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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#311
Slowly..... Willingmess continues walking... along with himself...

Willingmess: So.... looks like we're gonna go kill Pudding...

Willingmess2: Heh! More like get horribly slaughtered by Pudding.

Willingmess: That may be.... but we have to try....

He then continues onwards for a ways...

Later... Willingmess is still walking across the desert... when suddenly, a huge block of stone pops down in front of him... crackling with black electricity....

Willingmess: Huh?

Willingmess: Oho.... perfect! exactly what we needed! Just walk up to it... (this is what I've been preparing for!)

With that, Willingmess cautiously walks up to the stone box.... Upon reaching it.... a huge vortex of darkness begins stirring around him!

Willingmess: This doesn't look good... :/

Willingmess2: Don't worry! This is exactly what we needed! We can face Pudding with this now!

Suddenly, black letters appear in front of Willingmess to read:


Then as suddenly as it appeared, the shrine disappeared.

Willingmess2: Now.... let us continue on to Pudding's lair... (heh heh)

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#312
OcarinaofToast posted...
TableFlip posted...
Bearer's fleas started to spread across Starshine Villiage.Eventually,all sign bearers in Starshine Villiage had Bearer's fleas.Tablecune,Vapemile,and Jessiram were walking back to their houses.Out in the streets were multiple pokemon,tweeting,howling,and meowing,while scratching themselves.

Tablecune:I think this is getting out of control...



Vapemile:Tableflip and I are going to take a nap in his house.See you later!


Tablecune and Emile entered his house,where they saw Tableflip's mom,in her zoroark form,scratching herself.

Vapemile:Bearer's flees?


The two walked into Tableflip's room.

Vapemile:Well,what do you want to do?

Tablecune:Wanna cuddle for a while?


She grinned.

Well shucks, you're characters are still at the village? Mine never left the village...
(btw, not trying to suggest my characters should join yours, I have 8. 0.o)

Anyways...does that suggest that the Bearer's fleas will effect Jabs&Mars?

Maybe,maybe not.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#313
Official Fennekin of every board. =~_^=
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#314
[The Eight Headed Serpent]
---Lilycove City---

She ended up leaving early, having some stomach pain.

Gloria ----- "This pregnancy gig sure ain't easy. I feel more hungry than Poli, I hafta carry this bulging belly, and..."

A Machoke hybrid walks by, bumping into her.

Gloria ---- "HEY! Mind your manners!"
MH ----- "Hmm, pretty lady? You talkin' to me?"

The hybrid advanced on Gloria. If she had her lances, the situation would be different, but she left them at the house, and she didn't want to Shift.

MH ------- "I see you're carryin' some kids, norm. Maybe I oughta-"
???? ------ "Oughta what?"

The Machoke hybrid felt cold metal on his neck, and broke into a cold sweat.

Gloria ----- "Poli!"
Draxis ------ "You leave my fiance alone. Or else chop chop!"
MH ------ "'re that dark angel that liberated us all! I...I'm terribly sorry. No clue this woman was your fiance."

The hybrid glanced a dirty look towards Gloria, then hustled away. Gloria and Poli hugged and kissed.

Gloria ----- "You're safe!"
Draxis ------ "'Course I am. I refuse to let anyone, anything, and any group stop me. Not even the LotSS. How's the baby?"
Gloria ---- "They're doing wonderful."
Draxis ----- "They?"
Gloria ------- "We're having triplets!"

Poli stepped back, dazzled, then leaned down and placed his hand on Gloria's bulging belly. He felt some movement.

Gloria ----- "I'm surprised these three are growing so fast."

Didn't someone with Tyler mention that demon and angel babies develop faster than human unborn babies? Yet...she's not as far as Erika was. Gloria's human genes are probably the cause for that.

Poli stood up.

Gloria ----- "Nice to see you back, sweetie."
Draxis ------ "Same here, my Tiger Lily. But I'm afraid I can't stay long."
Gloria ---- "Why?"
Draxis ------- "It's about time I put Akuro down."

As if in response, a large wisp hurdled across the sky

Gloria ----- "What was that?"
Draxis ---- "Bad news, that's what. Looks like it's headed for Sinnoh."
Gloria ------ "Then GO!"

