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Best and worst things about each gen!

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User Info: Nega3

4 years ago#1
For me:

Gen 1:
Best- Lavender Town creepypasta and the theories around the place made the town a lot more mysterious. I also loved how much of an a** Blue was. Also, Nidoking and Arcanine are so AWESOME. And Lorelei was hot.

Worst- So much uncreative Mons like Muk and Dugtrio. Also, if you chose Charmander, Brock is near impossible until you get a Mankey. The original games were so unbroken and unbalanced as well. Thankfully, LG/FR fixed everything wrong with Gen 1

Gen 2:

Best- The final battle with Red was the only incredibly epic moment in Pokemon History. And I loved most of the Pokemon to death. Jumpluff, Xatu, Houndoom, Donphan etc. are some of my favourite Pokemon.

Worst- Johto was quite underwhelming and my least favourite region, and the fact that you find a shiny Gyarados as part of the story was lame. Shinies are supposed to be RARE.

Gen 3:

Best- Hoenn is HUGE and is the best region in Pokemon. RSE has the longest story in the series and I loved the Pokemon, so, so much. Also had the best legendaries.

Worst- Too hard. Brawly was one of the most frustrating moments in gaming, and there were terrible places to train. Also the fact there were no Event legends in Europe and Australia.

Gen 4:

Best- While there weren't as many original lines as other gens, they all were so cool. I poured my heart and soul into my team because I loved the Pokemon so much. Especially Lopunny and Vespiquen. They're my all time favs. I also really liked how in Diamond and Pearl (not Platinum) even when beating the E4, you STILL find new Pokemon like Electivire and Rhyperior.

Worst- Before Platinum, Sinnoh is pretty bland when you think about it. The routes were underwhelming and the graphics were bland. Of course, Platinum fixed all of that.

Gen 5:

Best- Unova is the most beautiful region IMO. Not as good as Hoenn but I loved Unova to bits. I loved how the whole region was filled with never before seen pokemon. It made it a lot more exciting to go through the region. There were a lot of cute and awesome Pokemon this gen too.

Worst- While Gen 5 had a lot of Pokemon I ADORED such as Whimsicott, Leavanny, Hydreigon, Mienshao etc. Gen 5 was the only gen since Gen 1 to have a few Pokemon designs I hated so much, I pretend they don't exist. These include Klinklang, Scrafty and Vanilluxe. They don't look like Pokemon and are incredibly lazy designs. I'm not saying they all suck like Genwunners are saying. In fact, Most of gen 5 was AWESOME, but these very few duds are what I'm talking about.
But it gets WORSE. In the battle with Ghetsis on BW1 he has a Hydreigon, that can OHKO ANY pokemon in Unova. Also the fact that there were only 3 pokemon in the entire region that could have a speck of a chance against him, this was quite possibly the most unfair and idiotic decision made by GF ever. They regained my trust with BW2 though.

Tell me yours!

User Info: EmeraldRange

4 years ago#2
That is so long.

Gen I
Everything was an awesome because it was the first one and I did not really know what was bad. I chose Squirrel so.. .

I hated how you could not super effective a pure dragon even though you could.

Gen II
The new stuff were cool and it felt like they had extended Pokemon enough to make things fit.

The new region, storyline and the battle Frontier was awesome.

It was somewhat confusing on where to go.

Gen IV
It had good evolutions to previous single evo Pokemon, which I feel is unnecessary

The time and space was just wierd.

Gen V
Read the spoiler at own risk
Its better than Gen VI

Bad: Everything else.
I don't like the new pokemon from Gen V and VI
"New is not a synonym of better" -wonder if it's been said before

User Info: Ruwalk

4 years ago#3
Actually I hope there's a lot more replies to this topic because it could prove interesting. Anyway...

Gen I
Best: Very memorable characters that really set the pace for the rest of the series. I also personally started with Yellow instead of Red and Blue, so Pikachu was honestly a huge part of the experience for me.

Worst: Incredibly slow...and truthfully quite a few of the sprites just looked terrifying.

Gen II
Best: I loved the concept of being able to go back to Kanto after exploring Johto. This gen also gave us day/night and being able to play as a girl.

Worst: Leveling is horrid, even in the remakes.

Best: I really liked how colorful and vibrant the region was. They really played on the advance's capabilities at the time and I still think it's one of the prettiest regions in the series.

Worst: No memorable characters at all besides Stephen. And the motivation for the evil team just didn't make sense at all.

Gen IV
Best: They got really creative with a lot of their pokemon.

Worst: Honestly this was the most boring Gen in my book. I never finished DP because I just couldn't bring myself to. Only thing in Gen IV I loved was GS remakes.

Gen V
Best: The story and back to memorable characters. I would also say revitalizing that sense of adventure by making us meet just the new pokemon.

Worst: The dream world really doesn't do anything for me. I like what it's capable of, I just don't think they fully used it. I was also a bit disappointed with BW2 in a way. If you could combine the intense gameplay improvements in BW2 with their attempt at story in BW, we would have had an intensely great pokemon game. That said, it's still good.

User Info: zrh5033

4 years ago#4
I like this topic:

-Gen 1-
Best: Realizing that the kanto starters in yellow were similar to the ones ash got in the anime (based on their story lines for the most part)

Worst: some of the sprites were ugly and Lance was a difficult fight IMO.

-Gen 2-
Best: the colors in the game were varied instead of being based on gen 1s color changing based in city and the day night cycle. Gen 1 poke got new evolutions (Blissey anyone?) remakes had the pokemon follow feature (SERIOUSLY THIS NEEDS TO BE A TOGGLEABLE OPTION IN EVERY GAME! I WANT MY SERPERIOR TO FOLLOW ME!)

Worst: Whitney destroying you with Miltank and Trollout wait did I say Trollout yes I did! Also the leveling in the game was slow paced.
(Still one of my favorite gens)

-Gen 3-
Best: Hoenn had the a great region and the plasma and aqua story lines based on the games made you want to play both

Worst: This is when I began to feel the starters were getting lazy except with Mudkip. Seriously a chicken that turns into whatever the heck Blaziken is.

-Gen 4-
Best: Starters were redeemed go Torterra! Sinnoh was a great place and extremely varied. I loved going from the caves to the mountains and also to the swamp. The underground was fun especially when you found your fossil and did what you had to to get Spiritomb.

Worst: a lot of the good pokemon weren't available till end game (was not a competitive battler) so I was bummed when I couldn't get my froslass and tigekiss until endgame

-Gen 5- (didn't play BW but have W2)
Best: animated pokemon even when idle. Some fun things to keep you entertained. World tournament and challenges. Previous gen pokemon are available right away (heard in BW that they aren't until endgame)

Worst: THE MOST HIDEOUS CHARACTER MODELS EVER! Seriously what the heck is the male PC using in his hair and the rival looks odd and don't get me started on colress blue hair things. Also the Unova Region was not set up well... way too linear. I like backtracking to get to a new town
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User Info: Nega3

4 years ago#5

Seriously guys, Don't be fooled by my long post.
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