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Pokemon Fusion: Part 8!

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#61
Team Miror Scientist! Official Zorua disguised as Beheeyem of all boards!
Honesty is the key to any lasting relationship. Fake that, and you're all set.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#62

How dare the Menace speak so harshly of Kyurem, when she brutally tortures Shiny Pokémon for being Shiny?
How dare she speak of Kyurem being the monster, when she has done worse?
How dare she accuse Kyurem of being an insult, when her group experiments upon Legends for what reason? Because they can?

Kyurem --- "Look at you...spouting anger, accusing ME of being the monster...being the insult...when your group experiments on us! Treats the world as your lab! You hide under the legal matters...but no doubt your morality has long since withered away into a rotting husk!

"Not to mention you personally. You torture Shinies, and hate them. Why? Countless trainers worldwide would drool at the prospect of nabbing such a rare being. What have those of a different color done to deserve your hate? Do not speak to me of being insulting, of being monstrous, when your group, this region, has done worse than I!"

Kyurem chuckled.

Kyurem ----- " matter, your naivety of the forces that you blindly manipulate for some probably sinister cause will get you in the end. There's a storm has been for countless years...and you cannot stop it. You may try to imitate and mock may try to tear down us...but...

This cannot control it! It is beyond your grasp! shall erase...erase you...erase me...erase everything! And why? Simple, really. By erasing everything, the world can start anew! No more of your immoral more of those blind, overpowered villains and heroes that walk about like they own the world. No. .

When the storm hits, there shall be no more Glory...there wil be no more more more cheapness....nothing. There will be nothing! A blank slate, a tablet of grey...and there shall finally be peace and equality amongst every creature created of that new age..."
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#63

You gently caress your LUCKY GOODCAT.

...But it's not real, it's porcelain!

Now what?
Haven't you heard?
A picture's worth a thousand words!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#64
(Statue Field)

Peace, and Equality..
Wow, those are the stuff of children, and we all know what happens to their innocence.

Shnap, I'm Lassing Expecting this Kyurem to be simply a small part of a plan that eradicates life! For some idiotic goal of perfection.. really, what is perfection?

Having everything in existence under your control?
Honestly, if some reset is coming, I can assure you, nothing honest will come of it.

She looks at Kyurem, that's currently under the impression that it won the conversation with a lowly being that can never achieve the same type of power with their meek bodies. And ignoring the naivety of such delusions of Peace, and equality.. she speaks with the knowledge she has gained over the five years of the Library of Records being unsealed.

Lanthorice of Catastroph-----''I find it utterly disappointing that you avoided the question about that Maractus, about the past, and about a story that you very much took part in... but alas, if you want to play it that way, I'll corrupt myself with the why not?''

''There's this island.. you may never of heard of it.. But I assure you, it was once a special island.. For there was a twilight storm, that prevented anything from being erased, or what I call; Retconned.''

''See.. there are these things called metroids, some idiot 'God' decided to use the all mighty powers to erase them from existence, do I know how that happened? No.''

''But I do know this, if the twilight storm wasn't there, every single piece of Damage down by those jelly like things would've been erased..''

''Heh, and something much, much worse happened.. The storm protected the continuity.. prevented everything from going back to normal.. and set in stone all the lives that were lost at the hands of something invincible, that all the idiots of the world, Humans, Pokemon, and other beings do a power grab for.''

''To be honest, if it wasn't for whatever that stabilized reality during that Great Shift, I can assure you, every thing that this land caused, and reacted to, will have never come to pass..''

She looked with a smile, not a normal smile, but a smile that made chills go down spines of children that received it, for they knew something is wrong, but not of what would happen.

''You know? Heheheh.. oh you know? I'm going to enjoy watching Innocence take you down..''

She looks at the Guard Members that were taking care of that same Vespiqueen that saved Anna from throwing up all the berries she ate in a failed effort to beat the Dracid five years ago, in this same area, the same Vespiqueen that continues to be changed by the essence of the Wonder Berries she so orders her kind to bring to her.

Monicle-----''Alright! Bring that Vespiqueen along, we're going to the NGI!''
GM 6--------''There there girl-''

The Vespiqueen smacks him.

GM 6-------''Fine, don't want our help!''
Octillery---''You do realize she does that to anyone that touches her there?''
GM 6-------''Oh, My bad..''

The menace looks back at Kyurem, thinking that she should at least not go down the path it chose.

Octillery----''There's this question, brought up by two grunts that now may never grace themselves with hearing the answer to... Man thinks one way, Palkia thinks one way, but what about you?''

''Do legendary pokemon, live forever?''
''That question, now matter how many times it's answer, will always hold doubt, for your cold may forever be present within space, and it may as well be the fabled battleground of the end of existence, but like our immoral experiments that let's us record new information into history, you hold a piece of the answer..''

One of the many questions she hinted, and asked of, was within the air, waiting for an answer, while the group started to walk towards the city.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#65
Find the guy who took your real LUCKY GOODCAT.
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#66
@ Event

What Polimario said, then sell the fake one at the Dinner for Luck points.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#67

Do Legendary Pokémon live forever?'s subjective to interpretation, is it not?
Quite a complex question. Is life merely possessing a beating heart? Is it doing something grand while alive? Or is life simply the influence one exerts upon others?
Our bodies live a long time...but...our is forever.
Good boy. Anyways, I'm going to have...a special guest soon, so I'm relieving you of duty.

