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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#421
Excellent job lately everyone. I am currently pondering as to what should be my goal...
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#422

Fum Fo Fam Fum...
A historian's job is never done.
As time progresses, more events occur,
But when they're all written down,
We all gain a little knowledge!

Necrodium was busy indexing the timelines of all the Archdukes throughout time when he heard something outside.

Necrodium ----- "What's that racket?"

He walked up to a window and peered through it. An angry mob of demons was piled up against Library door, demanding Necrodium to come out..

Demon ----- "Come out, AngelMater!"
Demon2 ----- "He has soiled demon blood by mixing it with Angel blood! BURN HIM!"

Necrodium backed up, and placed a hand on his head.

Great. Those of the Old Way, those stubbornly against angels, are after me.

A pounding at the door. It wouldn't hold long.

Necrodium ---- "Good thing I planned for this."

He made his way for his office, hastily. Once inside, he tapped a section of plain wall 7 times, and it slid back, and into the rest of the wall, revealing a secret passage. Necrodium hustled inside, as the wall hissed back into position, as he heard the Library door shatter. He ran down the tunnel, stopping at a stone wall. With a wave of his hand, the wall collapsed, revealing a portal to the PokéEarth. As Necrodium stepped through, the stone wall reassembled itself.

---Aqua Hideout---

Deep within the long abandoned Aqua Hideout, a portal ejected Necrodium. Necrodium swiftly closed the portal as precaution.

He leaned against a crate, and sighed.

Necrodium ----- "So...this is what Belial and Mephy felt. It isn't fun."

He began making his way out of the Hideout.

Necrodium ------ "Now that I am safe...there's a question. Who found out about my relations to Twila? The scroll detailing my son was in the private section. So how did they find out?"

He donned a hooded trench coat, put the hood up, took out a boat, and sailed out of the Hideout for the nearby Lilycove.
I am the Poltergeist! Memememe...

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#423

She was sitting on Lilycove's beach, watching the waves bob back and forth. The sky blended with the sea, creating a scenic sight. She waved at Nightmare, who was trying to attempt surfing.

Nightmare ------ "Hey! Even a Master of Nightmares can ha-Woah!"

Sonya, who was grilling up lunch for the three, laughed as the shadowy Nightmare was swallowed up by the waves. He washed ashore, wrang out his cloak, and joined the girls.

Sonya ----- "Rather difficult to surf without feet, hmmm?"
Nightmare --- "You try it and tell me it's easy."

He looked at Gloria.

Nightmare ----- "She looks like she's gonna pop. What did the doctor say?"
Sonya ----- "Her and Poli are having triplets."
Nightmare ------ "Well I'll be darned."

Gloria chuckled at their conversation.

Wonder how they'll turn out. They've got human, angel, and demon genes. And two great parents.

They'll be wonderful. I just know it.

As she soaked up the sun, Gloria took notice of a boat riding the water, headed for the beach. Looking closer, a figure was on the boat.

Gloria ----- "You two see that?"
Nightmare ---- "What?"
Gloria ---- "That boat!"

They looked at what she was pointed at, as the boat went ashore. Gloria got up, and walked towards the figure leaving the boat.

Gloria ----- "Are you alright?"
???? ----- "...Gloria? Is that you?"
Gloria ---- "That voice! P-Poli's father?"
Necrodium -- "Yes. But this isn't the place to talk."

Gloria took Necrodium to Sonya and Nightmare.

Gloria ---- "We need to head home."
Nightmare ---- "Why? Sonya here just finished cooking the grub!"

She pointed at Necrodium, who briefly took off the hood.

Sonya --- "I see. Come."

They packed up as Necrodium rehooded, and headed back for the Lilycove home. Once there, Gloria went upstairs to change out of her swimsuit. When she came down in a simple white shirt and light blue pants, Necrodium explained his situation.

They listened attentively, and, when the demon finished speaking, Sonya piped up.

Sonya ---- "That is horrible. Do you know who spilled the info?"
Necrodium ---- "I do not, unfortunately. I fear for my son."
Gloria ---- "...."
Nightmare ----- "Something wrong?"
Gloria ------ "If Poli is in danger, are our children in danger?"

Necrodium noticed Gloria's bulged stomach.

Necrodium ----- "I doubt it. They likely aren't even aware. But be alert just in case."

He paused for a moment.

Necrodium ---- "Where's my child?"
Sonya ---- "Gloria told us he was pursuing something headed for Si-"

The TV flickered to life, broadcasting an emergency update.

