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Create a move and rate the above poster's move

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User Info: Mr_Popel

4 years ago#51
Type: Psychic (special)
PP: 5
Attack: 55pts
Accuracy: 90%
Effect: 10% chance to cause paralysis/poison/freeze/burn/sleep, 10% chance to confuse, 10% chance to cause attract, 10% chance to lower the targets stats one level, 10% chance to prevent trget from switching/fleeing

Type: Psychic (stat)
Attack: ---
Accuracy: ---
Effect: Raises Sp.Attack, Defense and Spec.Defense by one level

Type: Psychic (physical or special)
PP: 10
Attack: ---
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: When using this attack the game checks the opponents attack/spec.attack and chooses the highest value ("Mindgames" becomes special or physical depending on that choice), then the game checks the opponents movepool for the most powerful attack of that type ("Mindgames" attack is set to that value, if the opponent has no damaging moves attack is set to 250). "Mindgames" also copies possible stat inducing effects (poison, paralysis etc.), chances to lower opponents stats and chances to raise own stats. However it won't copy any effects that'd be negative for the user. This attack only utilizes the opponents Att./Spec.Att. stat (whatever was chosen at the beginning) to calculate damage.
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User Info: TwiceNightley

4 years ago#52
Not rating for Drive Wire, Destiny Pact or Cure Dust? Waaah!
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User Info: LordMaine

4 years ago#53
I will do another.
Misforttune 7/10 it should be a.status move imho.

Transcend 9/10 if sigilyph got would be uu or ou quickly. Transcend+stored+roost+psychotrans. Op

Mindgames 10/10 This could be an instant dragon typw check but I think it.should have a damage cap at 150 otherwise creative.

Here is another idea.

Pp 10
The user indulges in catnip to max out its speed and boost its attack. At a cost of its special attack and a drop in defenses. +1 ATK +6speed -2to a esle

Phoenix Heart
PP 5
If the foe KO's the user the user is revived to full hp and a.move of the users choice loses all PP.(Ho-oH exclusive)

Data Stream
Type ????
PP 10
The users type is changed to the opponents and deals damage typed thensamenas thenopponents most effective check to the usrs type from the opponents moveset.
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