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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#431
Tyler saw the Land of Rising and Setting Sun in sight. It was near midnight, and everyone was asleep.
Tyler: ....
Tyler Remembered seeing The Gods, Arcuextra and Kuro.
Tyler: (I can't believe how Desperate I am. Looking for the Heirs of that Monster of a god...)
Erika came walking out.
Erika: What are you doing?
Tyler: Thinking.
Erika: Oh.
Erika walked to Tyler's side.
Tyler: I can't believe how Powerful he was. It was like he was a god...
Erika: But you killed two at once. You can beat him!
Tyler: Heh, Yeah, You're probably right.
Tyler turned towards Erika.
Tyler: It doesn't feel right, looking for the heirs of a god i killed....
Erika: Hm?
Tyler: But, I'll manage through. As long as you're safe, my Sweet.
Erika: Oh Tyler....
The two grabbed each other and kissed. When they separated, Tyler looked at Erika's Stomach and Smirked. It seemed to grow even larger. He knew the Baby can't be much longer.
Tyler: Ha, Can't believe it still.... Soon, We'll be raising a family of our own.
Erika: Yeah, Unbelievable.
Tyler: Yeah.... I'm going to make sure both of the Baby's Parents are alive, to raise him, or her. Not like Cria's Future where we both died.
Erika: Definitely won't let that happen. She's opened the path to the New Future. We just need to stay on track.
Tyler: Indeed.
Erika: ...Hey, I just realized. We never had an Official Wedding ceremony!
Tyler: Yeah, been to busy. When this ends, We'll have to get one planned out.
Erika: Yeah! There's the city too!
Tyler saw the city, Metropolis, approach.
Tyler: The place it all began. We met Xalier here...
Erika: Yeah... When we land, I'm going to shop for some things. For the Baby.
Tyler: Oh yes. Meanwhile I'll take a group to find more on Virage and the Ancient Evil.
Erika: As long as you aren't hurt.
Tyler: Don't worry. I won't die. I promise on my Mother's grave.
Erika: Heh, It's a deal!
The two kissed again, then retired to their cabins.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#432

Sonya ----- "How do you know that could be Poli?"
Nightmare ---- "Darling, who else could create such an explosion?"

Necrodium ----- "The description...that had to be Credillylad. Had to be."
Nightmare --- "Da heck is a Credillylad?"
Necrodium ------ "A powerful spell from the Archduke's family. I know of it through his family history."
Gloria ------ "So it's a family spell. How was Poli able to use it?"

Necrodium sighed.

Necrodium ---- "My child...the Child of Light and Dark, he is which all Dark and Light energy flows. It should be expected that he can use anything of Light and Dark."

He looked briefly at the monitor.

Necrodium ---- "But...that was unlike any Credillylad I've read about. Is it possible he used a Light-Dark version..."
Nightmare ------- "Then we need to get to him! He's probably on the verge of death!"
Necrodium ---- "A Light-Dark attack of that intensity...good luck not getting roasted by the aftermath."
Nightmare ------ "Roasting after-effect on the environment? Ouch."
Necrodium ------- "Plus, Fullmoon Island is all the way in Sinnoh. And this woman with my grandkids is in no condition to travel."
Sonya ----- "So we can't help Poli. Great."
Necrodium ---- "Quite a pickle."

Necrodium began pacing.

Necrodium ----- "If only I knew someone who can go and get Poli out safely..."
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#433

There, I got a phone call from HQ. Turns out little miss Natalie was the only survivor of some failed attack on The Land of the Rising Sun. I swear, those people could decimate the entire planet in a day if they felt like it. With no time to complain that it was Natalie and not some other Pilot that had survived, I was sent on a mission straight from Mr. Castillion himself. Nice.

So here I am, soaring on my Wingul over the open sea. They say that the LotRS is supposed to be hidden or whatever, but everyone and their Purrloin knows where it is. My orders are to locate and protect Natalie at any cost. From my last call to her though, it sounds easier said than done. After that, I'll call back for the next stage. Personally, I'd rather have a mission that doesn't require me to phone home seven or eight times a day, but that's not my call to make.

The question remains: Will Natalie live long enough to find me?

Will I live long enough to find her?

???'s Side

Natalie wasn't having all too good of a day. Really, waking up in a pile of hay wasn't anyone's idea of a good morning. From there came burying herself in the hay (That smell wouldn't ever come out of the fabric) to avoid detection by the soldiers that patrolled tbe areas. Arceus knows what might happen if she was found. She then snuck around for scraps of food to make a poor excuse of a meal, before looking for another pile of hay to sleep in. Rinse and repeat. This became a lifestyle for the next few days. She found some stray clothing to put on, hoping that it might spare her some trouble in case she was found.

As a matter of fact, the next day, she was.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#434
Not making a part until the next topic.

TO 450!
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#435
>Magic shop.

You ABJURE the hell out of that idea! You hate magic!

But you go anyway. Not because of something crazy like democracy or something. This was your idea. You buy a STRANGE DEVICE and abscond. Now what?

A) >Abscond to the outskirts of town.
B) >Level up!
Haven't you heard?
A picture's worth a thousand words!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#436
C > B > A

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#437
This is dead
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#438
Evidently I'm not the only one procrastinating. :l
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#439
Currently rereadi g key posts...
Will do a post within the next hour


User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#440
Sorry, Something came up. I'll post more tomorrow. So, Good night.
Official Co-Leader and General of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar. Feel my Plasmaaaaaa Gunblade!
Also Count of "the Organization."
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