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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#371
Just as Pryce and his group were heading for Mauville, an Indian man came forward to face them.

"Dhalsim?" Katherine asked.

"You know him?" Pryce asked Katherine.

"Yeah, he's Rose's right hand."

"Rose? Wait, the Rose that runs the shaman order?"

"Yep. Anyway Dhalsim, what brings you here?"

"I am aware that you returned to Hoenn to help heal it's scars." Dhalsim said. "A noble endeavor, but they are already making good progress healing. Besides, the order is already doing what it can, and you are all still needed in Unova."

"What's going on there?" Pryce asked.

"You will need to see for yourself. I will send for a second shaman to help with teleporting everyone."

"You don't need to do that, Dhalsim." Katherine said. "I can help."

Dhalsim gets a very nervous look on his face. "Uh... I'm not sure that it would be wise for..."

"Ah, I remember Katherine telling me about her old trouble with teleporting." Pryce said.

"You don't need to remind me." Katherine said, embarrassed.

"Nor me." Dhalsim said. "I was her teacher. She... learned what she did at a slow rate, and still hasn't mastered the spell."

"Actually, she has." Pryce said. "Five years ago, right after Gallon. Trust me, it's all right."

"...if you say so." Dhalsim said. "But cover the children's eyes. What you are about to see is... disturbing."

Once Pryce, Sol, Sasha, and Sarah covered Selena's, Dawn's, Chack's, and Sadie's eyes, Dhalsim and Katherine made preparations.

"Where exactly are we going?" Katherine asked.

"Black City." Dhalsim responded.

Once preparations were made, Katherine and Dhalsim teleported everyone to Black City. What waited for them was exactly what Dhalsim promised. Disturbing.

The scattered remnants of corpses littered the streets. Dhalsim was right to want to cover the children's eyes.

"What did this?" Pryce asked.

"That demon spawn, Vortex." Dhalsim replied.

"Vortex? I thought we liberated the regions from his rule. And when we did leave the group, we knew that Vortex was gonna have to answer to Draxis, Mel, Tyler, and their groups, including a very angry Belial."

"You were right on all counts, and indeed he has been defeated, but he still roams this world."

"Still powerful..."

"No, not as I can tell. This was done before that, when a shining individual of unknown gender inspired an uprising that Vortex destroyed with incredible ease."

"Martini. That idiot! I know it means well, but it should've seen Vortex's strength."

"Nothing can be done about it. You will have to keep an eye out for Vortex, but there are other evils to beware. Not only will you also have to deal with the rogue legend, Kyurem, as well as that devil, Longal, but Draxis is fighting Akuro as we speak."

"What? Where?"

Dhalsim then tossed a compass to Katherine. "This compass has our charms on it, as well as Draxis's blood, from when Pryce killed him. I suggest going after Akuro first."

"Of course." Pryce said. "Thanks for letting us know. All right, let's move out."

"I will report to Rose." Dhalsim said. "I offer my blessings of good luck."

"Thank you." Katherine said. "See you later."

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#372
{-Poli Draxis-}
[The Vessels]

Mecha Gale whirred, and threw a blast of dark wind at Poli, who canceled it with a gale of his own. His winds dazed Mecha Gale for a bit, allowing Poli to block an attack by Makuta.

Rainbow Cleaver -vs.- Shadow Staff, Makuta had the range; Poli the agility. He ducked, sidestepped, and leapt over the Master of Shadow's attacks, then gave him a face full of Light.

Oni then hurdled into Poli, tossing him through multiple trees, ran towards him, and began whaling with lightning fast punches.

Poli timed a kick, and sent it rocketing into Oni, propelling him off. The two engaged in a fist fight, trading blows and punches, until Mecha Gale sucked Poli towards her with a twister.

She readied her lance, only for it to be deflected by a dark barrier Poli put out. He breathed searing flames onto Mecha Gale, damaging it, only for one of Makuta's Muaka Cats to pounce upon Poli.

He cleaved it in half, as Makuta fired a Shadow Hand towards Poli. He got out of the way, as the Hand grabbed a boulder, which Makuta punched apart.

