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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#321
Slowly... Willingmess made his way along.... walking... until finally..... he reached the cave of Pudding's layer.

Willingmess: Hey... I'm a little worried about this.... I love Serah too much to die here...

Willingmess2: Don't worry.... You'll be fine....

Willingmess: Ok then...

Reticently, Willingmess continues on into the cave.... His soft footsteps creating pittering echoes across the cavern...

Willingmess: This place is a bit daunting....

Willingmess2: Hey, don't turn back now! We want to "save" the planet from Pudding don't we?

Willingmess: Yeah... you're right.... turning back now would do nothing good for me...

With that, he continues on, deeper and deeper into the cave.... Stalactites slowly dripping highly calcified water upon the ground around him. Occaisionally, off in the distance, he hears a squeal, as though the wildlife of the dungeon were gathering round him to observe a show.... until finally, he finds it, Puddings lab.... He walks up to the melancholy wooden door, when something startles him.

Willingmess: (Huh? I can hear something....)

Quickly, he hides to the side of the door and presses his ear to the wall... He begins to hear Pudding talking to himself....

Pudding: Yes... yes! Ahahahahaha! after days of research, I have come across the key to remaking the whole world to my glorious image! Soon! This fhhfb will be spread across the gjhbgnj and I shall return to my throne! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Willingmess: (Hmm... didn't quite catch all of that... but.....)

Emphatically, Willingmess turns, beings his leg up and kicks the door down!

Willingmess: I'm afraid that I won't allow you to do that!

Pudding: Hmmm..... really eh? You think you could stop me? Me!? who has the ultimate powers, and control over the entire earth! Me, who completely controlled you for a time owing to your mental inneptitude?! And Me, who has the intellect to destroy worlds with but a sheet of elastic, and some nice paints!? Well Hah!

With that last shout, Pudding launches a powerful beam of energy that knocks Willingmess into the wall behind him!

Pudding: Try keeping up with that!

Slowly, the world fades to darkness for Willingmess.....

Pudding: Hah! That's what I thought! Pitiful weakling!

Slowly, he turns to walk away.

???: I wouldn't say that if I were you.

Pudding: Huh?

He turns back around.... to see Willingmess, standing there limply... eyes open... and red....

Willingmess2: Finally. I. Shall. Be. UNLEASHED!!!!!

Upon saying that, a huge cyclonic disturbance forms around Willingmess!

Willingmess2: No more society! No more rules! No more self controooooollll!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Slowly, Willingmess' skin begins to turn into red scales......

User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#322
I'd be unstoppable if it weren't for law enforcement and physics.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#323
Garioshi posted...

Garioshi, Y U no stay?
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#324
{-Poli Draxis-}
[The Eight Headed Serpent]

The scenery speedily changed as Poli pursued the black wisp. The chase led him over Mt. Coronet, across the marshes of Pastoria, and across the sea, when the wisp descended upon Fullmoon Island. Poli quickly dove down and took cover, observing.

The wisp floated down to the island center. When it stopped, momentary silence, then eight tendrils erupted from it, sending a nearby flock of Starly fleeing. The tendrils flailed about wildly, as the wisp became a mountainous body, which rooted itself in the earth said body had a bell on it.

Each tendril slowed, and transfigured into a dragon head and neck. Each of the eight heads had a unique crown with a japanese symbol on each crown.

Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Poison, Light, and Dark...

Poli looked carefully, as a familiar face faded in.


Akuro ------ "Good to see you back, Orochi."
Orochi ----- "This world is alien to us...but it will familiar in due time."
Akuro ---- "This the closest thing similar to the Moon Cave. Do not fail me as Blight and Ninetails did."
Orochi ------ "Yes, Lord Akuro."

As Akuro faded, Poli leapt out, bow drawn.

Draxis ------- "Not on my watch!"

The beast honed in on Poli, curious of the intruder.

Orochi ----- "Hmm? Your drive reminds us of...a familiar duo. We suppose a little scuffle can't hurt."

The eight heads roared, the Thunder head confused, and Poli took a fighting stance.

Orochi ----- "It took a god and the descendant of a great warrior to defeat us in the past! You shall fall to US!"



Within the Lab room D-13, Gaul was carrying a canister across to a sterilized table. Placing it down, he looked at the contents.

Within the canister was a dark purple-black substance, extracted from the dark beast that lay withered inside the chamber.

Gaul ------ "We have extracted raw dark energy from this beast. If we can use it to enhance our weaponry..."

Unknown approaching entrance.

Gaul ---- "You two, get that canister over to the Testing Chambers. I'll handle our guest."

Gaul left the lab and walked down the corridors to greet this stranger.



Once she saw what Gaul had done to her child, she descended. Now, she arrived at a warehouse, robe and wings dusted with sand from Orre's desert.

