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I *like* the new design

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User Info: Cenedarprime

4 years ago#21
I'm a little torn on this one. I love the design and do think it would be cool for Mewtwo to get an alternate form, but Mewtwo was an awesome Pokemon on its own...

If its a form, then great, if its another attempt at a Mew "clone", even better!
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User Info: urameshi2211

4 years ago#22
Look. New forme or new pokemon, it's STILL better than what 85% of the fans made as their idea for a new Mew. Frakin' DBZ-tards, giving him wings, a third eye, armor, blacker than night, and all other kinds unnecessary stuff. Though Mewtwo is a legend in his own right, I, for one growing from RBY, say....not bad.
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User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#23
I would rather it be an elaborate hoax to stir up controversy to give the game more publicity than it being real.
I whole heartedly despise IGN. Bad reviews and incorrect information.

User Info: xXbacchusXx

4 years ago#24
jamieyello posted...
It's meh, I don't like it but it doesn't bug me as much anymore. At least it doesn't look like Arceus.

This^ so much.
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