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ITT: We speculate how Mewtwo transforms.

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4 years ago#51
I do so love Riften. I journeyed here in my youth. A thief took my purse... so I took his eyes. It was a fair exchange.


4 years ago#52
I'm thinking he did a bunch of drugs and got really lit before mutilating himself. I mean, look at his eyes! Bloodshot as a mofo.


He has a dolphin caught in his throat. - If you played Mystical Ninja 64, you need to click this.

User Info: RudyBeoulve

4 years ago#53
It's not a Mewtwo form. It's Mewthree.
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User Info: RAcastBlaster

4 years ago#54
Assuming it's a forme (which it very probably is), then I REALLY hope they give him a subtype. Some slight stat redistribution is likely as well, optimizing special attack/speed in favor of attack, hopefully without losing bulk. We already have Deoxys, we don't need another super fast, frail Psychic legend.

Assuming it's not a forme, and God only knows why they would waste a new pokemon slot on Mewthree/Neomew/what-have-you, then I REALLY hope it's got a subtype. I'm REALLY sick of pure Psychic and Dragon/_____ legends.

For either case, make it Psychic/____ with an interesting movepool and I'll be happy.
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4 years ago#55
^What if it's Psychic/newtype? - If you played Mystical Ninja 64, you need to click this.

User Info: MASAFUMI_

4 years ago#56
Mewtwo grabs a mew, then gets dirty.

Result: New Mewtwo thing.
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User Info: torentdragon

4 years ago#57
He powers up while screaming for 15 episodes

User Info: Duskull24

4 years ago#58
He eats a shoe and then posts it on youtube.

Oh wait...
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User Info: prince_1994

4 years ago#59
Its a child of Mew2 and Mew.. Happy Family...

User Info: Megawizard

4 years ago#60
GoldenSun3DS posted...
master_of_rofl posted...
GoldenSun3DS posted...
master_of_rofl posted...
A Wizard did it.

So Mewtwo has to "do it" with a wizard?

By "do it" do you mean that said Wizard captured and then physically and maybe even emotionally banged Mewtwo allowing it to break its past limitations so it could reach a new stage of evolution then yes.


I am now uncomfortable in this topic.
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