friend of mine... I think. Draxis, was it? Nevermind! My point is; the time to rise up is now! You all may be pathetic worms individually when compared to the likes of... say... Pryce or Lt. Surge, but together, you will all shine!" -Martini, pep-talking.

The crowd went wild from the sheer aura of charisma emitted from the Fabulous Furret standing on a soap box.

"Vivre la Revelution!" -Listener A

"Fight the power!" -Listener B

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!" -Overly-excited listener.
Haven't you heard?
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#182
(Oh shnap, Martini's on a role!)

(Case 7 Finale set up ----- The story behind an event)

Stories, each and everyone one of them have their own place within everything.
No matter how important, and no matter how insignificant..
Each Place, each Person, and each Thing have a story.
The question is though, will it be recorded to be remembered?
~Goodnman to Prindle.

The entity of white, the embodiment of all matter, the veil of giving, even the representation of a being that thought to contain a friend from creating space, was seeing a story unfold.

A story where a Graduate with limited time, taught a child whose different composure made his mother reject him.
A story where a teacher helped students who were on the edge of insanity.
A story were all was leading up to a class to finally again, be able to perform for the arts!

No matter how small, no matter how lacking in detail, and no matter how insignificant it is to the overall plot of the world this story may be, it has its part to play. An honest part where no powers are used, but sheer bodywork.

Without the Power of Pokemon, the play will glitter.
Without the Power of Electronic Machines, the stage will light.
And without the powers of a hero or villain, the public will provide a spectacle.

For beings with all the powers of the universe, pale in comparison to beings that may never achieve even a slight dot on the power scale, but can do many things through ways were only their meek minds can think of, through ways that are below the understanding of beings with immense power.

A teacher, a Seviper, and an Entity look at the countless students ever so diligently working to set all pieces into play.

Marknam'-----''Alright! We're within our Final Preparations of this.. play!''

She scolds everyone for no bad reason.

Marknam'-----''We cannot afford to mess this up! Now, move!''

Everyone started to rush, but such actions concerned the veil like entity floating behind the Marknam', and the Seviper.

..should I.. help..?
Yes.. they all.. are..
About to panic..

It calmly floats above the room, and stays within a position that lets its white veil spread down to all those that are within the room.

As it spread,
Students were quickening.

As it spread,
Staff were pacing.

And as it spread,
All slowed down.

Regaining a calm, for the play would need clean minds filled with no doubt.
(message deleted)

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#184
"We're on air." -Octy, pointing to a camera crew.

"Glorious. Simply glorious." -Martini, proud of itself.

Soon, trainers began signing up to join the militia, ordinary people spread news about the uprising, and many other people began gathering information. They found out that Vortex retreated to the Ransei region.

"Vortex can wait. We should set up a base of operations." -Octy.

"I agree." -Martini, looking at Black Tower.

Eventually, Martini was crowned Mayor of Black City.

"Would you believe this all happened in an hour?" -Rhapsody.
Haven't you heard?
A picture's worth a thousand words!

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#185
(Tell me if I need to change anything)

