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How does Electrode move so fast?

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User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#1
I was just thinking about it. Electrode is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game, but.. How does it move in the first place? I don't think I've seen an Electrode or even a Voltrob move in the anime.

User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#2
Gotta go fast.
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4 years ago#3
have you seen how fast bowling balls move
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User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#4
It runs with the quickness of a cat.

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User Info: Hejiru

4 years ago#5
Dey see him rollin'.
Dey hatin'.
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User Info: Rad_Dudesman

4 years ago#6
Balls roll.

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#7
TIGERJACKS0N- posted...
have you seen how fast bowling balls move

Hmm.. Maybe the way Electrode moves is kind of like Rollout?

User Info: CrystalKing5426

4 years ago#8
I always thought it was mag-lev from internal energy.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#9
He just does.
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User Info: Toasty_Kabal

4 years ago#10
It rolls. Watch the old Pokémon episode where Ash rides the Ponyta in that race.
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