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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#441
Wow. I've been more focused on Kanto RP than this. Need to post more here. If I don't post, Changlini has all rights to use all my characters whether I'm active or not.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#442
Why. Are. We. Dead?

Necrodium got up.

Necrodium ---- "Well, there's nothing we can do currently. I'm off to find Belial. Tell him of the situation below."
Gloria ----- "Alright. It was a pleasure meeting you again."
Sonya ------ "Hopefully Poli is alright."
Necrodium ----- "I hope so too."

Necrodium departed, and, once he was out of Lilycove, changed shape, until he was a fearsome draconic, winged demon, about half Belial's size, and took off to the skies.

Where to start, where to start...

He inhaled, and got a whiff of the Archduke's dark trace.

There's my answer.

He began to follow the trace.



Elsewhere in Lilycove, Draxl was observing a monitor.

Monitor ----- Back with updates on the Fullmoon explosion, we asked citizens of Canalave of activity before. Most claimed they saw a strange wisp beibg pursued by a dark angel, rumored to be the same one respobsible for the liberation beacons when Vortex ruled.

Draxl adjusted his belt, the gold buckle shining.

Poli sure has changed a lot since we last met. Hope he's al'ight.

Draxl turned to leave, when he noticed a Poliwrath hybrid assaulting a person.

PH ----- "Hey, norm, this here be the last time ye cross my path. Prepare for a -"
Draxl ----- "A what?"

The hybrid swiveled ninety degrees to see Draxl's cannon's aimed at him.

PH ----- "Get a load of ya! What are ya gonna do tubby, sit o-"

Draxl fired a Thunderbolt from his cannons, knocking out the aggresive hybrid.

The man went to thank him, but Draxl was already gone. In the sky. Using his cannons.

I'll go check up on the ol' shop in Rustboro.

Draxl realligned his direction, and rocketed for Rustboro.
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#443
I was gone all day because of a road trip to a social group. I was writing a story post... and got called to bed right in the middle of it. >_>

I'll copy/paste it to wordpad, and finish it tomorrow. Good night.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#444
For me, it's due to Internet surfing, refreshing WF board, and other stuff.

(Inbetween cases)

In the farm fields at night while within a hovercraft, Furez, seeing the play finish on her Tablet, ordered others to give her a situation status.

"The S.S Anne has crashed within the shores of.."
Furez----"Of what?"

Furez----"Great googally! That entire shore is covered entirely within mountainous rocks, snow, and choppy waters! Not to mention that its near route 4.A.2! The same route we closed off due to the constant avalanches, and the Space like temperatures once people start climbing the back of that large mountain!"

"We've just launched a few MD squads down to the shore.."
"..They've taken pictures of what's happening to the people down there."
Furez----"Those.. People! Turned into horrible meshes!"

"They're taking care of the situation, but there's been reports of a group that already left the area."
Furez-----"Just put a satellite scan for a 25 mile radius."

"Outpost 4.A.3 saw a group affiliated with Poli Dracil, flying towards this land, they're probably here already.."
Furez-----"There goes our safety rate for the next week.. Monicle?"

"He just reported that the killing liquid for angels & demons has been copied one thousand times now.."
Furez----"Alright, when we find those two others, the testing will start in a massive way.. Anything else?"

"Full moon island got nuked, media's suspecting it to be Poli Draxil."
Furez-----"Ugh, space has been looking good for the last couple of years, especially with the breakthrough of the Unown cores starting to.. Anyways, Vortex?"

"Arckson reported that they've just captured Him, and are keeping him within the weak state."
Furez-----"Why not have-"
Driver----"Rember the library?"
Furez----"Fine then, lets start getting people over to the Kyurem trial.."

"And the search for that unknown pilot?"

Furez takes a good, long look at the sight of the yellow wheat fields being visible within the strange glow from a couple of sauplanes, and 20 Heliplanes using search lights.

Furez----"Keep the search on through the night."

With that, the hovercraft she was on continued to glide through the farmland.

---Center Park---
(The Sky)

It was all set and done, Petite, and her crew of both Biberal, and humans have finished their jobs. And as they felt out of energy, the veil entity came over them.

Why.. Did I..
Come here?

It looks to the drowsy Petite, leading her sleepy crew.

..they can..
..tell me..

It spreads its veil body over them, reinvigorating the crew. And making them see the beautiful aurora of the night sky, where the moon shined brightly within.

Questions Petite, seeing the two eyes of the white entity.

..She.. Knows me?
Thought the entity, calmly looking down at the lady.

Petite them looks at her team.

Petite--------"Alright, Follow me!"

They all did.

[---Lagoon colloseum---]

(A prep)

Pepper Ringles was now within full boxing armor, the foamy plast helmet squarely covering his head, the foamy red pads covering part of his hands, and the memory if Chocolate running through him.

The bell rings, signifying the end of a match.

Alright, lets do this, for Chocolate, and the parents of those two kids!

He entered the arena, and awaited the fight.

(Goodnight guys!)