The Boat reached the Region. It was daybreak, and Tyler jumped off.
Tyler: Now to find Vortex....
Belial: Indeed....
Mephy: Yep, We need to Teach him a-Whoa!
Xalier: What?!
Tyler looked and saw why Mephy was shocked. Erika came walking out, but her stomach was near twice as big as before.
Tyler: What the?!
Cria: (Oh no, She's going to give birth soon, and I still haven't finished my mission!)
Erika: I woke up, and My Stomach was like this.
Mephy: I-I didn't know you were Pregnant!
Tyler had forgotten to tell Mephy about Erika's Pregnancy.
Tyler: If your stomach is like that, then-
Belial: She's going to give birth soon. Children with Demon parent, or parents Materialize faster then normal babies. It'll be approximately a month or two until the Child is ready to come out of her-
Mephy: ERAGH! Stop! I don't want to know!
Tyler: Hehehe. Say, This means Mephy's going to be a Half-Uncle, right?
Mephy: What?!
Erika: Yeah, you will.
Mephy: *gulp*
Xalier: Hey, are those locals heading towards us?
Tyler looked. Indeed, Locals were coming, their eye's glowing black.
Local 1: Kill Intruders....
Local 2: KIll Those who Resist....
Local 3: Kill those who resist Master Vortex....
Locals: KILL!
The locals transformed into Hybrid like creatures, except with Armor.
( Starts playing, but is Extended.)
Mephy: W-What are these...?
Tyler: Oh no, Get back Erika!
Erika: Huh?!
Xalier: You can't fight. If you pressure yourself too hard, You'll kill the unborn baby!
Erika: But-
Tyler: Don't worry. We'll be alright. Stay here!
Tyler ran towards the Locals, slashing away at them. He saw Mephy casting several dark spells, and Belial Attacking with teeth and Claw. Cria was attacking with her Blades as well.
Tyler: take this!
Tyler sliced through the Hybrids. They split into multiple Heartless.
Mephy: Oh no!
Tyler: Shoot, What kind of Abomination is this?!
Belial: Kill one Hybrid, and he'll split into three Heartless. Either way, we're outnumbered. Look!
Azure: *gasp*
Tyler looked, and saw several more hybrids heading towards them, one thousand at most. he saw a couple, like 100 at most, were Blue entities.
Zenon: He captured Astral Soldiers too.
Tyler: We can't keep fighting these things. They're still Humans, and we're just feeding Vortex with more Darkness if we do!
Mephy: But if we don't kill them, they'll kill us!
Belial: Damn, Vortex's screwed us. He's got his old man's brains for sure.....
Tyler was unsure what to do.
Tyler: (What do i do? If we kill them, Vortex'll get stronger, and we'll be outnumbered. But if we don't kill them, We'll be killed by them.... Ergh! I don't know what to do!)
the hybrids were approaching the group. One jumped up, and aimed at Tyler....
Erika: Look out!

Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
Also Count of "the Organization."

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#186
That is a title of the Almighty...

But tell me this, How can you be all mighty?
If such beings can kill you?

Really, you're an insult to that tittle, if you can be killed.
Heh.. I wonder.. I do so ever wonder.. if there is a being, a thing, a something that is far greater than us humans, us Angels, Us Demons, and us Gods?
~Brigand to the Captured Angel, and Demon.

[---Background Build-up---]
(Case Seven Finally Set up)

---Outpost 4.A.3---

Within the outpost that many have past over, that lays at the crucial point within the dangerous route that leads up just after the Obelisk field, up a steep incline, through dangerously unstable surfaces, past the point of insufficient breathable oxygen, the clouds formed a sea of such shining white from the rays of the sun, that the fog the clouds created couldn't stop the view from darkening, the Outpost was pact with tourists eyeing the sea of clouds.

Tourist 1---''Wow! I'm recording this!''
Tourist 3---''Now now you three, get in the picture!''
Tourist 5---''Ugh, tell her to stop shoving me!''
Tourist 2---''Don't make me get that Pokemon, and trainer over there!''

As the families continued to argue within themselves, Monicle carried a heavily armored MD Case alongside Mew, who was currently a... Magcargo that strangely wasn't killing off the entire planet. They then went through the back door of the main tourist level, and proceeded down into the mountain side that the Outpost was embedded within.

''Hey Monicle!'' --An Outpost Worker shouted, running towards the Doctor that was now carrying the Magcargo on top of the case.

OW----------''Just wanted to tell you that the main production room, on the other side of the storage area with the Mio Vats, is completely ready for you!''
Monicle-----''Ah, but am I going to be helped with this?''


The mountain cave they were within shook, the lights on the ceiling swayed, and pebbles started to fall.

Mew---------''And what caused that? Palkia? Dialga? Or maybe some other rebellious legendary family members you captured?''

The Outpost Worker is displeased with the Magcargo.

OW----------''Legends aren't rebellious, just in need of discipline.''

She takes a look down the cave, as the banging continues.

OW----------''It's just Lanthorice of Catastroph having another nightmare induced by Octillery's tests on.. it. We're also currently trying to figure out if it can 'fuse' with others.. I mean, thanks to some of the advancements within the Killer of Glory, we got it to produce bre-!''
Monicle-----''That's enough for now, I'll be in the production area.''
OW----------''Will try to keep things quite!''