Expecting Oni to strike, he braced for an impact. Oni came soaring down from the sky, and Poli side stepped the knee slam, as Oni crashed into the ground, leaving a crater. Makuta swatted Poli with his staff.

Me against three skilled fighters...and one momentarily gave Pryce a run for his money. How shall I win?

Poli Shifted, and flew into the sky. Mecha Gale sents a typhoon at Poli, only for him to flap it away. Poli bombarded the three with Sacred Fire.

Mecha Gale was showing signs of faltering, so Poli deShifted, took out the Cleaver, and...


A Light-charged Rainbow Cleaver to the forehead, and Mecha Gale was a crumpled heap of scrap.

Draxis ----- "Yes, got one!"

"Not so fast."

A bolt of darkness shot down from the sky, and Mecha Gale was resurrected. Akuro reappeared.

Akuro ----- "On second thought, I'll personally see to it that you die."

Poli looked around. The resurrected Mecha Gale, Oni, and Makuta were steadily advancing. Makuta's beasts dotted Fullmoon Island. Akuro overlooked the whole thing.

Akuro ----- "How does it feel, Child of Light and Dark, Fuser of Ho-oh, that you'll die right here, by me?"
Draxis ------ "That's the thing. You're not gonna kill me."
Akuro ---- "We'll see."
I am the Poltergeist! Memememe...
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#373
"Farewell." Dhalsim said as he teleported off. As Pryce and the others were making their way out of Black City, still covering the children's eyes until they were clear of corpses, a Celebi hybrid came up to them.

"Hello there." He said. "You're with the order, correct?"

"Uh..." Pryce said.

"That order of shamans?" The hybrid asked, before pointing at Katherine. "I recognized some of her powders as their devices."

"How do you know of the order?" Katherine asked the hybrid.

"I am aware of what they gave me. And I'm not a hybrid, by the way." He then showed his Spirit Sign. "I also received the blessing of the mythical Celebi. My name is N."

But before Katherine could explain the shaman's actions, Pryce spoke up. "N? As in, the king of Team Plasma?" Pryce then drew his Keyblade. "I think you should leave."

"I have no further affiliation with them." N said. "But before you start defending your order, miss, you should know that I don't hold any malice towards them. In fact, I'm grateful."

"You must under-- wait, what?" Katherine asked, confused.

"The gift you gave me has led to... difficult times, but all for the best. Anyway, I heard what was going on in there, and I'd be willing to offer my assistance. I'm sure an individual with the powers of Celebi could prove useful."

"...all right." Pryce said, still wary. "Just keep close."

"Much obliged." N said.

"Pryce, you really shouldn't treat him like that." Katherine said. "The order trusts him."

"Okay..." Pryce said, dispelling his Keyblade.

"Also..." Katherine said. "There's something I need to talk to you about, in private."

"Sure." Pryce said, coming with Katherine. "So, what's up?"

"I took some tests before we left, and..."

"And... what?"

"Well, I'm... pregnant."

Katherine expects a variety of emotions from Pryce. Fear, anger, suspicion. But the emotion he shows initially is completely different from all of that. Happiness.

"Katherine, that's wonderful! A new addition to the family!"

"You're not... nervous?"

"Being a dad isn't unfamiliar territory. Although, that does open another door of worry..."


"I think we can expect a different reaction from her. Something along the lines of 'I wasn't enough?', 'you wanted a human child?', 'will you still love me once you have your own?'."

"It will be a little hard to tell, but I don't think it'll be like that. After all, she is our little sunshine."

"Yeah, but still, let's at least make it a surprise."

"That, I'll agree on. Now, let's go."

And with that, they return to the group, and set off.
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#374
I'll go with what Changlini voted.
Team Miror B Admin. Official Porygon Z of the Pokemon X/Y Boards.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#375
I was hoping to post more, but I'm stuck. Waiting to see on what Gubbey and Astral want to do with their characters still, and Can't do anything with Vortex since Changlini's searching for him.

