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Competitive and/or Casual Re-typing

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User Info: electric_emu

4 years ago#1
*I'm sorry if this has been done before, because it probably has*

I'm taking a page from Smogon's book (don't shoot!) and asking ya'll how you would like to see your favorite Pokemon re-typed, either for competitive or aesthetic purposes in XY. I understand that GameFreak probably won't re-type anything because they never have, but it's still fun to imagine they might.

Here are some common suggestions:

Serperior: Grass/Dragon
-Logic stands it'd get Draco Meteor, and that'd be pretty awesome with Contrary + Leaf Storm.

Charizard: Fire/Dragon
-Beacause really. It's a flying, fire-breathing lizard.

Masquerain: Bug/Water
-Because Bug/Flying is beyond terrible and this just makes more sense. While we're at it, give it Levitate too.

Other ideas?

BlazeBlack/VoltWhite gave Farfetch'd Flying/Fighting. Super cool idea.

Ready, set, go!

User Info: niklnip

4 years ago#2
inb4 luxray electric/dark
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User Info: UltimaZangetsu

4 years ago#3
"Whoa! Heads up, detecting high levels of space chickens."
"No! Space chickens are a surgeon's worst nightmare."

User Info: Twilight_Sonata

4 years ago#4
Banette should be Ghost/Normal.
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