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You accidentally this whole pokemon

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User Info: ReloadPsi

4 years ago#91
I accidentally a whole Foongus :/
If you've no respect for the fact that people have put the time aside to play a game with you, play a single-player game. There are thousands to choose from.

User Info: Cloud75x

4 years ago#92
Thepenguinking2 posted...
HeyWheresKel posted...
OCShoes posted...
What do you mean "I accidentally this whole pokemon"?

I mean you pick a random pokemon using that website. Have you never seen topics like this before?

that's not what I'm (or we're) asking.
what does it mean to "Accidentally something"?

it's an old running joke.

I think it originally went like this: "I accidentally my pants"
"That which does not become part of the one, shall become one with the void."

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#93
I accidentally the Snorlax

Official badass Admin of Team Miror Infinity. I ride a Shadow Scolipede. Top that. I dare you.

User Info: hhjghbhghnmh

4 years ago#94
Woah, you want me to accidentally a WHOLE Hydreigon? What do you take me for? I draw the line at a whole Arcanine at most! Y'know, because I have a little thing called CLASS.

User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#95
I'm still stuck on the part' "accidentally this whole pokemon"

User Info: Light_Thunder

4 years ago#96
Hmm.... I just don`t think I can accidentally a whole Moltres
You know, the size of that thing, I just can`t accidentally all of that.

User Info: RDSZeta

4 years ago#97
I accidentally that whole Zekrom.

Give the duck a cigar.

User Info: TeraPatrick2008

4 years ago#98
you whole english

User Info: IrisIsMyWife

4 years ago#99
I accidentally the whole Groudon and everything on it.

User Info: TheGaijin

4 years ago#100
Final Fantasy XIV - Larek Darkholme @ Masamune
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