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The following ideas nearly fix all problems Pokemon has.

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User Info: mada7

4 years ago#81
I don't care if they leave all the current problems in and even add a couple new ones so long as they give us multiple save files. We've been hanging on to this stupid archaic system for 15 years because the original Gameboy cartridges couldn't handle multiple save files and they never bothered to change this when the game went to the DS. It is so annoying that if I want to replay a pokemon game that I either need to delete my completed file or buy another copy of the game. I don't care if the saves cant trade with each other for the sake of making people socialize. This is a feature n64 carts had there is absolutely no good reason why there cant be multiple save files on ds and 3ds carts
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User Info: Furryyiffer

4 years ago#82
Enferolunos posted...
Furryyiffer posted...
ryudin89 posted...
Yeah I'm going to have to agree with everyone else in the topic. Making legendaries breedable is pretty pointless as they're not really that wanted in the trading community or even hacked that often in the first place.

And that's the thing that TC seems so confused about in the first place. Hacked pokemon are usually those in the OU tier and under, people don't care about legends, nobody wants a pokemon that they can't really use in the first place. Making them breedable is not going to stop hacking at all.

Does the trading community trade exclusively for pokemon to use in competitive play, zam?
Not liking how TC is arguing but breedable legendqries could be good for more casual players who want to get legendaries for in game use or just to have them because they like them imo

But casual players don't care about EV's and IV's, so they don't need to breed them in order to use them.

Did I say anything about IVs or EVs, zam? And there are people who breed just to have more of a pokemon you know
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