Though she healed, not fought, that wouldn't stop her.
Her child was in danger, and an angry mother is something to be feared.

She held her Healing Staff in hand, knowing it wouldn't be able to put up a fight, but rather to keep herself going strong.

She knew she was above a complex of machinery, of metal, of cold-hearted science.

And soon, she would meet the man who put her son through that extraction, and teach him discipline.

She entered the abandoned warehouse, as a concealed elevator reached the surface.
I am the Poltergeist! Memememe...
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#325

Immense Responsibility.
Immense Significance.
Immense Presence.

The Students have a Responsibility to provide entertainment.
The Teachers are Significant from their part in making this happen.
And the Public provides the Presence, for they are always everywhere.

However, nothing is immense about these three entities.
For they bask within the background,
ever supporting the lives of those without names.

[---Case 7 --- Something Honest---]
(Case Finale Part 2)

---Farm Zone---

Under the night, within the Farm Fields, the search was now joined by a Sauplane that was emitting a strange light of white that was covering the fields of wheat, far away from the berry half.

The ground team was within their Zone, for the Worse Case Scenarios had all of them searching for those that hid within the wheat, ever trying to prevent a win for the team facing the impossible.

''Alright, she couldn't have gone far!''
Responded the familiar pilot.

''Vest! Aim a capsule over there!''
Ordered a member of the ground team.

And with a explosion of light within the distance, the group continued to search.

---NGI Theater---
(Amongst Glory)

The Crowd sat around.
The stage was set for action.
And pressure was abound!

So, while the countless faces were conversing with each other within the well dressed theater that was lit with such calm lights, the white entity continued to go around in circles within the air above, as if trying to figure out what to do.. many.. thoughts..
orders.. individuality..
I.. I should.. calm myself..

The voice of Marknam' was heard through the airwaves of each announcement box that was on each of the walls that covered the Theater area.

''The play will start within Thirty Seconds!''

Expertly placed video cameras started to record from stable positions.

''Now.. it is my pleasure..''

The glass cases around the area were filled with extinguishers, tazers, and other things.

''To officially start the 155th play of the NGI!''

The lights started to dim.

''Amongst Glory!''

The crowd finally shut up!
The background Lights Finally Went away!
And the lit stage had curtains that revealed the scene behind!

Stars were dangling from the lines above, where a very subtle sound of a Pokemon, and a man fighting could be heard.
The backdrop was all wood, looking like the surface of the moon.
And earth was as big as the sun within sunrise!

(Insert Sad tone music here)

With the music starting, two scientists were seen within a partly built lab box.

Scientist 1----''And so.. with the legends holding our world for ransom..''
Scientist 2----''We stay here, thinking.. wondering.. safe from the destruction from below..''

The backdrop is changed to look like a fiery filled, the sound of countless disasters, screams, and grunts were heard, while a couple of students dressed within pitch black clothing appeared at the opposite end of the stage from where the normally, weak looking dressed students appeared.

And with the Lab box prominently in the foreground, the two sides within the background started to fight. And the black dressed people easily were shown winning the battle.

Scientist 2-----''Now.. what can we do?''
Scientist 1-----''But continue to stare?''

The battle ends with the backdrop turning into an icy field, where countless bodies of Pokemon, and Students lay on the floor.

All the while, back around the building of justice, Octillery, and just about everyone else were staring at their tablets, seeing that play unfold.

[Continued later]

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#326
{---Boss Battle: Yamato no Orochi---}

The Fire head started off by spewing roaring flames at Poli. Poli dodged, put away his bow, took out his staff, and blew the fire away with a gale of wind.

The head bellowed, and Poli noticed a golden liquid encircling Orochi.


With the power of Kyogre, Poli directed the liquid into the Fire head's mouth. Tge beast drank it in gulps, and the head fell, dazed.

Draxis ---- "Haven't you learned not to fight drunk?"

He whaled upon the exposed head, and finished it off with a flurry of bow strikes. The head jerked up, and collapsed. The seven active heads took note, as Poli circled around to the Poison head.

It exhaled billowing toxic clouds, of which Poli blew away. Similar to the Fire head, the Poison head roared, only to get a mouthful of sake.

Poli took out the Poison head, and moved onto the Wind head. It whipped about, sending whirling twisters towards Poli. He Shifted, and, with a flap of his wings, stopped the twisters. Poli deShifted, sent sake down the head's throat, and took out the Wind head.

Onto the Dark head, it summoned some demons. Poli incinerated them with fire, but was snapped up by the head.

Poli winced as he felt teeth dig into him, then felt himself be tossed up.

No way you're gonna eat me, you overgrown -

Poli directed some sake into the Dark head's mouth before it could close on him. Poli hovered towards the ground and took out the Dark head.

