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What Pokemon are you by your birthday commonality ranking?

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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#421
From: darknero1989 | #414
33 nidrorino

User Info: DivineAll

4 years ago#422
Vaporeon. Even though my favorite of the original 3 Eeveelutions is Jolteon. Go figure.
White 2 FC: 5415 7757 0390

User Info: jnethery

4 years ago#423
Meditite, that's cool.

User Info: shannonzboii

4 years ago#424
#62 - Poliwrath....... yeah it's great being born 3 days after Christmas......>_>
PSN - Kristian159
Playing - Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Black ops 2, Far cry 3

User Info: _ice_beam_

4 years ago#425
March 15th.

264 is Linoone. Thanks Fellwolf and Kwame! <3

User Info: JonJonFTW

4 years ago#426
Drowzee. Literally one of the worst Pokemon from Generation 1, in my opinion.
"Why did you eat Snail Po?"
Gamertag : JonJonXs | Nintendo Network : JonJonXs | PSN : JonJonXs | Steam : JonJonXs | Youtube : JonJonFtheW

User Info: Hiryuu_Tsurugi

4 years ago#427
...Ditto. Okay then. Works for me.
GT: FroznLockz, PSN: SpectreAlpha
"Tatakai no naka ni, kotai wo aru."

User Info: PennyWiseRocks

4 years ago#428
I am a Sealeo. Pretty cool :D
Currently Playing: Radiant Historia, SMT Devil Summoner: Raidou.

User Info: silversteinfan3

4 years ago#429
July 5th rank 321 Wailord. Well this sucks
PSN: spellz4

User Info: Natsume_Tien7

4 years ago#430
#73 Tentacruel.

Ignore my username...'05 was a different time. Just call me Hydro.
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