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Post a flaw about your favorite gen and something positive about your least

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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#1
favorite gen.

5th - BW 1 Unova was really linear
2nd - It introduced Espeon

User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#2
Favorite: Gen 5: It didn't include a lot of cool features from previous gens, like the Vs. Seeker, Poketch, bottom screen menu, etc.

Least Favorite: Gen 3: It added cool new mechanics and Pokemon, but RSE were just blaaaaaaaaagggggh otherwise.
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#3
Favorite: Gen 2- The gym leaders had terrible pokemon. Seriously Bugsy? You use a Metapod and Kakuna? When Gen 2 had some of the coolest looking bug types ever, you use some of the worst pokemon ever created?

Least favorite: Gen 5-The Legendary Battle theme is addicting, and N is an awesome character.
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User Info: wahaha911

4 years ago#4
Gen 6: Houndoomed
Gen 5: Emboar line
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User Info: Kovalchuk_

4 years ago#5
Favorite is 1st: Flaw is the graphics

I hate the newest gen (i think 5th or 6th): something good is that with x/y coming out I will never have to play them again.

User Info: CarbideTitan

4 years ago#6
Gen 3. Attacks types determined their damage type.

Gen 4. It had great mustaches.
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#7
Gen 3 - Surfing can become tedious if you don't like it

Gen 4 - Physical/Special split was very needed
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User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#8
Sinnoh and hgss didn't have that good selection of pokemon early on.

Red and blue, uhhh, were the building blocks for these games.
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User Info: TruePowerSeeker

4 years ago#9

4th: I enjoyed the gen 2 remakes and the pokemon follow system

User Info: paipr

4 years ago#10
Favorite, Gen 3 flaw; the lati twins where awesome dragon/psychic legendaries instead of awesome dragon/psychic evo's of togetic.

least favorite, Gen 2; introduced two new types and breeding all of which really added to the gens since then.
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