All the heads suddenly fell, and Poli sprinted towards the bell atop Orochi's mountain body. He Shifted, and struck the bell with a Sacred Fire. Deshifting, Poli got off before the active heads struck.

Poli looked as the beast was still going. It appeared as if his actions were for naught. He looked up, to see the moon shining down.

That's it!

Poli took out his staff and bow, and slammed them together. They fused, and, in a burst of light, became a staff/sword mix with a rainbow sheen.

Draxis ---- Impressive.
Ho-oh ---- Behold, the Rainbow Cleaver!

Poli held it steady, and Orochi's heads expressed concern and worry.

He leaped, and, in seven fell swoops, chopped each head right off. The Fire head looked in horror as the seven necks fell, and stared at Poli.

The dark angel sprinted forth, flew up, and cleaved the final head in half. The two halves went limp and collapsed.

Poli put away the Cleaver, and looked at the dead Orochi.

Draxis ----- "Akuro's next."

In response, Orochi's body faded, and a black cloudy shadow floated up, white eyes boring down, and also faded.
I am the Poltergeist! Memememe...
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#327
God we're dead today.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#328
OcarinaofToast posted...
God we're dead today.

I blame TV for my part >.>
Anyways, I'll get on ending the play in my next few posts...

*Continues writing while being distracted*

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#329
"Alright, I'll believe you," Zade said. "You go and find Miki and get her off the ship. I'll go and help Lancar. Also...This ship's going to explode anytime now, so you'd better hurry."

"Fine." Marle ran off, towards the research lab.

Zade turned and flew towards Maximillion's room. As he went there, he heard the sound of a huge explosion.

Oh great. I'd better hurry up.


Lancar looked at the cloud of smoke from where Lycantron was.

He's probably still alive. If he died, his blood probably would have exploded by now. No, he's waiting for his chance.

Lycantron suddenly shot out of the cloud and pinned Lancar to the ground.

"That...was close. But not close enough." He said.

Lycantron opened his jaws wide, about to chomp Lancar on half. Suddenly, something moving too fast to be seen hit Lycantron. He looked down and saw a hole running through his body and all the way through the ship.

"W-what?" he gasped.

"Judgement." Lancar said. "Don't underestimate me."

Water started pouring in from the hole in the ship, and alarms began to sound. Lancar quickly used Judgement again, but Lycantron was afraid now. He was scrambling as fast as he could to get away from the water and from Judgement. Lancar followed him as he ran out of the room.


Miki lay on the ground, completely defeated. She had serious burns, and one of her arms was broken. She could barely move, and knew she was going to die.

"You're a monster," she said. "How can you treat him so cruelly?"

The Charizard-boy was in bad shape as well. His arms and wings were broken, and his belly was sliced open. His tail was almost cut off, and he was limping. Throughout the whole time, Ragnor had kept making him fight, without caring what happened to him.

"What? Do you have a problem with this?" He grabbed a metal rod and smashed the Charizard in the face.

"Don' that." she moaned.

Ragnor laughed. "It's just a lab animal. And besides, it can't do a thing about it. What's going to happen to me?"

Realizing that was a lost case, Miki turned to the Charizard.

"Please. Don't listen to him. I'm begging you. don't follow his orders!"

The Charizard twitched a bit.

Is it working? Oh, I've got an idea!

She began to transform gradually into a Gallade, and began to read the Charizard's mind.


That's horrible. What did Ragnor do to it?


Alright, I think it's working. Will you let me kill him?


Miki fully transformed into a Gallade and used the last of her strength to jump at Ragnor, attacking at full force.

But that was not enough, and he simply punched Miki and sent her flying. Then he turned to Charizard.

"Just what do you think you are doing? You're supposed to protect me!" He began beating the Charizard with the metal rod. "You're useless, useless, useless! You should just die!"

"Wait..." Miki pleaded, but Ragnor was too frenzied to even hear what she was saying.

Is this it? I guess I really am useless. I'm sorry for not helping you, Zade...

Suddenly an Empoleon blasted Ragnor with a stream of water.

"Get up, Miki!" Marle cried. "We have to escape now!"
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#330
It was finally Saturday.Rose woke up.She stretched her arms,and she hopped out of bed.She picked up Antonio,and she headed for the living room.She noticed that Jessica had no more flees,since she now looked normal.

Rose:*yawn*Dad,can you take care if Antonio?


Cuna picked up Antonio,and he cradled him is his wings.

Rose:Can I hang out with Tab?

Jessica:Sure you can.Just be sure to be back here before night.


As she opened the door,Jessica interrupted her.

Jessica:Remember,don't talk to strangers.I love you.

She kissed Rose on her cheek.

Rose:Love ya too,mom.

Cuna:Don't forget about Antonio and I!

Rose smiled,as she said goodbye to Cuna and Antonio.She opened the door and exited Jessica's house.
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