They continued into the production area, deep within the air conditioned vaults inside of the mountain.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#187
(Now to wait for Poli. Astral also gave me an Excellent idea, so i'm going to do that soon. But first...)

ZORA'S Story
Zora: ...Ungh......
Zora got back up, his heading aching.
Zora: Ugh, what.... Happened? I don't remember.....
Zora looked at a castle nearby.
Zora: Hm.... Something about that castle....
Zora went to approach the castle.

(Short post i know. I just wanted to insure he wasn't dead. I'll be gone also for a little bit soon, but hopefully not as long as before.)
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
Also Count of "the Organization."

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#188
{-Poli Draxis-}
[The Dark Lord]

Over the ocean, Poli flew, looking for Mephy and Tyler.

Draxis ----- "So Ho-oh, when we get there, what's the plan?"
Ho-oh ------ You're the one driving, not me.
Draxis ----- "Good point. Eh, I'll improvise."

He kept flying, and got a trace, the dark trace of Mephy, Belial, and Tyler, and the Light trace of Angelica and Angelo.

Draxis ----- "Got it!"

He began to follow the trail.



In Lilycove, Gloria was reading a book in a house, when Sonya came in. Gloria pur down the book and looked up.

Gloria ----- "Hi, what's up?"
Sonya ------- "There's a Pokémon Contest soon, and I wanted to know if you wanted to go."
Gloria ---- "Of course! Anything to get out of this house."

As she got up, Sonya couldn't help but notice the slight bulge on Gloria's abdomen.

Sonya ----- "You're a lucky girl, Gloria. You did wonders for my brother."
Gloria ------ "I did?"
Sonya ----- "Poli was alone for most of his life. When he was with Kyurem, he was convinced that he'd never find love. Then you came along, and he's been more happy ever since."
Gloria ---- "Sure. Hey, can we pick something up to eat along the way? Gotta keep the baby healthy."
Sonya ----- "No need, Nightmare already cooked up some food for while we're there. Who knew he could cook?"

They continued conversing as they left for the Contest Hall.



Absolute power corrupts absolutely. So a philosopher has stated.

Power...the eternal struggle upon which there is no victor...but only victims. The weak ursurp the strong, grow drunk with their newfound status, and collapse beneath the fallen strong once more. A never ending cycle.

But does it improve us? Or are we destined to forever fall, lower and lower, to continously sink until we are below those heathens in the Netherrealm?

Gaul was viewing his monitor, watching, looking. Magnezone was aside him.

Gaul ----- "It appears that the dark creatures are congregating around the Ransei region."
Magnezone ---- "148006427899."
Gaul ------- "Yes, we could go there...stop this madness...but I have bigger Magikarp to fry."

He turned towards the results plastered on a corkboard.

Light and Dark Infusion Results.

Test Crew 1: Failed.
Test Crew 2: Failed.
Test Crew 3: Deteriorating.
Test Crew 4: Dead.

Gaul shook his head.

Gaul ---- "Are we to forever be unable to emulate the energies of that Seraphim hybrid? Are normal beings incapable of such capacitance? We shall see."

He went back to the monitor.


{-Poli Draxis-}

They reached Ransei. Poli felt the immense darkness around him, coursing through him. Up ahead was a castle, but, down below...

Draxis ----- "Dear Arceus, they're outnumbered!"
Ho-oh ------ Shift! I have an idea!

Poli glowed, and Shifted into the mighty Ho-oh. The majestic phoenix descended to the ground.
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#189
"Martini, we have reports of a skirmish in the Ransei region!" -Intel.

"Well then I guess it's time to take action." -Martini.

For some reason, several air vehicles were provided for everyone to get to Ransei. They board the planes, helicopters, jets, and air carriers.
Haven't you heard?
A picture's worth a thousand words!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#190
In the Airship, Octy thought about what just happened.

So.. what is Martini's plan?
I mean, that region is where those dark creatures have as a last resort, they will be putting up a fight for their lives!

He looks at the Mechanical, and Magical Sphere like object that we is carrying.

Then again, with this, is losing even a possibility?
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