Monitor ---- Breaking news from Sinnoh News Network. A blinding light and explosion was reported to have been seen recently near Fullmoon Island. Course of Action currently undecided.

Nightmare glanced back at Necrodium and Gloria, whose expressions suddenly aged considerably.

Necrodium ---- " son..."
I am the Poltergeist! Memememe...

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#424
Polimario posted...

@ Astral

After Legendaries? Really? Leave that to Changlini's people, please.

Ok, Galaxia will go after all Sign Bearers, Sign Masters, and Sign Fusers.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#425
(I have hit a major wall with Writer's Block)
(Hopefully I can pass it when I finally finish this post)
(Scratch the Writer's block, I just have to actually improve my attention span.)

[---Case 7 --- Something Honest---]
(Case Finale Part 7)

With the stage set with light, with the props at the ready, the cast filled with both Pokemon, and Humans within scientific clothing, and the crowd ever waiting for the end, the Zipper creature was within the middle of the stage, wearing a white trench-coat.

And Music started to play.

The disks were rolled out into the stage, quickly being beautifully dodged through by the zipper creature. And as it continued, the steel pokemon were seen carrying many boxes filled with electrical equipment that were sparkling with such sparks that the stage started to glitter!

With Steel Pokemon in place, the Humans fallowed with measuring equipment, gloves, and goggles. Meeting up with the steel pokemon, they waited for the disks to be rolled back into the scene.

And they did do while following around the zipper creature, imitating the dance of the Dragons, with the twirls, the spins, the rotations, and the effort put out by the Zipper creature that effortlessly guided the disks in place!

The teams of both Pokemon and Humans were now using wrenches, rulers, and electrical dohikys to give the impression that they were working on the glowing disks infront of the crowd that were looking one from inside the darkness away from the stage.

And with a few sparks, the disks were now being rolled by the small teams into the middle part of the stage, where the backdrop now looked like the starry space all around each and every planet.

''Through the nights, through the days, and through the countless hours of work..''
Said the Narration Person, seeing the scene at the center of the stage play out like how Ule practiced with the Nobody.

NP----''From within the background..''

The stage dimmed to a black, the silhouettes of the disks leaning on each other within a standing circular formation, were seen with a long zipper figure standing above them all. All the while, the dim blue tinted starry backdrop started to become the brightest thing that anyone could see, excluding phones.

NP-----''Through the Teamwork of both Pokemon, and Human Might!''

The Silhouettes of the Disks, and the Nobody are seen to be lowered into the darkness, clearing up the view of the Backdrop.

NP-----''For through the actions of those that sought glory..''

A prop version of the moon is seen, along with the larger Poke'planet, floating aimlessly within the backdrop.. with bullet seeds being shot at both, being partially blocked by an interesting looking satellite.

NP-----''We have responded!''

The Moon, the Earth, and the Satellite were pushed away, back into the background of the backdrop. And an exaggeratedly massively sized windowless front of a ship is seen, along with a few of the large bronze disks on the side of it.

Bullet seed is easily absorbed into the ship.

NP-----''For we respond with senseless hate!''

A large, stretchy, and pink rubber band is circularly expanded from the ship, deflected all the seeds being flung by it.

NP------''For what we created, black holes bow to!''

Each disk is seen dissipating a large vortex looking bag being operated by a couple of ghost pokemon.

NP------''And for its meaning, Arceus fears!''

A golden Ring is seen, being held by silhouettes that are seen to be crushed by it.

NP------''For this, is the Killer of Glory!''

The Golden ring leaves the scene, just as the ship comes closer.
The Silhouettes rise.

NP------''And it will prove the power of Human Might.''

The Scene turned back into darkness, and the public applauded.
[Play ends here]

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#426
Lycantron kept running, until his path was blocked by Miki, Marle, and a Charizard.

"It's over," Lancar said. "This the end of you, and SoUL."

Before he could finish Lycantron off, a ring of fire burst out, surrounding them.

Lycantron gave his final desperate attack. He lunged at Marle, but Zade knocked her out of the way. He still hit Zade, pinning him to the ground.

"I'm not going to die here!" Lycantron bellowed. "I'm leaving! Any move, and he dies. Now for one last parting gift!"

A bunch of explosions occurred, damaging the ship further.

"Goodbye. This will be your deaths, not mine."

Lycantron began to jump off the ship through a hole in the wall, but Lancar ran towards him.

Miki realized what was going to happen. "NO!"