Now, Good night.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#376
Best Writer------------------------------

Most Active Writer--------------------

Funniest Writer-------------------------

Most Dramatic Writer----------------

Funniest Character--------------------

Best Relationship----------------------
Bri and Tableflip----|||||

Evilest Character-----------------------
Vortex---------------|||||||(Oh boy.. I better finish what I want to do to him quickly then >.>)

Best Backstory-------------------------

Cutest Character-----------------------

Most Mysterious Character--------

Most Overpowered Character-----

Best Character All Around---------

Best New Character (PF only)----

Best Battle-------------------------------
Vortex battle-------------------------|
VS. Rayquaza-----------------------||||
Mephistopheles VS Leventhal-----|
Vortex Vs. All of Orre-------------/-|

Best Non-battle scene---------------
Festival of Legends----||||

Favorite Character---------------------
Four Tuna----------/-|

Best Writer---------------------------Changlini
Most Active Writer------------------TableFlip
Funniest Writer----------------------XEvent-HorizonX
Most Dramatic Writer---------------Polimario
Funniest Character-----------------Chocolate
Best Relationship-------------------Bri&TableFlip
Evilest Character--------------------Vortex
Best Backstory----------------------Poli Draxil
Cutest Character--------------------Aaron
Most Mysterious Character--------??? |<| Martini
Most Overpowered Character----Poli Draxil |>| Pryce
Best Character All Around---------Mephistopheles |>| Pryce
Best New Character (PF only)----Gaul |>| Belial
Best Battle----------------------------VS. Rayquaza(TWG CIP)
Best Non-battle scene--------------Festival Of Legends
Favorite Character------------------Mephistopheles

[Last post of the day, if I don't want a beating >.>]
[Bold = My votes]
[Goodnight, and Goodluck to those that are still awake!]
[And sorry for not being as active today.. I'll try to make up for it tomorrow..]

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#377
Changlini posted...
[Goodnight, and Goodluck to those that are still awake!]
[And sorry for not being as active today.. I'll try to make up for it tomorrow..]
There's only one way to make sure you're a mature gamer.
Ignore the ESRB rating, and ask yourself: Is this game fun?

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#378
Oh my God, I hate Gamefaqs.

I was typing up a rather large part, and it was ready to go. So I click "Post message" and for whatever reason, it told me to log in again! So I went back, and gave some stupid error message. In short, the post is gone forever.

So yes, I mad.


*Starts typing it all over again*

EDIT: Actually, I'll just summarize:

Two demons in Hell, Geryon and Beelzebub, talk about the fact that Vortex has brought relations between Heaven and Hell to a boil. They point out that the war can only be waged on PokéEarth, or else it will never end. Geryon also expresses interest in finding Mephy, since Geryon was apparently humiliated when Mephy escaped. Beelzebub makes fun of Geryon for holding that grudge.

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Two Angels, Raphael and Christa, discuss largely the same matters, expressing concern about Poli. They agree that the PokéEarth should be the battleground. They also wonder why they aren't producing holy energy as quickly as before.

EDIT, the second wave: Also, thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and my characters ^_^ Never imagined I'd have this kind of support. Seriously, thank you :D
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#379
Concern over Poli? Come to think of it, I wonder if the other angels know that Poli is half angel, half demon, and that Twila's the mother. Or if the demons of Hell know that Necrodium married an angel...
{-Twila & Gaul-}

The elevator hissed open, and a man in a lab coat stepped out.

Gaul ----- "Ah, so you're my guest."

He noticed Twila's angel wings.


Twila was unsettled by his sudden change in mood.

Twila ----- "You're the man who tortured by sweet Poli!"
Gaul ------- "You know hi-OW!"

Gaul stepped back, cheek red from the smack delivered by Twila. She grabbed his coat, thrust him down, took an ordinary paddle from a pile, and began spanking Gaul.

Twila ----- "Disgraceful brute! You need to learn some manners! Don't mess around with. My. Child!"

She began spanking harder. Gaul's face grew red.

Great Lass, it's like being five all over again...

Twila ---- "Next time you get a guest, you will NOT imprison them and use them for experiments! Where is your humanity?"
Gaul ------- "I'd advise yo-you st-stop no-ow, before th-this ge-ets ugly!"

