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Think of your favorite Pokemon before entering this topic.

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User Info: ReachOutToTruth

4 years ago#1
That Pokemon now has to take on a gauntlet. They have max stats and all of their moves at their disposal. Applicable Pokedex info also applies. (So Hariyama has the strength in his arm thrusts to stop speeding trains, Candelure has the potential to burn souls, etc.)

In between each fight they are fully healed, but items can't be used. (Exceptions for Pokemon with signature items, such as Arceus' plates, Genesect's drives, Lati's soul dew, etc.)

How far does your Pokemon make it?

Round 1: Hercule (DBZ)
Round 2: The Green Ranger (Power Rangers classic)
Round 3: Spider-Man
Round 4: The Mask (Jim Carrey version)
Round 5: Tag Team: Sub-Zero + Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

Round 6: Greymon (Digimon)
Round 7: Metal Gear REX(Metal Gear Solid)
Round 8: Optimus Prime (Transformers)
Round 9: Perfect Chaos (Sonic Adventure)
Round 10: Lavos, All Forms Endurance Run (Chrono Trigger)
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User Info: AsterAzul

4 years ago#2
Uhh.. I'd say Breloom gets to like fight 4 or 5.
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#3
Ninetales Vs:

Round 1: Hercule (DBZ): Hercule is an idiot so Ninetales could probably make him knock himself out.
Round 2: The Green Ranger (Power Rangers classic): Well green does tend to be associated with plants, and Ninetales is a Fire Type.
Round 3: Spider-Man: Both have high base speed, but Ninetales has a severe type advantage. It would be interesting to see whether web or flames win out in the end.
Round 4: The Mask (Jim Carrey version): Illusions vs, sheer randomness. I honestly have no idea.
Round 5: Tag Team: Sub-Zero + Scorpion (Mortal Kombat): Ninetales has range so it would probably just destroy them. You can also add in what Confuse ray does to tag teams.

Round 6: Greymon (Digimon): I haven't the foggiest idea.
Round 7: Metal Gear REX(Metal Gear Solid): Never played the series.
Round 8: Optimus Prime (Transformers): Giant robot vs. a Fox that makes illusions, probably Optimus.
Round 9: Perfect Chaos (Sonic Adventure)
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User Info: RAcastBlaster

4 years ago#4
Metagross is here to save the day, obviously!

Round 1: Hercule (DBZ)
Metagross is certain one Bullet Punch will be more than sufficient.

Round 2: The Green Ranger (Power Rangers classic)
Metagross beats up puny meatsack AND his silly robot dragon which lacks telekinetic abilities (also the ability to fly)!

Round 3: Spider-Man
Metagross out-manuvers Spider-Man. Supercomputer speed > Spidey-sense speed (the whole telekinesis thing comes in handy here too).

Round 4: The Mask (Jim Carrey version)
Metagross sees a serious challenge in the Mask's nonsense and unpredictability, but overcomes Jim Carrey's nonsense in the end!

Round 5: Tag Team: Sub-Zero + Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
Metagross laughs at their puny physical attacks and crushes them like the meatsacks they are.

Round 6: Greymon (Digimon)
Metagross takes a fireball to the chin, but responds with a...Earthquake or Ice Punch? Whatever the heck does more, leave the facts to Mr. Fourbrains Supercomputer.

Round 7: Metal Gear REX(Metal Gear Solid)
Metagross' telekinetic abilities make conventional weaponry useless? I dunno, I suppose it would be kinda close, what with REX's mad kung fu skills. XD For argument's sake, let's assume robot with psychic powers > regular robot.

Round 8: Optimus Prime (Transformers)
Blue vs. Blue-and-red!? Given Prime's propensity for not staying dead, probably him in the long run, but unless he pulls out a magic mushroom in the form of Ultra Magnus, Jetfire, or Wing Saber, let's give it to Metagross.

Round 9: Perfect Chaos (Sonic Adventure)
Uh-oh...Metagross is screwed! Too much water is bad for his low Special Defense! D:

Round 10: Lavos, All Forms Endurance Run (Chrono Trigger)
I-is that even doable? XD
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User Info: HeyWheresKel

4 years ago#5
I think Zapdos will fare well until Lavos. Lavos can fly, right?
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User Info: EmeraldRange

4 years ago#6
Dragpnite is fast enough to fly around the world in 16 hours. Thus is super fast. Definitely is a able to Hyper Beam and nuke a city like in the manga. This he wins everything. With either Hyper Beam or a wide variety of other strong moves, all heightened to the Max.
I don't like the new pokemon from Gen V and VI
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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#7
These topics are not nice to NFEs like Eevee ;_; Hercule kicks its ass in seconds.
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User Info: TheGaijin

4 years ago#8

does not pass first stage
it's ok Snubbull don't worry, let's go eat and ice cream and watch the other fight
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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#9
Round 1: Charizard wins
Round 2: Charizard wins
Round 3: Toss up
Round 4: The Mask, op as f***

User Info: Sephirotht

4 years ago#10
Shouldn't The Mask be last? I mean, who can beat him?
Good job mentioning REX though. XD
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