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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#271
(Case 7 --- Something Honest)

Huh.. I would like to have a fight.. don't know when, or where though..

Pepper Ringles, staring at the evening sky, could only think of that as a distraction from his want for Chocolate. Not knowing where she was, only having a heart as a reminder of her.. he gets an idea.

Alright, Poke'topia is having a brawl competition, so.. yes! I should!

He takes out the Paper that Chocolate drew a Heart on, and placed it within his wallet that he keeps within his T-Shirt.

What if.. she comes back?

Pepper(Btw, who played lego island here?) then took out a piece of paper from the counter, and drew a depiction of both a Giratina, and a Dialga looking at each other. And as the space between the two faces was little, a heart with a question mark was floating prominently( ).

May Time, and death, not interfere with our love...
I will wait within Poke'topia for your return..

He writes down those words on the back of the paper, and places it on the bed within the exact place where Chocolate placed her note. And after one final look at the sight of the lagoon that he was on, Pepper exited his room with the card keys, and proceeded out of the hotel.

For he will fight,
not because he needs to,
nor because he wants to.

But because if he does not,
he will drown in his despair,
For he loves her.

[---Global News Broadcasting Station---]
(Background Build-Up)

Monitor-------''And this is Plutanim of the former Vortex Broadcasting Channel, with the stars being angels, Demons, Legendary pokemon, the head of the Mt.Chimney Mining Corporation, and all the Unovan trainers that gave their lives to stop the madness, let us take a moment to remember those that were lost..''

Monitors were everywhere, showing the events of Vortex's demise. And Dlog Copper sat on her chair, waiting for the call from Ocorono.


She picks up the phone.

Copper------''Hello, this is Copper.''
Ocorono----''Copper, when do you want us to escalate things a bit?''

Copper glances at the evidence she has on Sonya, during her Four Year Absence from.. pretty much anywhere within the Planet's orbit, the evidence she has gathered on a person named Isaac, and many videos of Kyurem interacting with Poli leading up to the Driftviel incident.

She then takes a look at the monitor again, seeing a Guard Member of the LotSS on screen, being questioned by none other than Chuck of Orre! Kyurem is scene within the background, while the crowd chants against ice!

Chuck-----'''...Really? It seems pretty strait forward, isn't this Pokemon the one to blame for the Ice Age Apocalypse five years ago?

Smiling at the fact that Kyurem will be judged by the world, she responds to the phone.

Copper------''Let's keep giving the group around the positive side.. but..''
Ocorono----''Sigh, what is it now, Coppa?''

She looks at the delicious berry bar on her counter, and picks it up. All the while the news about Vortex's demise, and Kyurem's judgement airs.

''...find something on this Nerb thing..''
Ocorono-----''Interesting.. I'll see what I can come up with.. Goodbye.''

She hangs up, and on the monitor with Kyurem, Octillery comes up on screen, with a Vespicqueen behind her.

Octillery----''The date's been postponed!''
Octillery----''Yes Really, A very angry teacher wants the trial to be on hold, at least until this play she has ends..''

Copper becomes interested, and continues to watch.

Why is an insignificant play, more important than judging a significant Legend?

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#272
Good night.
There's only one way to make sure you're a mature gamer.
Ignore the ESRB rating, and ask yourself: Is this game fun?

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#273
Cofarigus' wife (in Tracy's body) was looking through various books searching for a way to get Ocarina and Tracy back into their own bodies.

Cofarigus (in Ocarina's body): I still don't see why you want to bring them back.

Cofarigus' wife: Oh, shut the hell up.

Cofarigus: Fine...

Cofarigus' wife: Aha!

Cofarigus: What, you really found somethin'?

Cofarigus' wife: Yes, I need to go to a cemetery though.

Cofarigus: There's one one not too far from here, why?

Cofarigus' wife: Because cemeteries are gates to the spirit world.

Cofarigus: I uh...knew that...

Cofarigus' wife: T_T

Cofarigus: God you're sexy.

Cofmrigus' wife: -_-
Later at the cemetery...

