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Pokemon Fusion: Part 9!

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#411
Gubbey posted...
So, what is our group going to do? Fight the angels and demons, or retreat?

Uh.... :/

I suppose we could fight, then decide that fighting won't solve the issue, and retreat.

Sorry for not being active. I need to focus on schoolwork.

Also, TVirus...Akuro isn't dead. He escaped before Poli went nuclear upon his forces.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#412
Polimario posted...
Uh.... :/

I suppose we could fight, then decide that fighting won't solve the issue, and retreat.

Sorry for not being active. I need to focus on schoolwork.

Also, TVirus...Akuro isn't dead. He escaped before Poli went nuclear upon his forces.

I completely understand where you're coming from. Don't worry about it, school is WAY more important than this :)
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#413
"Call me crazy, but--" Mephistopheles began.

Angelica swiftly interrupted, "You're crazy."

"AHEM. Call me crazy, but I don't think this is the best-- behind you, Tyler! I don't think this is the best idea."

"Because you're afraid of angels and demons?" Angelo teased.

"Because fighting isn't going to stop the fighting, genius," Mephistopheles retorted.

"He IS right, though," Draxis agreed.

Cria backflipped over the heads of an angel and a demon, slicing them both. "Who's right?" she asked.

"Both of them," Draxis explained. "We're getting out of here. I've grown tired of fighting, anyway."

Draxis and Belial took hold of anyone without wings, and took off. Both the angels and demons below stared up at them, the reason their even being there slipping from their grasp. The group observed news helicopters closing in on the sight of the conflict.

"Where to?" Belial asked.
Team Miror Scientist! Official Zorua disguised as Beheeyem of all boards!
Honesty is the key to any lasting relationship. Fake that, and you're all set.

User Info: Skyward_Sneasel

4 years ago#414
Gubbey posted...
Polimario posted...
Uh.... :/

I suppose we could fight, then decide that fighting won't solve the issue, and retreat.

Sorry for not being active. I need to focus on schoolwork.

Also, TVirus...Akuro isn't dead. He escaped before Poli went nuclear upon his forces.

I completely understand where you're coming from. Don't worry about it, school is WAY more important than this :)

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#415
(I do not like how Orre was just magically fixed, that's going to trouble me for a good while.)
(Shnap, that's been happening a good while now all around this RP)

[---[Paris] Region---]
(Outside Trial, Fed-Up.)

The Vortex trial was going swimmingly. But outside the room, Arckson, Bingles, and the Medical Division grunt were on security.. Only to then be found in the middle of a discussion!

Arkson-----''..ARCEUS suffers from multiple personality disorder! Lass, it's probably due to- ''
MDG--------''Nope, it's the plates, that Judgement Project didn't.. well, we took a lot of care not to damage its brain..''

Bingles had a question.

Bingles-----''Hey, if the world could repopulate in-''
Arckson----''Do you really think that the world could have repopulated BILLIONS of people, Pokemon, and other races in FIVE YEARS!? HA!''

She leaned on the wall.

Arckson----''Honestly, if it wasn't for the things found out by the first couples that gave birth to hybrids-sure, there's this one thing but..''
MDG--------''Um.. thought it was the findings from that Eevee girl that a.. TableFlip, and.. Bri-''
Arckson---''Impure Pokemon, and Hybrid.. two different things.. but yes, somehow they're able to enjoy some fast growth thing. And I mean scary growth, the kind that turns people old in ONE YEAR! I mean, we had MD cases of these stuff, remember that Woman dying from birthing a baby, that quickly aged into an old man within MINUTES?!''

She looks at the footage of Poli, Tyler, and Friends on the news.

Arckson-----''Sigh, whether it's from the form of some short lived false sense of 'justice', or putting the blame of it on something else, they all do... Get away with it, I mean.''

Bingles------''What about kyurem?''

Arckson-----''What about Kyurem?! People want it dead, but it'll just be revived in the end, they always are. But, from the recent trial, I do think they're going to take away its free will. Which I guess, is better than nothing..''

They continued to Patrol the hallways, and back in court, Vortex was strapped tightly in a death chair, with about an even fifty Pokemon, and Humans aiming their attacks at the weak points of his humanoid body, and the room was cosntantly being shined with the light from a Fed-Up Satellite.

An enthusiastic guy took to the middle.

EG----''Through the powers of sheer ENTHUSIASM! Here's the list of things this.. vortex person has done..''

He starts reading the list.

EG----''Attempting to Rule the world, heh, like that hasn't been done before!''
''Somehow destroying all of Orre! Hell, destabilizing reality to boot!''
''Then there's the mangling of Children. I even have proof that he touched them!''

He shows photos of someone looking like vortex inappropriately touching children.
And that was enough to set the whole room into a Kill Vortex Mode..

Vortex had no hope of winning the trial.