Marle didn't understand what Lancar and Miki were doing. She began to ask, "What's happen---"

Then Lancar used Judgement. It cleanly ripped through both Lycantron and Zade, killing them both.

"NOOO!" Miki yelled. "How could you do this!?"

Marle stood there, shocked at Lancar's actions. Only the Charizard was able to bring her back to reality by flying off with Miki, who was still wailing.

"Come on," she said to Lancar. "We're getting off."

They quickly made their way off the ship by surfing on Empoleon. They made it to the shores of the LOTRS and pulled themselves ashore. Further along the coastline, Miki looked at the ship with despair.

"It's horrible. Horrible." she said.

And it was. The passengers, unable to escape safely, had jumped into the Mio infected water. All the chemicals from the True Research Lab had also mixed into the ocean water. The passengers, tourist and SoUL alike, fell into the mixture and began to mutate grotesquely. They did not transform into complete pokemon, but rather wound up as a mismatch of random pokemon. They seemed to go insane as well, some of them rushing towards the coast while others drowned themelves.

"That's disgusting," Marle said.

"That's all you have to say!" Miki exclaimed, shocked. "How can you just act as if this is regular life to you? And Lancar, how dare you do that! How could you kill Zade?"

"He was in the way," Lancar said. "If I didn't kill him, Lycantron would have."

Miki snapped at those words, and transformed into a Scizor. She attacked Lancar furiously, forcing him back.

"I'm going to kill you!" she yelled. "You're a traitor and the worst scum in the world! Zade was our friend!"

She began to transform uncontrollably. The wings of a Staraptor sprouted from her back, her head changed into a Sharpedo's, and she began to transform more and more, until she was completely unidentifiable. She chased after Lancar, who froze her in place with an Ice beam, then ran off.

After a few minutes, she had already thawed out. Marle tried to speak with her, but she just let out a bestial roar and flew off.

I'll never forgive him for this.

Marle looked onwards, left behind. She turned to the Charizard, which had returned to a boy again.

"Come on. We've got to take you to a hospital." She said.

She picked him up and they walked away from the shore. Meanwhile, the mutants began to advance towards the LOTRS.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#427
*After a long thunderstorm,goes online to expect 500 posts*

*Less than 450*


Also,if I don't make a part by the end of the day,a power outage probably happened.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#428
TableFlip posted...
*After a long thunderstorm,goes online to expect 500 posts*

*Less than 450*


Slow day..
And a lot of things are happening on that other board we were invited to..

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#429
As Brian the Rampardos rampaged through Starshine Villiage,he saw a house,and he tore off the roof.Inside the room.Was Tableflip and Emile sleeping together.The noise from the roof finally woke the two up. that you?

Tableflip:I'm here.

Emile:Oh...wait.Who's that?

Brian roared,as Tableflip shifted into a haxorus.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#430
Mark's Side

I get to my feet. An elderly man and his wife stand just ahead, our eyes locked in thought. Without warning, the woman bursts into tears.

"Ms. Wilfred, you must understand!" I plead.

"The boy's right, Helen," agrees the old man. "We've done everything for him. It's high time that he goes off to whatever the heavens have in store for him."

The woman looks to her husband lovingly, and Mr. Wilfred embraces his elderly wife. As I look upon the kind people that took me in when I was floating unconsiously on the open seas, nursed me back to health, and even let me stay with them during the reign of Pudding, I can't help but smile. These people... they've done so much for me.

"Your... your pack is stuffed with all you'll need," says Ms. Wilfred. "Dried Tarous steak, a bottle of Moo Moo Milk, some Poké..."

She wipes a tear from her eye.

"Yer on your own now, boy," Mr. Wilfred tells me. "An don't you forget it. But... if there was any kid I'd trust to keep safe in this day 'n age... it's you."

He nods towards me, and my face beams. He holds the door open, and I slip out into an unsure world.

I glance back one last time at the small farm I had called home one last time, before setting my sights towards Virbank City.

Lucy's Side

Oh, how I loathe my current state. My Target's gone off the face of the planet, I haven't had any leads in days, and I was flying towards some Arceus forsaken country to save my least favorite person on Earth.


My troubles started when I was looking for leads in a cafe in Virbank, seeing if anyone had any info on my sweet Polimario, or any of his co-horts. From what I had gathered, the man Pryce (Who also happened to have grown up in Starshine) and his family were traveling with the terrorist, as well as some others that I couldn't find any info anywhere.

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