Cofarigus' wife: Stand back.

Cofarigus: Ok..

He steps back and Cofarigus' wife started chanting ancient words until a bright ring of light covers the cemetery's floor.
In Jabs&Mars' room...

Jabba: What is that?

He looked out his bedroom window to see the light from the cemetery.

Jabba: Mary, wake up.

He shook her arm.

Mary: *yawn* What?

Jabba: Loo at that.

He pointed at the light from the cemetery in the distance.
Back at the cemetery...

The light vanished and there stood-er hovered was two floating lights.

Cofarigus' wife: Their souls.

Cofarigus: Er...

The two lights finally zoomed into the two Pokémon.

After a flash of light, there stood Ocarina, Tracy, and the two Cofarigus.

Cofarigus: Aw...

Ocarina: What the hell just happened?

Jabba and Mary arrive:

Jabba: What happened?

Cofarigus' wife: Allow me to explain.
After explaining...

Tracy: You guys are messed up.

Cofarigus' wife: Yes, we are very sorry-hm...

Jabba: What?

Cofarigus' wife: You seem to have been effected by love dust.

Ocarina: Heh?

Cofarigus' wife: You, Jabba and Mary is it? You two have been effected by love dust, a powder that works like cupid's arrows.

Mary: You mean we aren't really in love? How can you tell?

Cofarigus' wife: Because I use magic, I am familiar with it. I can tell you're effected just by looking at you. Do you want me to get rid of the effects of the love dust?

Jabba and Mary exchange glances.

Jabs&Mars: Yes...

Cofarigus' wife: Alright.

She looks through her book and begins to chant once more.

Cofarigus' wife: It may take a while for you to notice a difference...

Jabs&Mars: Ok...
Everyone went back to their homes and discussed the love dust situation...

(would go into detail, but I'm sleepy.)
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#274
"Mephistopheles. Come here," Angelica said.

The demon boy instantly smirked. "Oh, fiddlestyx. What did I do this time? Was I too awesome back there? Do I need to tone it down?"

"...Yes, actually, in a manner of speaking. Just come with me," the angel requested.

Angelo stood up to follow, but his sister gestured him to stay.

"Sis, you know I can't--"

"Just trust me this time," Angelica interrupted. "Please?"

As Mephistopheles observed the exchange, amused, Angelo responded. "...Okay."

"Th-that's it? Just 'okay'?" Angelica replied.

"Yeah." "I know my sister well... And if I'm correct, this isn't anything sinister."

So Angelica and Mephistopheles strolled over to a secluded area. They then turned to face eachother. The angel's hand moved behind her, her torso twisting to accommodate. Her open palm then flew forward.


"You idiot. You brain-dead twit! How dare you!..." Angelica spat angrily.

"Ouch. This sounds serious. It felt serious too," Mephistopheles replied, rubbing his red cheek.

"DAMN RIGHT it's serious!" Angelica exclaimed. "Credillylad. Is that the spell you used?"

"Yes, it is. It's a spell that was passed down through my family for generations. Zarlox, my great great great great--"

"I don't care! Isn't that a suicide spell?!"

"Oh, you're disappointed that I didn't kick the--"

"Why the hel-- heck did you cast a suicide spell!? That could've killed you!"

"...I didn't really see an alternative. Vortex was too powerful... I couldn't risk letting him threaten any of--"

"You ALWAYS say that!" Angelica replied, clearly irate. "'I need to protect my friends!' 'I'm gonna save everyone!' You're always trying to help everyone else out, trying to save everyone else, when you never stop and think about what'll become of you! Remember Leventhan?"

"Well, that was just--"

"You getting yourself killed trying to protect everyone else. Look, you might think you're being a hero or something, but the truth is, you have something to live for now. The others, they're gonna throw a fit if you're gone."

"...You're worried about me," Mephistopheles sneered. "I think you're just--"

"I am NOT worried! It's just... You're a useful member of the team."

"Aww, how touching..." the fledgling demon chuckled. "Anyways, I'm going back to the others."

As Mephistopheles strolled away, Dusknoir emerged from the darkness.