(If anything doesn't add up, just know that my characters have always been shown to be good liars... and photoshop exists within the Pokemon World)

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#416
(Alright, searched up Disgea Succubus, and.. okay)
(Does Chocolate wear clothes?)

RE for Pepper Ringles;

-In search of Chocolate, he left a note in the hotel, and went to search for her on the lagoon beach.
--He then was approached by two hybrid Corphish children, and was told that they're parents were avid fans of him when he was called Raul Pintos.
---Not wanting to disappoint, Pepper entered the Poke'topia Brawl Competition.
----And we now find him in this match within the Lagoon Colosseum..

[---Lagoon Colosseum---]
(The Battle, unjust.)

The match that was Pepper Vs. Bossmin was going crazy.

Bossmin, some large person in teal skin, whose lips were brightly cream, whose body had a whopping four arms out and ready to punch, grab, lift, and smack anything on its way, was going at it against the former Raul Pinto.

The Man Now known as Pepper Ringles; six feet tall, having a bad neck, back, and many internal bruises from past fights still healing, was doing his best to block, and retaliate.

Pepper used the ever standard boxing punch,
Bossmin took no damage, responding with Dynamic Punch!

Pepper Fainted, and the crowd cheered!
But as he got up, everyone was shocked by his determination!

As the fighting boss of old stood, facing the new age boss.
He thought of the hybrid boys from the beach, knowing they'd be watching.

And with blood soaked tears of pain, faces filled with fiery red bulges, and sweat from everywhere, making the upper torso look as Fabulous as ever, Pepper Ringles dodged a Pokemon move, and went for a determined punch to the face.


The remaining two free hands of the Mechamp Hybrid was able to make quick work out of him, Knocking Pepper Ringles out. And as the Referee came in, the crowd could only cheer valiantly!

Announcer-----''And Pepper is Down!''

Pepper was able to regain consciousness again, but was fading quickly from his dazed condition. And as he saw the sky behind the Referee turn into a pitch black roof with countless bright white flood lights, he could've sworn he went back in time!

Referee----------''Ten! ...Nine! ....Eight! ....Seven! ..''


Ringles fainted again, only to wake up in the Hospital Bed, seeing a girl dressed for school, with countless heart pins, and her Pink hair.

Who the shnap is she? A fan?

He then looks away for a moment, and comes back to see that in the place of the small school girl, was now a woman with brown hair, bat like wings, two horns on her head, a black tail with a heart shaped tip, along with.. well.. she was eating a lot of food while sitting on the chair in the other side of the room.

Wow, why didn't I notice that about..

Pepper Ringles----''..Chocolate?''

(Did I do bad, Event?)

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#417
Polimario posted...
Also, TVirus...Akuro isn't dead. He escaped before Poli went nuclear upon his forces.

Oh, okay.

We'll just say that Longal left Akuro for dead, and the others will assume he is too, because they've only heard Longal's side.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#418

Ugly Hybrid, Filthy Hybrid.
Big ol' lump of coal!
Stupid Hybrid, Imperfect Hybrid.
Burn, Burn, Burn...

"Alright! We're gonna have police here in 20 minutes! Move it!"

Within the night, the ever cloaking darkness, a small group of Hybrids were working. The place was Goldenrod Shopping Center. A muscular Feraligatr hybrid oversaw the operation.

"Hey, Quil! Get that detonation device and get out of the zone stat! We don't want to be here when it goes skyward!"

A Qwilfish hybrid with a button nodded, and left. The Feraligatr hybrid snapped on the last bomb to a support pillar.

"Arcy! Did your guys pick up life up there?"
"Negative, Sir!"

The hybrid smiled. No casualties. Excellent. A red timer began beeping.

"Alright, they're all set Trevor!"
"Good. These norms will be in for a shock!"

In neat rows of two, the band of hybrids evacuated Goldenrod Shopping Center, and found a safe, secure spot near Ilex Forest.

The Feraligatr hybrid looked at the building, and gave the thumbs up. The button was pressed.


Dust rapidly filled the air as the Shopping Center went up in a flurry of fire. A loud moaning was heard, and the Center collapsed upon itself, leveled.

The hybrid group silently cheered.

"Good work men."
"Yes Sir!"
"Lets hightail it back to the boss before people get curious."

Without a word, the Hybrid group slunk into the forest, part of the shadows and quiet. The noise of the local bug Pokémon was the only sound around.

They came to a group of Alakazam hybrids, that, after debriefing, used Teleport to whisk everyone away to safety.

My name is Trevor Garrison. I'm from Striaton. I'm a hybrid.

I wasn't always a hybrid. I was once a normal person, like you. Had a pretty neat life then. Those two girls always fighting, competing. I remember when Pryce and Katherine set off on their Trainer Journey. Haven't seen 'em since. Hope they're alright.

