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When this game comes out, I challenge all of you to a battle.

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User Info: wahaha911

4 years ago#21
Asianwide is on yo side!!!
Happyface On!!! :) and then the world stops.

User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#22
I can't wait to kick the narg's ass
B1 FC:1807-8830-3725 "Squids are evil!"
Official Zoroark of the Pokemon XY board

User Info: KyrieIrving

4 years ago#23
I'll smash you with with my Godzard.

User Info: GalladetheGreat

4 years ago#24
I don't own a donkey, sorry.
Don't get mad, get gllad.

User Info: masterjed29

4 years ago#25
I'm up for it, and accept your challenge!
Official Venusaur of the Pokemon X/Y Boards

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#26
Are you gonna ambush us each on the street one by one and give us money when we beat you?
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
Stunfisk is the epitome of monstrous majestic legendary creatures that spew fire.

User Info: SerperiorThanU

4 years ago#27
I'm down for that! Hopefully it's a friendly match.

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#28
Bring it on! I think I smell a barbeque!
The Shiny zangoose of the X/y Board! (what? everyone's doing this!)

User Info: Zarren364

4 years ago#29
I'm going to hold you to this, Narg.
I am the Anti-troll. Your poll needs a bacon option.
GLAD GANG l SSS l No.XII l OPBC-Wargle I R - Zarren

User Info: KeeperOfShadows

4 years ago#30
Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!
Feel free to apply sarcasm tags if you didn't like my post.
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  3. When this game comes out, I challenge all of you to a battle.

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