"Do you fancy him?" Dusknoir asked.

"That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever--"

"It's not as ridiculous as it sounds. You probably don't even realize it."

The angel was silent, staring into Mephistopheles's back as he skipped toward the group in a supremely silly fashion.

"Saying what you truly feel for once may do you some good."

Dusknoir turned and floated after his master.

"Stop," Angelica finally spoke. "You know him better than his own father. Wh-what does he think of me?"

Dusknoir shook his head. "I do not know. That boy is... Complicated. Even I don't fully grasp how his mind works..."

They both silently made their way back.


Sorry if this is cringe-inducing D:
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#275
Team Miror Scientist! Official Zorua disguised as Beheeyem of all boards!
Honesty is the key to any lasting relationship. Fake that, and you're all set.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#276

I'm gonna write some after I eat breakfast.

God I love homeschool.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#277
Currently double checking on what Jace is exactly doing, so I can do a part for him.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#278
(Somewhere over the Rainbow)


Jace was within a dark Void, trying to think of what to do!

Jace: Where is that darkrai!?

He looks around, and see nothing but endless blackness.

Jace: This isn't good, I must find a way out!

Jace starts running around the place, unknowing if he can still shift or not.


Jace wakes up, but his forme hasn't changed a bit!

Jace-P------''Now where was I?"

The possessed Jace floats off, scanning the area, until he overhears something coming from a nearby radio Tower.

Wavelink----''BZZZT, BZZZT, this is Wanna of BZZZT speaking to.. an Arckson?''
Jace-P-------''Nothing of use for me..''

He starts to fly off-

''Yes, you know about Isaac?''

The Possessed Jace stops in his flying tracks.

Jace-P------Could this be the Isaac I'm searching for?!

Wavelink----''We've spotted him in the [Paris] Region, and he fits the description of the person we think has been behind the destruction of Realgam Tower back in Orre... We are currently conducting an investigation, and would greatly appreciate help from anyone within the [Paris] Region...''

Jace-P-------''Now I know where Isaac is!''

The Darkrai possessed Jace flies off into the distance, towards the [Paris] Region.
But, back in the air, Davon, and Ycre are within the Toy looking Helicopter of Furez!

Devon---------''Are you sure we can face him? He has legendary strength, and power!''
Ycre-----------''Well, there hasn't yet been a legendary pokemon that could withstand the full force of Risen Sun!''
Devon---------''But, we're alone on this!''

Ycre takes a look around the complicated controls of the helicopter, still flying it on EZ mode.

Ycre-----------''We'll make something work..''

They continued to fly off towards the Direction that Jace took.

[Alright, did Jace]
[Now to continued the search for that Pilot ThatPersonGuy dropped in the LotSS Farm Zone]

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#279
{-Poli Draxis-}

Poli was stretching when Mephy came back.

Draxis ----- Well, that's settled. Where to now?
Ho-oh ------ Akuro needs to be dealt with still. We should strike while he still lacks his last vessel.
Draxis ---- Yeah. First things first, I would like to see how Gloria is faring.
Ho-oh ----- Gloria?
Draxis ---- My fiance. Soon to be wife.

Poli chuckled, then turned towards the group.

Draxis ------ "This was fun and all, but it's time I left."
Tyler ----- "For where?"
Draxis ----- "The usual, check up on my fiance, go after the very embodiment of darkness, get hunted by everyone and their mother."
Tyler ----- "Well....good luck."

He smirked.

Draxis ------ "Thanks. I'm off."
Ho-oh ----- Ooh! Could you please fly while Shifted?
Draxis ----- Why not?

Poli Shifted into Ho-oh, and took flight, headed for Hoenn, towards Lilycove.


Back in the ruined V-Castle, Akuro was present, gathering the remaining darkness left by Vortex.

Hmm, that weakling actually proved useful. He left enough dark energy for me to compensate for the rebel...

As Akuro faded back into his realm, eight small black wisps materialized and began to circle around a central wisp. They drew closer, until all nine merged into one large wisp. It began to travel towards Fullmoon Island in Sinnoh.