Twila took a moment to look up, dropping the paddle. In her anger, Gaul's robots had trapped her. She stumbled back, as Gaul looked up.

Gaul ------ "Honestly, you divine beings walk about like you own the place. Things were better off when you 'angels' stuck to your clouds, and the demons to their cooking oven."
Twila --- "How ignorant!"
Gaul ------- "But no matter. Doctor Monicle of the LotRS has developed a virus that'll wipe out your filthy kind. If you knew what's good for you, you'll take your kind and leave our humble planet."

He chuckled.

Gaul ---- "Of course, I have plans for you, so you won't leave...yet."
Twila ----- "You accuse us of being high and mighty, yet your morality rots away!"
Gaul ----- "Oh yes, my humanity..."

Gaul removed his outer coat, and extended his right hand. He pressed down on the elbow joint...and the skin compacted into a sac that was stored in the joint. The arm? Purely mechanical.

Gaul ----- "I lost that when one of those 'divine' Legends thought it funny to crush my right arm completely a few years back."
Twila ----- "Then why attack us angels?"
Gaul ----- "Because..."

He escorted her into the elevator, and triggered the sac, making his right arm look normal as the skin expanded.

Gaul ------ "All divine filth is no different."
I am the Poltergeist! Memememe...

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#380
[---Case 7 --- Something Honest---]
(Case Finale Part 3)

(Amongst Seekers of Glory)

The Backdrop below continued to be of ice.
And despite the cold creeping in, the scientists continued.

Scientist 1---''Watching, we see destruction..''

Above the stage, within the black raised platforms that oversaw the crowd, the wooden flooring, and the props awaiting to drop, a Seviper was battling a few hooligans!

''Hah! With this, I will become the Grand Play Master!''
Says the random hybrid gloom leader of the group.

''@&*(^$ #V &&*(^#$!''
Responds Cassandra.

Hooligan 1--''My body is ready.. for you GLOOOOOM!''

Drugged fangs met a defensive pose.
Human Faced Pokemon.
But above all else, the play continued.

Scientist 2---''Watching, we think.''

The backdrop was now of a forest, with the bright orange sun hanging within the air.
All the while, the two characters continued.

Scientist 1---''Magic, and immense power.''

Two silhouettes in the background, one appearing as a humanoid with glowing ribbons, and streamers, the other one looking more like a large, mighty, and strong Legendary Pokemon.

Scientist 2---''We see all those that use it, achieve greatness, beauty, and dismiss anything below them.''

The two silhouettes were now seen building pyramids, and twirling their streamers, and glowing batons in such ways that it looked as if magic itself was being used to create a small light show!

With many silhouettes below them, watching in awe.

Scientist 2---''Trample all those that have none, insulting them with a false sense of responsibility, as if to justify their gains in power!!''

The silhouettes started to bash, smack, and grab the cardboard people.
All the while, up above, within the elevated platform, Cassandra was within round two!

To think humans like these exist here..

She looks down at the play, seeing the backdrop change to a charcoal black, and the scientists leave the scene, only to be replaced by a student within a wheelchair!

No matter, as long as they exist, I will do my part..

Hooligans 1-3---''GLOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
Hooligan 2-------}:u ''GLOOOOOOoooo...''
Hooligan 1------->:~o ''GLOO-''

The Seviper clearly won that expression match.
But then, the drugged gloom being shouted something, while unintentionally moving a tether rope in a position to be grabbed by two students freaking about about a prop not appearing!

''You will pay for you blockage!''
Shouted the Gloom Hybrid, as he started to ready to launch a volley of Sleep Powder.

''Don't make me spank you.''
Said Cassandra, sassingly waving her blade tail infront of her.

''Attack platform _\/_>_/\_<_\/_>_/\_!!''
The two other hooligans shouted as they launched themselves into the line of the Seviper.

But as they continued to fight, the scene about Lucy Lu in front of an obelisk came to a close, and the backdrop was changed to look like a panoramic view of the world, with countless pokemon, but no humans.

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