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gen 4 should have been the last pokemon game

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User Info: tntpenguin

4 years ago#71
Tatakai-No-Kami posted...
but... they really CANT top god.

Tatakai-No-Kami posted...

real life =/= pokemon. thats the flaw with everything you're trying to say here, basically. real life doesnt need to be crossed into pokemon, either. pokemon is fake, and that gives them creative freedom to do whatever they want in it.

So pretty much what you're really trying to say is, they can do whatever they want because it's their universe, unless it disproves your point. Because yes, they can totally top "god" since there is no way to prove Arceus created anything. Nothing and no one can go far enough back to know whether or not he truly created anything. Its just a bunch of legend that could be false. As another poster pointed out more directly than myself, the games themselves never even present Arceus' godhood as absolute fact, they present it as legend, which more or less, is ancient gossip.

And I never said pokemon = real life, you're trying to twist my words to prove your argument which has holes in it. My point isn't that pokemon should mimic real life. Obviously if that were the case I'd be telling you Ponyta and Rapidash should be changed to Pony and Horse, Jynx should be changed to Nicki Minaj, etc. My point is you have no grounds to say that they CAN'T top a "god" that isn't a concrete fact, proven god, which is something next to impossible to prove in the first place.They CAN top Arceus, or at least give him competition, and it makes perfect sense why and how given reference to the real world. If Nintendo chooses not to, thats their decision, but you are wrong in saying that it isn't possible to do so.

And you're also completely ignoring the huge, central point that I'm making. A rather large portion of the fan base hate the fact that Arceus exists at all. AND his goonies. Lots of us don't like them at all. The ONLY reason I, and others who have considered the idea, like the concept of introducing other "god" pokemon to compete with Arceus, is because it would invalidate him and just make him a new tier of pokemon instead of the singular most powerful.

In the end what I'm really saying, is that as a counter-force to your opinion to why gen iv should have been the last, based on the "you can't top god" argument, there is another group just as big, if not bigger, that strongly disagrees with your reasoning, and that yes, there is a way to top "god" in this context if they keep going. They never should have made a god of all pokemon to begin with, what many of us want now is for them to fix that. You have your opinions, we have ours, and our justifications are just as valid as yours.
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User Info: OCShoes

4 years ago#72
LightningAce11 posted...
They have been topping each pokemon game with a new one and it will always be like that.

Pretty much this. I disagree that it will always be like that, though. I think eventually, we'll see an end to at least main series games. (not really the point, just wanted to make my stance clear.)

DPPt are actually my least favorite. I love Gen IV for HGSS, lol. I actually didn't like the concept of deity pokemon, although the whole "being of emotion" and all that for the lake trio I felt was really cool. I like it when they have unverifiable legends as opposed to downright "this is how it is" because to me it gives the sense of being able to explore and learn conflicting information and make our own decisions, but I could be wrong.

Plus, seriously, a pokemon who rules over time? I mean, really? Using Legendaries in a battle was always a stretch anyway but that just destroys my willing suspension of disbelief, lol.
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