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Is anyone else tired of tiers?

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User Info: Lexifox

4 years ago#11
Yes. I hate that I can make a team of Pokemon like Medicham and Tangrowth without the fear of running into the people who field six cover legendaries. Without the thrill of the potential curb stomp, what's the point?
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User Info: Bountyan

4 years ago#12
Gray_Areas posted...
If we got rid of tiers everyone would either be using a team of Ubers (assuming getting rid of tiers also gets rid of the banlist) or a team of OU Pokmeon. The reason they are OU is because they typically do their jobs better than a UU Pokemon that does the same job. So getting rid of tiers essentially forces everyone to either play Ubers or OU (again depending upon what happens to the banlist).

So instead of being able to use the slightly less useful (but usually more fun) Pokemon in a UU tier battle, everyone will be fighting on the same terms which means UU Pokemon will be competing against OU Pokemon in every battle. While a good UU team can beat an OU team (or benefit from the addition of some OU Pokemon), that doesn't add anything for the community. If fact, it limits the battling options. You'd basically create a bland metagame of nothing but OU battles.


People seem to act as if tiers make Pokemon useless, but it's the very opposite. If your favorite Pokemon is in NU, just play the NU tier and it'll be more viable there. And if you want to play without tiers...well then just play Uber, because every Pokemon is allowed there.
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User Info: 6bananza

4 years ago#13
I hate how if you try to use Pokemon not in the same tier in the metagame, Smogon Zombies (they're everywhere!) quit on you because you tried to use a team of your favorites. I try to use Reshiram, they quit because they have an OU team. I try to use Articuno with Mind Reader+Sheer Cold and they rage quit. So yes. Get rid of tiers.
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User Info: ZombieAkane

4 years ago#14

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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#15
tires don exits
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User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#16
If there were no tiers, some Pokémon would never get a chance to shine. Everyone would probably still be using the best ones and the worse Pokémon would not be used anyway. Flareon and Wartortle are some of my best Pokémon in NU, but I'd never use them in any other circumstance.
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User Info: barbicud

4 years ago#17
CrystalKing5426 posted...
To an extent. Mostly for how weather dominant OU is, to the point where I prefer UU/RU battles.

User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#18
Tiers r teh devil
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User Info: thiaguinhohp

4 years ago#19
tires sux
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#20
I would like to use my favorite Pokemon, Blaziken sometimes.
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