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Sylveon's type?

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User Info: RAcastBlaster

4 years ago#251
Wetterdew posted...
RAcastBlaster posted...
I've been saying Flying since the moment we first heard it's name.


What is Sylph?
From Wikipedia:
Sylph (also called sylphid) is a mythological creature in the Western tradition. The term originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, his elementals of air.

Sylph is often a WIND element summon in RPGs, such as Tales of ___ and Final Fantasy.

This would follow in the tradition of Eeveelutions having their name point to thier type pretty directly.


UMBReon (see: Umbra = moon)

GLACeon (see: Glacier)

Umbra = shade, not moon.

One rare instance where knowing Latin has been somewhat relevant.

Fair enough, but it's semantics at best. XD We're still talking about something point at Dark type.

Still saying Flying by the way.
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User Info: jnethery

4 years ago#252
I still say Bug.

User Info: Meech55

4 years ago#253
It's either Fairy (or some other new type) or Flying.
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User Info: Lone_Hunter

4 years ago#254
I have said normal since the moment I saw it (in now way am I saying I am right but I think it feels right)
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User Info: IzanagiBlast

4 years ago#255
Bug>>>New type>>>>>>>>>>flying
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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#256
I'm still thinking Flying is the most obvious choice, but a very very small part of me still thinks it might be Dragon.

...I'm not sure why.
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User Info: TherianGuardian

4 years ago#257
Je vais etre dans les prochaines smash bros, sans doute.

User Info: NeoFalconHavok

4 years ago#258
CakeOfLies posted...
*digs a hole*
*jumps in*
*fills it*

I'm not going to have any part of this.
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