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#445
Mephistopheles ran through Meteor Falls in a panic, Dusknoir using Protect behind him. In hot pursuit were three skinny, long-clawed demons, hissing and drooling as they nimbly gave chase. Mephistopheles neared the exit, knocking over rocks behind him to slow his attackers down. When he finally reached the outside, he was almost blinded by the sunlight, but he still fumbled around with his Grimoire, flipping the pages until he could finally see. He landed on Drain, the only offensive-based spell in the book that could cause any serious damage to other demons.

He turned to face his pursuers, knowing that they would be disoriented by the light of the outside as well. The three Slasher Demons suffered from temporary blindness just as he predicted, and he immediately drained one of all life, it collapsing to the ground as a withered husk. The other two recovered from their blindness, Dusknoir taking hold of one.

The other Slasher demon turned toward Mephistopheles and brandished his claws, grinning. "My name is Seeth," it spoke in a hissing voice. "Nobody knows that name. However, after I'm through with you... I'll be showered with praise, and presents! Like a million blood jewels! Ahaha!"

"Let me ask you a question," Mephistopheles responded. "What would you do if that were to not happen? Say, that I'm the one who kills you instead?"

"Nothing, 'cause that's impossible," the other demon replied. "Any last words before you're tossed into the Purgatory... Forever?"

"Yes. Drain," Mephistopheles answered, sneering. Talking with his enemy had given him time to charge another casting.

"Wha-- AAAAAUUUUGGGHH! You... You coward...!" Seeth wheezed, collapsing like just like his comrade.

The demon-ghost-thing kneeled down to his enemy's hollowed corpse. "At this point, I'd call that complement." He then tapped the corpse, and it crumbled into dust. Looking over, he saw that the other demon was struggling against Dusknoir's grip.

"Don't kill him," Mephistopheles ordered. "Just hold him nice and still." He approached the squirming Slasher. "You'll tell me what Geryon is planning, won't you?" Mephistopheles asked, smiling sweetly.

"H-how do you know it's Geryon?!" the restrained demon asked in response.

"I didn't. You just answered that for me. Now, are you going to tell me--"

Before Mephistopheles could finish his sentence, another demon ran him through in the back, only this time it was with black-and-red colored sword. Mephistopheles toppled forward as the Dremora drew the sword out, slowly and painfully.

Snapping the Slasher's neck, Dusknoir fought off the Dremora, disarming him with a flurry of Shadow Punches. But more Dremora and Slashers emerged from the cave, until there was a bright flash, followed by a volley of Light-energy blasts that burned up the hostile demons' flesh.

"We gotta go find your dad!" Angelica shouted down at Mephistopheles, landing. Angelo followed suit soon after. "Where the shnap has he gone?!"

Mephistopheles struggled to his feet, the wound inflicted by the Dremora's sword healing slowly. "I... I don't know... Just get us out of here!"

"Right!" Angelica replied, taking hold of Mephistopheles as Angelo continued blasting away at the demons flooding out of the cave with Light magic.

The odd group soon took off, the demons cursing at them as they soared into the skies.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#446
Slowly, the two stare down eachother.... One, an all powerful being, formerly a jiggleypuff. And the other, the purest incarnation of destruction, and the razing of all humanity.

Pudding: So then... you never explained to me... Why are you like this? *smirk* It seems like such a change of heart!

Willingmess2: Yes... it may seem as such... but I am Willingmess... But, I am not all of me... Rather, I am his beastly side... The pure unadulterated part of him that wants no self control, no rules... Only What I want... and what I want now, is both the world, and the destruction of humanity.

Pudding: .....hmm.... I see.... but you can't have it, it's mine, and I plan on having my way with it now!

Willingmess2: We'll see about that.

Slowly, Willingmess draws his draws his dark black blade..... As he does so... there is almost a blackening effect, as though the blade were sucking in all the light. Upon seeing it, Pudding lets out a gasp!

Pudding: Huh?!

Willingmess2: I see you like it... A nice lady gave it to me a while ago... It's made of pure celestium... A mineral that is said to destroy the very soul of those it kills. And soon. It shall destroy you!

With that, he lunges forward at a quick rate, in the hopes of running Pudding through. Pudding however, just barely leans out of the way. Willingmess then, carried by his own momentum, shoots past Pudding a ways, until he stops himself.

Pudding: It'll take alot more than that to kill me!

Slowly, he opens his palms upward, and a sword appears, of Deepest crimson.

Pudding: Now then. Let's dance!

With that, the two launch themselves towards eachother, and begin a furious duel!


A set of mysterious screens lie below.... showing different videos.... of Poli, Pryce, Mephy, Tyler, Serah, Willingmess, Martini, Lucy, Peter, Mrs. Octillery, the killer of glory, Jace, Axiom, and their various groups. On their travels. Livestream. With a sign right across the various screens: "Download nearing completion"

(This does not obligate anyone for anything.)

User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#447
o mi gawd i'm so lost right now, anyways uhh i think it was...

last time on the adventures of TDK Axiom and the rest of the group had landed in violet city.

(lets leave it like that...)
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#448
I'll wait until next thread to make the next part... Non-Canon Time looms menacingly >.>
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Honesty is the key to any lasting relationship. Fake that, and you're all set.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#449
Gubbey posted...
I'll wait until next thread to make the next part... Non-Canon Time looms menacingly >.>


User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#450
Alright, go get em' boys!
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