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Look in front of you, there is a blue button...

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User Info: zane0144

4 years ago#71
acety2 posted...
Ok guys he never said that we are the murderers of the person its just so happens when we press the button they die. Ok like what if someone is being held hostage somewhere and we press the button then the armed guy decides to shoot the hostage.

That doesnt make US the murderer. Am i right?

So i press the button and got Meinfoo.

Can always evovle it. :D

Yes it does >_>

The guy wasn't going to die until you pressed the button. That's like hiring a hitman and saying "I didn't kill him, the hitman did it."

Great_Reapette posted...
Swiftblade09 posted...
No. Anyone saying that they would do this is an awful human being.

As I've said, what if the person who dies is suffering from a terminal disease? By killing them off, you're ending their pain, and thus doing them a favour in the long run.

You can't guarantee that though. That's making an excuse to cover your conscious.
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User Info: evillocke

4 years ago#72
I got a shroomish.

Breloom is my fav pokemon.

F*** YEAH!
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User Info: Luce_Imperius

4 years ago#73
As I said in the red button topic (which was soooo off-topic for doing what the TC asked, which was elaborating on your choice), self-defense is the only time taking a life is justified. So I would not push the blue button, the red button, or any other button in such a scenario.
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User Info: Lazeeey

4 years ago#74
i would gladly do this for Deoxys
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User Info: SideShowBatt

4 years ago#75
No whammies No whammies No whammies! *pushes button*

I got Galvantula! Sweet electric spider I love it!
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