Kyurem, long following the blindfolded woman, now tossed like a child's plaything.
Kyurem, who long followed her guidance, torn away from reality, now insignificant in her grand scheme.
Kyurem, who had forever ruined Poli Draxis's humble, honest life, by her guidance, now angry with that which made such an action meaningless.

The ice dragon's eyes began to burn with an energy not felt in ages. This old drive, this old passion, and the cold aura, taken away by the man of machinery, emenated once again.

Kyurem ----- "To live is not a mere matter of how long one's body can be sustained, but rather the impact. We live for eternity not because of our constantly renewing cells, we aren't strong because of our own will, but rather because of our impact. Our influence."

Kyurem looked at the statues.

Kyurem ----- "As long as people believe, we go on. We keep everything under control. Such is the natural way. You defy us, but...

Do you believe? Those who are inherently weak, by believing in us, they keep us strong. They keep us from fading. After all, we are Legendary for our myths, not just for our abilities. You may try to overcome your weakness with your experiments, but in doing so you forget why you are weak. You may not have mighty powers, but you have drive.

Back then, when that dreaded Ark of Yamato was hurdling towards the planet, prescribing global destruction...the Genesect fought to stop it. He wasn't victorious because of only his capacity...but because his friends and allies believed he would be successful.

Such is the relation...the relation between Legends and humanity. We have the power, but it is all for naught if you don't believe."

The beast thought of Poli.

Kyurem ----- "That storm...I said it cannot be stopped. But...I never said it cannot be prevented. The one who will start the dark angel. If he were to not be tainted by her insensibility, her insanity...then the dark angel will not bring about the storm. For while he is the engine...she has the keys. You cannot start that which has no fuel. The storm is but a fraction of her power, him her outlet. She does not have allies...merely pawns. Some aren't even aware they are being used by her.

I was one such pawn...but do not let that be an excuse. The damage I've done...I shall take full responsibility."

Kyurem looked up. After being fused with Poli for so long, he developed a sense for the dark angel's whereabouts. But...he could not locate Poli right now.

Problem is...where is the dark angel?"

(Now, I really need to continue with Poli)
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#68
(By all means, continue with Poli.)

*Goes back to indexing Chihuahua*

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#69
{-Poli Draxis-}
[The Minus World]

The world in it's entirely was gray. The sandy earth beneath him was gray, the sky was gray, and even the sun, a dull circle in the sky, was a dark gray.

The sand didn't sink under his weight. The sun's heat didn't come. No winds blew. Even after flying about the place, nothing happened.

Draxis ----- "It's a ghost town..."

He took flight, and headed for the direction of the LotRS. Along the way, no life, not even wild Pokémon. The sand gave way for mountains, and Poli found himself ascending the route that led into the LotRS.

Upon entering, even it was silent. The farmlands, while they carried trees ripe with various Berries, were frozen in place. He ran towards the city. The usual bustle of the city inhabitants was absent. The hospital. Void of life. The Guard Building. No action, monitors all off. The NGI...nothing, and in its original location prior to Piece's fiery assault.

Draxis ----- "'s like a snapshot of our world...before all of the mayhem."

He walked up to the fountain in the park. The world around him swirled away to grayness. Now there was nothing. Nothing above, nothing below, nothing around. Yet he was standing firmly.

The Realm of no Time, for nothing moved.
The Realm of no Space, for now nothing existed.
A realm of grey, an ever-maddening illusion, an ever-maddening void.

Feeling a nameless panic, Poli began running. But was he running? Was he making progress? For while he saw himself running, the gray emptiness never changed, never budged. He stopped after a few miles for breath, then decided to fly.

Still nothing. He took out the staff and fired a purple Light-Dark beam out of frustration. A crack in the gray appeared upon impact...on what?

The crack spread, en webbing the void, Poli unable to get away. Then the grayness just....fell apart.

Poli found himself looking towards a pantheon. The aged building stood tall, as gray as the surroundings. He entered.

On the walls were events. A group of grunts similar to the LotRS grunts with a lady at Sinjoh Ruins. A battle scene with a gigantic monstrosity. The accursed Ark on its course for PokéEarth. A Genesect confronting a sphere that exuded darkness.

The Great Shift. The rise of Spirit Signs. The...exile of Mephistopheles? And...the meeting of Poli and Kyurem? Various events of 5 years ago were engraved. Poli's death by Pryce. His revival. Akuro in a dark realm.

Then...the last one...a faceless dark angel summoning a black hole in the sky, with a city below. But that wasn't the freaky part. Above the angel, the neckline and head of a woman. A blindfolded woman with a chilling grin. A rapier by her left ear, a scale by her right. Her hands were visible, and strings connected the dark angel to her fingers.

Draxis ------ "What...what is this!?"

He walked down the hallowed hallway, until he came to a luxurious door. The stone above it held three words.


The door halves swung open slowly. A black emptiness shrouded the entrance. With no place to go, Poli entered, as if drawn forth by an invisible force.

I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#70

Fed Up, you call the VEIL from earlier to have it transport you into a void. A Nargoyle has the LUCKY GOODCAT tied to a chair. That monster!


You AGGRIEVE the Nargoyle with the crushing might of the spokes of your WHEEL to the beat of the music. The InCoHeReNt beat of the music.


Haven't you heard?
A picture's worth a thousand words!
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