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F*** me!

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User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#21
Calm down at least we got a nice gameplay video.

User Info: Genericgamer667

4 years ago#22
tremain07 posted...
I get the feeling people here barely watch pokemon smash alot

they only get ONE tiny piece of new information at best the rest is marketing bull ****

you want a slew of pokemon information you gotta either wait for E3 and the tokyo game show or prey somebody leaks the pokemon list 1 week before the worldwide release

Nintendo doesn't go to Tokyo Game Show and doesn't show em at E3. It typically gets information told over time
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User Info: Hero_Of_Rhyme

4 years ago#23
Well, this was a disappointment. *leaves GameFaqs*
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User Info: tremain07

4 years ago#24
i bet the next information we get will be some new gameplay mechanic
I got nothing

User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#25
Genericgamer667 posted...
doesn't show em at E3.

This might change due to the world wide release
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User Info: VIIVincent

4 years ago#26
at least i'm half excited that Pokemon gets their own attack animations. still, i wont put my hopes too high. most of the that thing's attacks was just raising its hand up then unleashing the attack animation.
The end is nigh! *continues playing game*

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