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What Will GameFreak need to do to gain your trust back?

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User Info: Dibab

4 years ago#121
CakeOfLies posted...
They'd have to make me lose my trust in them in the first place.
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User Info: wufei8706

4 years ago#122
On topic: If they keep doing this game a year like they've done the past few years, I may stop for a while... I need time to play other stuff >_> Luckily I had a crap ton trained already in White so I only put about 200 hours in White 2 so far.

Off topic: From: gamingrat | #112
in fact the only game in the series i can say that i hated completely is 3, but thats just me.

I "hate" XII and I think III is garbage. Well the DS one at least. I just couldn't get into XII. I still have the Special Edition Pre-order and stuff. I got to about halfway and just couldn't do it anymore. Not a big MMO fan. XIII was alright. I liked the battle system but the story was lame and I had no clue what was going on most of the time. It's average for a FF.

User Info: arvilino

4 years ago#123
RageKaiser posted...
JHasegawa25 posted...
RageKaiser posted...
Note that I said "before X"

and the fact that "Autobattle" is even an option makes it even more crap. It just appeals to lazy gamers.

Auto-Battle has been put in many recent FFs. Heck, it's been put in many recent RPGs! So I guess all RPGs suck now cause they include an autobattle option which is actually pretty useful in some cases.

Useful if you're too lazy or ignorant to make your own decisions?

I don't agree with the TC about Mewtwo. But no Autobattle isn't bad, in the non-FFXIII games with it added in you set the character to repeat the same move over and over, if anything the fact auto battle can win those battles shows that manual input never really had that much meaning because you never needed to make a real decision to win the battle.

In FFXIII's case the autobattle selects the attack commands, but what the characters do is based on the Paradigm system which is manual and is the main control over the battle. The Paradigm shifts are a more important choice influenced by the players decisions than anything in other Final Fantasy games.

User Info: Jirilicious

4 years ago#124
One Pokemon won't make me say " **** this game! " lol.

Who cares?
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User Info: Haku125

4 years ago#125
No matter what pokemon they reveal they will never lose my trust.
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User Info: JHasegawa25

4 years ago#126
Vulpix_Rules posted...
Well this blew up in TCs face. It's pretty obvious the majority of the fanbase still likes and trusts gamefreak lol

I don't think anything blew uo in my face
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