Poli spread his wings, then looked back.

Draxis ------ "Hey, if Pryce ever comes here, tell him I said best of luck with that League Challenge if he gets back to that."

He leapt up, and entered pursuit of the black wisp. Gloria sighed, as she walked back to her residence in Lilycove.

Gloria ----- "If it ain't one thing he's caught up with, it's another."
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#315
Cuna was feeding baby Antonio his milk,while Jessica was laying on her bed.Rose hopped onto the bed and layed beside her,snuggling up with Jessica's fur.

Rose:Mom,I have some questions.

Jessica:What is it?

Rose:I heard you and that old guy talk.Why am I strong?

Jessica:Take a look at yourself.

Rose stood up,and she looked at herself in the mirror.She shrugged.

Rose:What was that for?

Jessica:Rose,you're a legendary,powerful dragon.You also inherited some of my magic.You're really powerful,but you don't know your powers yet,and neither do we.

Rose:Dragon? I thought I was a normal human.

Jessica:You are in my eyes.

Rose:Thanks,mom.Also,is that why I'm bigger than my brother?

Jessica:Yes.It's your bedtime now,so go to sleep.Good night,my little dragon.

Rose:Good night,mom.Can I sleep with Antonio tonight?

Jessica:Sure you can.

Cuna walks into the room,and he lays next to Jessica.

Rose:Good night,dad.


Rose goes into her room.She picks up Antonio,and puts him in her bed.She then climbs into her bed,and lays next to Antonio.Antonio tries to wrap his arms around Rose,and he uses her as a pillow.

Rose:Good night,Antonio.

She falls asleep.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#316
I'm out. Good night.

PS: Changlini, feel free to do whatever you wish with Vortex, long as it doesn't kill him.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#317
The morning after the children received their names...

Jabba: *yawn* Good morning Mary.

Mary: Good morning...


Jabba: There's something awfully wrong here...

Jabba: What?

Mary: I don't hear crying.

Jabba: Oh god.

They ran into the living room to find Ocarina, Tracy, and Jabba and Mary's 4 children all were gone.

Jabba: Uh... Where are they?

Mary: Um...check the kitchen, I'll-wait...

She looked out the window.

Jabba: What?

Mary: They're outside, playing.

Jabba and Mary went outside to see all 6 of them running around the yard.

Ocarina: Oh, so you guys woke up?

Jabba: Are they...

Tracy: Newborn Pokémon are fast learners. They're already speaking! Granted it's not very much, but still!

Mary: Really?

Ocarina: Yes really!

Matt walked over to them crying.

Mary: What's the matter?

Matt: I hurt my paw...

Mary: Aw...let me help.

She kissed his paw and he smiled.

Mary: Now, go play.

Tracy: You're gonna be a great Mother.

Mary: Thanks, I-sorry.

She shifted into Ninetales and started scratching.

Tracy: You ok?

Mary: I'm so itchy! Jabba?

She turns to see him as a Mightyena. He was scratching.

Lee: Mom, Dad, are you ok?

Jabba: Yeah, just really itchy. We're fine.

Lee: Ok!

He runs back to his siblings.

Ocarina: What could be causing this?

Villager: You've got Bearer's fleas!

Jabba: Heh?

The Villager tells them what Tabs' group was told.

Mary: Well shoot...this is gonna suck.

Jabba: Yeah...

Ocarina: You guys can go work on getting rid of the fleas, we'll watch your kids.

Jabba: Ok.

Jabs&Mars left to try and get rid of the fleas...
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#318
Three things.

One: Good night.

Two: I've really gotta bet back to writing, because this is the only post I made for this topic all day! XP

Three: I thought of a direction to take Pryce and Katherine's special delivery, that I think (certainly hope) will carry over to the next RP.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#319
G'night guys!
Official Fennekin of every board. =~_^=
Official Shadow Fennekin of Team Miror Infinity ~ People who support OcarinaxKrystal: 6 People who don't: 3 ~ OREALLY?

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#320

Trust me, I may physiologically mind explode him, but I won't kill him.. besides, Polimario called dibs on him after me.

OcarinaofToast posted...
G'night guys!

I'm going to sleep too!
And I'm gonna be busy for most of the day, Indexing stuff!
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