Back on track, when I was hybridized, nothing seemed different. But, as time passed, the insults came. Then the riots. I still vividly remember the people breaking into homes of hybrids just to beat them, and only the male hybrids.

After that incident, I fled the city. How could they treat us so badly? Because we were transformed by some chemical that got loose because some government lost control over it for a split second? What have we done to deserve this hate?

I remember traveling across much of Unova. Then he took me in. The Boss. His toothless grin radiated warmth, as he walked up to me. Told me I would make history. So I came under his wing.

Turned out he was recruiting many hybrids, as part of some equality movement. We would fight to regain our rights as beings. We will regain our freedom.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#419
Serah: Wh-wh-what!? Mother?! B-b-but How!?

Sally: You've been my mother for nearly 300 years....

Serah: But... I'm only 16....

???: Bwahaha
???: Bwahaha
???: Bwahaha

Suddenly, an entire ring of mocking faces appeared around Serah, laughing at her!

???: Ohhh.... but you are.... for 300 years, we were under your dominion... us: Regiterras, Gaiaton, and Quatrona.

Quatrona: And so we remained under you till the day we took control!

Serah: You mean... you were the Phantom?!

Gaiaton: Indeed! And we had the most wonderful time bossing you around for a change!

Regiterras: And Ohhh..... how wonderful it was! But then... the third beast came.... and he betrayed us.... gave control back to you...

All together: But Now! We can destroy your very essence and once again rule the earth!

They all charged at her, when suddenly, all three faces were knocked aside!

???: Not So Fast! You three, are not meant to return to the earth!

Suddenly, another vapory form appeared before her.

Throwback's dad: I'm so sorry. Those three can be a bit of a handfull sometimes.... But don't worry, you're safe now!

Serah: Really? Th-thank you... I'm sorry.... but... apparently...

Throwback's dad: You're missing alot of memories eh?

Serah: 0_0 Exactly!

Throwback's dad: Well.... there's only one way to fix this.... You need to go to the very center of your mind.... And unlock the door...

Serah: The door? What door?!

Suddenly, Throwback's dad begins to dissipate!

Throwback's Dad: Sorry I couldn't help more, but my time's up!

With a smile on his face, he disappears completely...

Serah: Lock... eh.... at the very center of my mind... But... Where's that?

Sally: You should know, should know, know, kno-

Serah: Ok... I guess.... I've got a feeling it's this way?

And so... She walks and walks... until finally, in the very center of her mind... She comes across the door... She walks up to touch it....

But is suddenly knocked back!!

She looks up, to see a huge monster, Chains across its body, holding a large lantern.... grinning malevolently....

???: I'm sorry.... but no access alowwed!!

To Be Continued.....
Currently going steady with Samus Aran!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#420
*temporarily stops looking at files dealing with deaths of babies*


(The Furez, and the Natalie)

The enterrigation room was set, the strange girl who's identity still was not known to the LotSS was within a chair on a side of the table within the room.

Furez was outside, being briefed by the two Guard members from before.

GM 1----"A hybrid terrorist group just leveled a center within Goldenrod"
Furez----"Don't hybrids outnumber the human population?"

The male Guard member checks his numbers.

GM 1----"Even 60/40 split."
Furez----"Got it, keep our MD units alert, I don't want the Forever and After operation prevented, we need to set those bombs."
GM 1----"Alerting from Tablet... Done, they'll just be trying to help survivors with the first responders, if anything else happens to the public."

Furez---"and do we have footage of the Heaven and Hell war?"
GM 2----"Getting Fed-Up viewpoint... I do think so.."

The female guard bet shows the footage from the tablet.

Furez----"Good, keep am eye on it, and get the remaining SLATs back in space!"
GM 1----"The shuttles are being prepared as we speak."

Glad at the smoothness of things, Furez then looks into the room.

Furez----"What do we got on her?"
GM 2----"Uh.. Just that she shows resemblance to the people that live within Unova.."
GM 1----"Anything else we tried to get from the World wide Census database was refused by.. the company the heads the database."

Furez was angrily surprised at the fact of that.

Furez----"WHAT!? Why!?"
GM 1----"Uh.. Oh, something about the media, and then there's the fact that the servers are going under mantainence."
Furez----"Fine then.. Do we have her name?"

The female guard member takes out a folder.

GM 2-----"Yes it's Natalie.. From some records we were able to pull up."

Furez smirks.
Furez----"That's all I need."

She heads into the room, and sits on the chair opposite of Natalie.
She calmly stares at the lady.

Furez---"Alright, why are you even here?"


*goes back to indexing*

(To be honest, I never figured out if Selena was still the Metroid, Kingrda queen hybrid)
(Oh, and the MD grunts I've mentioned will only help along with the first responders(firefighters, ambulances, etc.).
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