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This pokemon is stalking you

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User Info: sonictrainer

4 years ago#21

Just need to avoid looking at the antlers
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#22
wahaha911 posted...
Stalker: Arceus
Guard: Sunkern
F*** YES!!!

"It's climbin in yo window, snatchin yo sunkern up"
Not changing this sig until we get a new main series Tales game released on a Nintendo console in the US

User Info: bestssbbfan

4 years ago#23
#343 - Baltoy
#521 - Unfezant
Baltoy asplodes and we all die
Created 6/12/2011
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User Info: Rahjik

4 years ago#24
Lucario stalks me.
Grimer is my bodyguard

Not only is grimer ineffective, but now my house stinks.
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User Info: Nado6

4 years ago#25

Yes but honestly I don't think a Turtwig following me around everywhere would bother me

User Info: TheGaijin

4 years ago#26
Ferroseed saved me from a stalking Diglett
Final Fantasy XIV - Larek Darkholme @ Masamune

User Info: KeeperOfShadows

4 years ago#27
Gardevoir is my stalker.
Carvanha is my bodyguard.
Carvanha can take the day off...
Feel free to apply sarcasm tags if you didn't like my post.

User Info: Noble-Heart

4 years ago#28
Stalker: Shinx
Guard: Swoobat

Heh, Swoobat never stood a chance and I get a new better friend.
Official Crystal of the Pokemon X and Y board

User Info: EmeraldRange

4 years ago#29
My bodyguard, Hariyama , can get have fun destroying a Feeble Metapod
I don't like the new pokemon from Gen V and VI
"New is not a synonym of better" -wonder if it's been said before

User Info: SideShowBatt

4 years ago#30
Seriously.....? I'm being stalked by a Metapod and my bodyguard is a Kakuna.....

I don't need any protection I kick the Metapod like a football and go home.
XBL Tag- SideShowBatt
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