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Move adjustments

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User Info: Emerald_Melios

4 years ago#1
Some moves I'd like to see adjusted for these games:

Power Gem ---> 90 power
Razor Wind ---> Flying-type, no longer charges up, and power increased to 90
Constrict ---> 30 power, 100% chance of speed reduction
Pound ---> 50 power
Scratch ---> 50 power
Cut ---> 75 power, 30% chance of flinching
Hyper Voice ---> 20% chance of flinching
Bone Club ---> 85 power, 90% accuracy
Rolling Kick ---> 100% accuracy
Submission ---> 120 power

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
Focus Miss ---> 85 Accuracy.
Dang it, Gamefreak! It might as well have 0 BP!
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User Info: Xavier_On_High

4 years ago#3
Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Rock Wrecker and Roar of Time ---> If the foe isn't knocked out, it is forced out.

Blast Burn ---> Creates a Field of Fire (Fire Pledge+Grass Pledge effect) on foe's side of the field.

Hydro Cannon ---> Creates a Rainbow (Water Pledge+Fire Pledge effect) on user's side of the field.

Frenzy Plant ---> Creates a Marsh (Grass Pledge+Water Pledge effect) on foe's side of the field.

Defog ---> Removes entry hazards on both sides of the field. Removes weather.

Thief ---> +2 Priority.
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User Info: SilverSock

4 years ago#4
One of the rare instances where I like everything in this topic. So far, anyway.
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User Info: ClassyOldHat

4 years ago#5
Wow, I agree with all of the first three posts in topic. I like how this is shaping up. I'll add my own stuff later.

User Info: noname2lazy

4 years ago#6
Stone Edge ---> 85% accuracy
Focus Blast ---> 75% accuracy
Sucker Punch ---> Extremespeed equivalent
Scald ---> 10% chance to burn
Zen Headbutt ---> 100% accuracy
Hypnosis ---> 70% accuracy
Aerial Ace ---> 75 bp
Tailwind ---> Triples speed
Charge Beam ---> 100 Accuracy 70 bp

User Info: ClassyOldHat

4 years ago#7
All three first post's ideas, Plus:

Double Team: Can only be used twice.
Minimize: Can only be used once.
(Basically Evasion can't go above 2 levels.)
Mega Punch: 85->100% accuracy
Quash: Gets priority
Struggle Bug:30 -> 60 BP
Smack Down: 50->60 BP
Ice Beam: 10->15 PP
Sludge Wave: Only hits foes in doubles.
Rock Tomb: 80-.90% accuracy
Energy Ball: 10-15 PP 80->90 BP
Charge Beam: 90->100% 50-60 BP
Incinerate:30->60 BP
Embargo: The Pokemon cannot use their item until they switch. Neither this nor Knock Off effect Lucky Egg, Exp. Share, Power items, or Macho Brace.
Explosion: halves target's defense in singles and rotation.
Gyro Ball: 5->15 PP Has Rapid Spin effects.
Rock Slide: 75->80 BP, 90->100% accuracy
Trick Room: Has a hold item that increases it's duration
Rock Smash: Always lowers target's defense
Snarl: 55->60 BP
Hidden Power: Always 70 BP
Strength: Becomes Fighting type.
Stealth Rock: Becomes a clone of spikes that can also hit flying types.
Elemental fangs: 100% accuracy, 80 BP, 10% flinch chance, loses chance to inflict status.
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