Admist the Orre desert, outside the warehouse which concealed the entrance into his underground complex, Gaul stood, pondering.

Gaul ---- "So, the hybrid aided the fight against that short-sighted villain. Perhaps he is better than the accursed divine he is amongst."

He headed into the warehouse, and took the secret elevator.

Creature Contained.

The elevator stopped on the Laboratory floor. He headed for Lab D-13.

In a transparent chamber, a dark creature clawed and tried to break loose, but to no avail.

Gaul ----- "Such a marvelous creature born of darkness. You shall be useful in our project."

All I need a being of Light.
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#280
Still thinking of what to do, and I'm going to walk my dog after this.. so....
Recent Events For Things That Happened Around My General Group-----

-A student goes crazy with a realization!
->With the Help of Prindle, Marknam' is able to have the student accept life, and foreverness!
--Marknam then gives the student a Ticket to Space!
-->Prindle is forced to obey through the words spoken by Marknam'!
---Cassandra, Marknam', and Prindle see Ule, Zipper, and everyone else finishing the play preparations!
--->Marknam' makes everyone nervous with her scold!
----Prindle eases everyone's mind with his invisible veil!
---->Marknam' gets word of the trial about Kyurem!
-----Marknam' orders that the trial be placed on hold!
----->The play is in its final moments before Showtime!

-Enemy Pilot, Lily crashes in the farmlands of the LotSS!
->Furez orders a large search for the pilot!
--The Farmlands continues to be scanned with Helicopters!
-->A ground team follows Lily's footsteps!

-Within Outpost 4.A.3, Monicle, and Mew get a hint of what the LotSS is doing to Lanthorice of Catastroph!
->Monicle, and Mew start the Manufacturing process of the Virus that is proven to be able to kill Angels, Demons, a combination of the two, and severely damage Arceus type characters!

-After dragging him back to the Hotel, Chocolate Leaves Pepper Ringles!
->Pepper Ringles wakes up to find that Chocolate left a note!
--Pepper Ringles is struct by Guilt!
-->To Distract himself from the Guilt, he goes off to join the Brawl Competition within Poketopia!
---All the while, a still un-tampered Vat of the weaponized mio shows up within the shores of Poketopia!

-Arckson, Cyclist, and MDG have breakfast!
->Arckson sees Isaac without friends, and beating up a few hooligans outside of the restaurant!
--MDG hatches a plan!
-->Cyclist is revealed to be Bingles!
---Arckson and Friends leave the restaurant, and gets some Media Heat on Isaac!

-Ycre, and Devon are within Furez's Helicopter that she had modeled after a certain toy!
->They continue to Follow the Darkrai possessed Jace to the [Paris] region!

-Octillery continues to Guard Kyurem from the protesting crowd of Cityfolk!
->The Wonder Berry powered Vespiqueen talks about why laws are in place!
--The Tax review turned out to be no big deal(I could've done a better job on that)!
-->Marknam' calls to place the trial date on hold!
---Octillery tells that to the crowd, and the Chuck from the media!
---->The news about Kyurem's case becoming on hold goes Worldwide!
-----Copper Talks With Ocorono on just giving Popularity to the main cast!
----->The media takes a moment of silence for everyone that was lost in the Vortex battle!

-The GSMOATB's location is about to be examined by a group of MD grunts!
->Anna, and Espanola are still within the Region of Holon!
--The Mio Cure has become mute!
-->Octy, Martini, Celeste, and Rhapsody are severely disappointed in their forces being completely destroyed by Vortex!

-Astaroids are being monitored by Fed-Up!
->The Satellites are in position to change the course of the space rocks!
--Mint, Mister, and other representatives continue to observe the situation!

Who will be the one to find Vortex?!
What will happen within the play?!
And what about the KoG, and Elona?!

All that, next time on.. Pokemon Fusion!

[Off to walk the dog now]
[I'm thinking of Getting the play over with, so I can start Case 9, which deals with a lot of things that were set up at the end of Case 7]
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